The 10″ Half Hexagon Quilting Ruler for Layer Cakes


Hi, It’s Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Look at this! It’s the new Half Hexie ruler, it’s the large one that fit’s on the Layer Cake template, and this is new fabric by Basic Grey. It’s called, Curio, and it’s not even out yet! So, you’re getting the first look at that, so, that’s kind of cool.

So, this is the new Half Hexie ruler that fit’s on the Layer Cakes, and you know they come with this paper on the back, so, you just peel that paper off, and then this one’s really cool because it’s also got the mark lines for the center of it, and it’s just like I showed you when we did the apple core tutorial and when you want to make the edge of something you just line up those mark lines on the straight edge and that gives you the borderline. But let me just show you how to put this together real quick.

This is made, again Natalie makes all of her templates for the precuts, so, this one is made for the 10″ square. So, what we’re going to do here, here’s our 10″ square, and I’m just going to take these and fold them in half. I have two here so I’ll actually be cutting through four layers of fabric. So, we’ll see how that works, and I’m going to lay this here at the top because we’re going to need to cut off this little edge so that we have two sides.

Now remember with this Half Hexie you don’t have to do any X Y sewing, it’s all straight sewing! So, we’re going to flip this around. Oh yeah! I should have used my turn around board! That would have been a perfect time! So make sure I got this all the way through there. Then we’re going to cut straight across here, and this will give us four hexagons, and whoops! I must of missed right there a little. There we go, and remember when we put these together, and this is something you’re really going to want to lay out. So, when you put them together, we’re going to put them together in rows, and this will, you’ll have to stagger them when you put them together, I mean or match them up when you put them together. Because this is the row you’re going to be sewing together. So, you’ll lay these up like this.

We give you a square edge to line your edges up with, and so you just lay your edges right there and you’re going to sew your 1/4″ right there and then this will lay over, like this, and then when you start attaching those rows, this one up here will have it’s own row, and you’re just going to sew the long rows together. So, this one will match up with one down here.

Now when you get to the bottom you’ll just be putting in half hex’s to fill up your space every other one will be whole and then you’ll have the half piece, and when you want to do the edge you can see here, this edge has this look to it. And on this then, right here, you can see has these little half hash marks on here. And what we’re going to do then is we’ll put you’ll put this on the straight edge of your fabric like this, and this will give you the half marks so then when you lay this in you’ll just go ahead and just finish your row, and it’ll give you that straight edge along the edge there. Here let me fold another one so you can see how this is going to look.

So, when you sew your rows together you’re going to go ahead and you’ll have pieces like this. Which you can fit in a half mark. One of the things I like to do with this edge here is to use the Moda Bella Solid because it’s the same on either side so you don’t end up with so many pieces that are going this way and so many pieces are going that way. You know I can’t figure that stuff out.

So, I like the Moda Bella Solids to do the little border and you still see the jig-jag without having to, you know, cause you can use either side of it so it works really well. Anyway we are really excited about this new Half Hexie! I love the look of the big one, let me hold this up for you so you can see it! And of course it’s not quilted or finished. But look how gorgeous this is I mean it just makes a great big square! I’d love to see it in that Jovial, the new Christmas line, Jovial, I just think this would be such a beautiful line and it goes together, I mean this was really a couple hour project! The longest part was just laying them out and getting everything where you want it. But once you start sewing it up you know the pieces are large, but again it looks really difficult.

Well we hope you enjoyed this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company!

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  • Pattystewart117

    a must have tool want it as soon as its back in stock

    • Sarah

      Should be back soon.  We are waiting on the shipment.  It was delayed due to the holidays.  

  • Diane L

    Sadly, this has been out of stock for quite some time. Hope they are available soon.

    • Sarah

      We should have it any day now!!  🙂

  • Holly

    I love that you’re doing transcripts now.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Nancy

    Looking for the Christmas Tree table runner tutorial which used the 1/2 hexie.  I just received my 1/2 hexie and now can’t find the tutorial!  HELP PLEASE!!! 🙂

  • Quiltmad

    Jenny you’ve done it again.  I am looking forward to using this must have tool for my next project. Many thanks

  • Anonymous

    I need the 10 inch half hexagon ruler. I’ll check back for availability. Love the tutorial.

  • Winniehardison

    how do i get half hexagon

  • Rosemadder_1

    First I love all your tutorials. You make everything look so easy. I have made several small quilts from watching how you do things. I am wondering when you get the half hexy quilt completed and lay out your sides of the quilt how to you sew them together?

    • Natalie

      Hi! I usually just trim the sides straight and add borders…you could also cut a bunch of the hexys in half to make a straight edge to attach your border to. 

  • it looks like a twin size in the video, I would like to make a queen, and add 2 boarders,
    1 at 2 1/2 and another at 5, but how many layer cakes make  a queen size?

  • Donnamarshall66

    hi is anyone here

    • Sarah

      Yes, can I help you?

  • Susan

    How many layer cakes do I need to do a baby quilt. 

  • Jan

    If I use charm packs how many do I need to make a good size lap quilt? Thanks

    • Natalie

      Hi Jan, I would use around 5 to make a nice lap size quilt!

  • Natalie

    If I want to make a lap size quilt, how many layer cake packages do I need? Love this quilt. Great job ladies.

    • JenM

      Hi Natalie, I would suggest 2 Layer Cakes for nice lap size. One layer cake would get you just under 50 x 60. With 2 layer cakes, you’ll be able to get a larger lap and have some extra layers to play with. Have fun!

  • Kathleen

    I love this template! Blocks fly together so fast that as I was making a throw size quilt top I decided to go on and make a queen. The tips for the edge finish are great. I will try using solids like you suggested. Thanks!!!

    • JenM

      From a lap to a queen…now that’s the spirit! Glad you’re having fun!

  • meredith K

    Hi! Great tut as usual! Most of my tops come from you guys as does my fabric so many thanks! Question – could you just mark the template on 1, 10in square the full hex & cut it out & have full hexs?? then sew those together? or would you be concerned with stretchy sides? just curious… p.s. just saw the nightly news interview, way to go gals!!! 🙂

  • Marilyn

    Where do Ifind Jenny’s 10 inch half Hexie ruler?