Make the Cutest Softest Scarf Ever!


Hi, it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with minky fabric, but it is the softest, most luxurious fabric known to mankind. It is an amazing fabric and I have a great, fun, quick project for you that’s going to make you the hit of all the people you know that want a gift, and everybody wants a gift.

So minky comes on a bolt like this and is 60 inches wide which is the perfect length for this little scarf I am going to show you how to make. And you’re going to want to cut off 13 inches. Thirteen inches only and you’re going to be the envy of all your friends.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this piece of minky and we’re going to fold it right on itself, so the right sides are together. And we’re going to sew all the way down one side and make a tube. So let’s go to the sewing machine and sew that down.

Okay, so we’ve got our right sides together and we are just stitching down the sides of this. I was in Minnesota recently, where in the winter everybody needs a scarf, and I was at a cute little shop called Firefly Quilting, and she was the one who showed me how to do this and it was adorable and I could just hardly wait to get home so that I could tutorial this for you.

It’s the season where we all need lots of gifts to give and this is one of those that is just…you can make several of them with one yard and it’s so…oh it just feels so wonderful against your face because minky is so soft. It comes in all kinds of colors and all kinds of prints. I just think you are going to have a lot of fun with this quick and easy project.

Okay, so now we have our tube all sewn and we need to turn it right side out. So I’m just going to slide my arm in here and pull it up, and I’m going to grab onto this end piece right here and hold it, and then I’m just going to pull it back through and keep a hold of that end. And you pull the end through and an easy way to turn your tube. And then all we have to do is twist this three times, so we’re just going to twist…twist…twist. And then we’re going to bring our ends together, like this, and this is how forgiving minky is—I have just used black minky with white thread and still it looks great because minky hides everything.

So what we’re going to do is take these two ends here and we’re going to put one inside the other, just like this. And we keep our twist in there. I’m going to line up our seams so that that stays together and I’m going to flatten this out so they’re both in here flat like this…you can see that. See? Here’s these two here between each other.

Then we’re going to go to the sewing machine and…Whoops make sure that stays in there. You may want to put a pin in here and then we’re going to go to the sewing machine. And I think I am going to put a pin in here because I’ve had to fix this like three times already. Okay, so let me put a pin. Alright, so I got a pin right in my middle. That holds my two pieces together. And we are just going to sew straight across this and hold these two down, we’re catching both sides. Here we go!

Alright, so now we just make sure we have both sides in here. I am going to sew this down, making sure it slides under there. Then this will come all the way across. And you would normally use black thread— you want your thread to blend but minky is so forgiving, it just hides it all. It’s just great! I’m going to clip that off…clip off these extra pieces that I’ve got here. There we go…even the sewing machine wants it to be its scarf. Okay, there we go.

So then take a look at this, you are going to put it around your neck, and you’re just going to twist it and put it around one more time and these are the coziest, warmest, most luxurious scarves you’ve ever seen. Just a quick, easy sewing project from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • Shellandty

    what did you sing? lol. I love MINKY FABRIC. yummy

    • Shellandty

      Oh and those are called infinity scarves.. Theyre great

      • JenM

        Not sure what that burst of song was…but that’s my Aunt Jenny…always a song on her lips! And, yes…that minky is Yummmmy!

  • Margie

    Just watched the tutorial. Loved it.Finishing with raw edge works fine with Minky. However, if using a fabric with definite right and wrong sides there’s a different way that conceals the raw edge. Sew the length of the fabric to within approximately 1 1/2 inch from each end. Turn right side out. Twist 2 full turns (4 half-turns) and bring ends together right side to right side and sew around. Then “pop” the scarf straight and sew the small opening by hand or machine. No raw edges!

    If I haven’t described clearly, there are tutorials on the web showing this method.

    Happy sewing!