The Adorable Charm Pack Skirt


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  • Judy of Indiana

    We have 6 granddaughters of various ages, thank you so much for this neat idea!

    • JenM

      Lucky you! You’ll have so much fun making skirts for them!

  • Melinda in Tulsa

    Adorable! Will be makings one for my DGD, thanks for a great tutorial!

    • JenM

      It’s such a quick and fun project, and she’ll love it!

  • Patriciasews101

    I have made two of these precious little skirts for my grand daughter. they were so quick to put together and I loved every minute of it. thanks so much for these awesome tutorials.

    • JenM

      Sounds like there’s a lot of lucky granddaughters out there! So glad you loved this project.

  • susan

    what sizes does this fit? or did i miss that in the tutorial?

    • JenM

      Thanks for asking. It will fit most 8 – 11 year old girls nicely. You can even take out some charms and adjust for smaller child. just measure your elastic as needed.

  • Nancy

    I also have 6 granddaughters and they are younger than 8 thus I will have to experiment with how many charms for 2, 4, and 6, etc. sizes. I love all the tutorials.

    Nancy of rural Alaska

    • JenM

      Hi Nancy, I have 3 year old daughter and I made hers using 6 charms in top row and 9 charms in 2nd row. I kept it shorter by only using 2 rows, but it would work fine with 12 charms in 3rd row.) Just measure their waists, or a pair of their stretchy pants, and cut your elastic accordingly. Have fun!

  • Hi Jenny, gee how good it is to listen to your videos!
    Please tell me if I should use steam when I am pressing my quilting blocks?
    Thanks in advance.


    • JenM

      It’s up to you if you wish to use steam or not. If you do, just be careful not to push the fabric around too much while ironing to avoid stretching.

  • Norma

    Love this site. Keep coming back to check out the tutorials. Made this skirt for my 3 yr. old grand daughter. Turned out reallllly cute.

    • JenM

      Thanks for coming back 😉 Your granddaughter will love this skirt. And, what’s great, is you can make more as she grows! They go great with leggings, too.

  • THank you SOOOOO MUCH!!! The most sunny summer skirt in my blog with The Lorax Charm Pack bought from your wonderful shop! Thank you again, my daughter adores it!

    • JenM

      Thanks for sharing. I’m sure she looks adorable in it!

  • Rhonda

    Made it out of Posy charm pack. Super cute! Thanks Jenny

    • JenM

      Oh, Posy would make an adorable skirt! How fun!

  • Gail

    Am new to a serger (Evolution) and this looks like a super serger project. Serged edges would keep this from ravelling in the wash and easy for gathering. What would the gathering ratio be?

  • Deanna Ellett

    Love the skirt – what prevents the inside seams from unraveling when the skirt is washed? I have younger granddaughters – will try this with a mini charm pack (2.5″ squares) to make it smaller. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Jean Billington

    Wish you would have said how big the skirt was, 2T,3T 4T, I would like to make one for a much smaller infant, like 3-6 months.

    • Lynne Beland Chaffee

      i just made the skirt for my two granddaughters just as she said. they are 7 and 8 and wear 7 and 8 repectively. my 7 year old is on the petite side and my 8 year old is on the tall side. the skirt fit them both perfectly. you will have to adjust for shorter…no hem for may 4-6 or no waist band. or else cut the squares down to 4 inches. i have to figure out for my 2 year old granddaughter.

      • Lynne Beland Chaffee

        I just read below and jenny said she would only use 2 rows and use 6 and 9 squares…..sounds about right.