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Hi, It’s Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  It’s that time of year again, and we’re all looking for a fun, new idea for our Christmas decorations, and have I got one for you.  We all have leftover strips, you know, loads and loads of strips all over the place, and I realized that if we sew them together, we can make these darling little ornaments, big ornaments to hang around all over the place.  Isn’t that so cute?

I’m going to show you how to do that.  You’re going to need a circle cutter, easy circle cut ruler, and a small rotary cutter that will go inside there.  You’re going to sew about 10 strips together, and we’re going to cut it in a circle.  We’re also going to cut an identical circle for the back of it, and I’ll show you how to do that.  We cut this one first, fold it in half, place this on the fold line, and we’re going to cut this at 9 inches because that is about as big as this block can go.

So here we go.  Put your little cutter in here. It’s got that little lip right there that fits right down inside there.  Make sure your fingers aren’t up there on the 9 line, and press and roll around, make sure you get over these little seams and that it’s all nice and trimmed out of there.

Alright, let’s see what we got.  Well, almost, I almost made it.  Here we go.  One more little place over here.  If you find you have a lot of places that you miss, it’s probably worth your while to put your ruler back on.  I’m here at the seam marks; got that this time, here we go.  Alright so now we have this cute little round circle.  We’ve got to have a back to put on it.  So we’re going to cut a little piece.  I’ve cut one here already, but let me cut it again just to show you how easy, especially working with a single fabric, it works really well.  Make sure I don’t roll over those.  I’ll put it here.  We’re going to cut this at 9 inches, the same.  There we go.  This one should be just perfect.  Almost.  There we go.

So now we have a little back and we have a front, and we have another back, and we want to put some stiffener so this hangs well, so I’ve just used the iron on Pellon.  It’s smooth on one side and bumpy on the other.  We’re going to cut this in a circle, and we’re going to cut this just a little bit smaller, so that we’re not sewing it into our seam.  So we’re going to cut this one on the 8 inch line.  So put your fold line on there.  This will just give us a little leeway so that it’s not so hard to turn.  That cut really easily.  Now we are going to take this and we’re going to iron it on to the back of our big ornament.

So let’s use our iron right here, we’ve got it all set up.  So we’re going to iron this on.  This just takes a few seconds of holding it in one place to secure it on to your circle.  And we’ve sewn these all together on this, make sure this is pressed nice and flat.  Doesn’t that make a nice round circle with that ruler?  So now we’re going to put these right sides together.  If your back has a pattern on it like this santa standing up, we probably want to leave him at the top.

So we’re going to make where the top is with a little pin, and we’re going to leave an opening to turn it here.  We’ll put 2 little pins right here so we know when to start and stop. The hold doesn’t have to be big, we just want to leave a little opening.  So we’ll sew all around here a quarter of an inch, and we’ll go over to the sewing machine and do that, I want to make sure this is on there nice and tight.  There we go, alright so let’s head over to that sewing machine.

Alright so here we are sewing a quarter of an inch around our circle.  We’ve left the gap at the top so we can turn it, just go ahead, we’re going to straight stitch this around, make sure your edges stay together.  This is a really quick, fun decoration for your house, to make these fun circles with all our leftover strips.  With all the strips I have leftover, I could probably make a hundred.  I don’t need a hundred, but I could.  Alright so now you can see here, we’ll trim this thread.  You can see we’ve left an opening here between our pins, and now we’re going to turn that right side out.  So let’s go back to the cutting table.

Ok, so now we’re going to turn this inside out.  You do that by opening this hole and just kind of pushing it through.  There we go.  Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a pen, or I may just use my finger.  This is going very well, and you run it along this seam line so it makes a nice round ball.  I have a couple of places back down here.  Let’s just press it out.  Ok, so let’s iron that.  Iron it down.  There we go, and our Santa’s standing up on the right side, and we have this little opening right here, and we don’t even need to worry about that because it wouldn’t be an ornament without its little hanger.

So we’re going to make that hanger.  We ironed some fusible webbing onto aluminum foil.  It gives it a real strength, a real sturdiness.  We’ve drawn our own little pattern on here, whatever you think an ornament topper looks like.  And I’m going to fold this over and cut this so I only have to do it once, cut it out once, so let me grab some scissors.  So we’re just going to cut this out.  We have it folded over so we’re cutting two at once.  And for some reason I just love these little pointy things down here, you can do it straight across, you can do it however you want, it’s just a fun, quick idea, what to do with some extra scraps.  Then we’re going to cut up this other side.  There we go.

An easy way to cut a circle is you just fold it in half.  Otherwise you have to poke the hole in it, and it can be dangerous, so we’re just going to fold this in half and we’re just going to go and cut around it like this, it just gives you a nice, easy circle.  There we go.  Then we have these 2 silver things.  We’re going to peal our paper off the back.  On fabric, you can score it, but on this, you just have to be careful.  So you see all of your sticky stuff is on here, on the inside. And it really looks like a little tin topper, it’s just so cute. Ok, so then we’re going to put this, we’re going to match these up, and we know that if they match up on the top they are going to match up on the bottom because they we’re cut exactly the same.

So we’re going to iron these together, make sure that this is at the top of our ornament and it’s on just where we want it because it will stick.  There we go.  Flip it over and do the other side.

Now we’re going to head to the sewing machine.  I don’t think this is necessary, but I went ahead and did it anyway, we just stitched along the edge around here, so we’re going to go to the sewing machine and do that, and then our little ornament will be finished up, it’s just so cute.

Believe it or not, sewing on tin foil with Pellon on it is pretty easy.  It sews down well, holds together, gives it some strength.  And we just slide around it, and we get here down to the bottom.  I like to leave my needle down so that I can just turn it when I get to these corners.  The cool thing is because you cut your foil piece out of this same piece at the same time, you know they’re identical, so as you sew along on these, you know that you are sewing right along the ones on the back too, you don’t even have to check that out because you matched them up.

So one more turn and there we go.  A little back stitch.  Here we are.  How cute is this!  Now you could use this, you could do a solid fabric.  I love the striped look because it has the look of an ornament.  But this would be cute so many different ways, with so many different fabrics, and it just makes a darling little ornament.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • Misa

    Those turkeys are just adorable! Thanks for the great ideas!!!

    • JackieMSQC

      You are so welcome & thank you!!!!

  • Tina Peterson

    Hi – I’ve been working on these the last week or so for christmas gifts and the top of the ornaments with the foil looked really cute but not so much for me. I ended up using a glitter fabric for 3 of them and then left off the topper for the other 3 and just sewed a ribbon into the seam. I’m not happy with either – but the ornament section turned out cute. Do you have a picture that shows how you hung these up for decorating? I’m really stuck on that part. Did you hang them separately or in groups? Hang them from a nail or off a branch or quilt rack rod? I’m lost.