Make an Amalie Snowball Quilt Using Charm Squares


Hi, it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and we wanted to show you a fun new line that we got from Robert Kaufmann. It’s called, Amalie, and for all you Civil War buffs it’s a Civil War based fabric from Darlene Zimmerman, and we did this cute little quilt, where the blocks are snowballed.

One block is snowballed in white, and one block is snowballed in dark. So, I’ll show you how we did that. Really quick, easy quilt, I think you’ll really enjoy it. So, let’s go to the cutting table. Here we have a great use for those Jelly Roll strips that you get to sash, or you can just use 2 ½” squares. What
I did was I ironed them diagonally, like this, lay them on the corners, I put the dark chocolate squares on the lighter squares in this Amalie pack. Sewed right down on the line, trimmed this off, fold it back, so, you have a square of darks. Then you do the same thing with the dark squares, only you’re going to put light squares on the corner, sew corner to corner, trim it, press it back, and then when you put them together it makes little hour glasses in the corners. Makes a darling little quilt.

We hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Be sure and call us if you have any questions, thanks. One more thing, if you like our videos and tutorials, make sure that you rate them and subscribe to our channel, on YouTube. Thanks!

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  • Helen Bates

    I would like to make flying geese pattern.         I forgot how to do the fast way. HELP.        I enjoy watching all your tutorials.  I watch them almost every night, till late.  Helen

  • mary

    just love love missouri quilt by jenny doan

    • Sarah

      Thank you Mary!  

  • Betty

    You help out very much.

  • Sue

    What do you get by subscribing that you don’t get by watching your tutorials?

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      You just get notifications when new ones come out!!  🙂  Saves you having to search.

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    I just love your tutorials. I have learned more from you than anyone!! You make it so fun and easy!!

    • Sarah

      Thank you!

  • Apparently these are 6 inch squares… not 5 inch… so what size do the corner squares need to be?  I’ve searched the web… and have not really found an answer.

  • spoore

    ok so I am loosing it, didn’t I just see in the last few days a tutorial about a snowball quilt.? seems like it was a charm pack and a layer cake pack. one white and one print.

  • Diane

    I can’t get rid of the written dialogue in the tutorials! Any suggestions?