The Amazing Binding Tool Demo with Sue Brown


Hi, I’m Susan Brown, and I’m at Quilt Market, I’m demoing The Binding Tool for the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

This is an easy way to finish off your quilts so that you have a nice miter at the end of your binding. Leave a 12” gap and just start sewing on your binding, come around the edge and have a pin marked there so that you know exactly where 12” is. You lay the tool down with the flat end to the seam. Mark where it says mark here, all you instructions are on the tool. Take this off and lay it down on the mat. Put your tool where you made your marking, and make your first cut. Flip the tool over, your going to bring this binding over the top, and mark again where it says mark here. Lay the fabric off on the mat, and line your tool up where your mark is. Make your cut, and then all you do is take your two pieces, line them up edge to edge, take a ¼” seam, and it fits in there perfect every time! And I love the Missouri Star Quilt Company!

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  • Y Garrone

    Love to be able to download the video.

  • Amsheba

    I am impressed. I have tried every tutorials without luck and usually much confusion. You know, one piece of binding in each hand and trying to visualize just what the deprecations are telling you to do.
    So you start sewing and it maybe wrong side, not the right length, etc.

    I must buy it immediately . Just the best and the directions were great. Very clear.

    I look forward to all your tutorials and sight.

    Ann in Ma.

  • Auntie Roxie

    Thanks! That makes it so much easier!