Make an Apron Using Tea Towels – Part 2 of 2


Now you want to make sure that your seam got pressed all the way out along here. I like to sew right along that top edge, maybe ⅛” in. Remember this is just for show, but it will also add a little bit to the strength of the top of your pocket. Now, we’re just going to come down about four stitches, and go right back across. Use your foot to guide your stitch line, so that they’ll be exactly the same width apart. That’s a good top stitching rule. All right, now you want to clip your threads.

Let me see I’ve got a few extra threads here. OK, while we’re over at the sewing machine, now, the next thing we’re going to do, just to save ourselves a few minutes, is, we’re going to sew the ends of our straps together, and to do that we’re just going to lay them on top of each other end to end, and we’ll just sew those in from the salvage edge so we don’t catch that, and I just take the end of my next piece, and put it up there so I can chain piece these through.
So, that’s sewn together. Now I’ll trim off these salvages, and then we will iron this open, and get to work on the straps. For your pocket placement you can pretty much eyeball it. You can lay your pocket over and give your self a little finger press. So, that you can line it up with the crease that you ironed earlier into your apron, and we’re going to sew a center line down here, and we can see that we have just about the same distance on either side. You can measure this if it’s really critical, if not you can just eyeball it, pin it on. Then what we’re going to do is we’re going to top stitch all around the bottom of this to hold this on and do one center stitch down the center of the pocket, and you want to place this, if you’re a tall person this can be placed a little lower, if you’re a shorter person it can go a little higher. It just depends really on your body type.

So, this apron really does work for everyone. We love this fabric on here. This is a canvasy type of fabric that holds up really well to washing and wearing, and I think you’ll really enjoy this. So, let’s go sew this on, and then we’re going to work on our straps.
All right, we’re sliding along here. People always worry when I come to my pins that I’m going to break my needle or something, so, I’ll just take that out. I kind of live on the wild side that way. Make sure your apron stays fairly straight. All right, so we’re finishing up this last outer edge of our topstitching so we have a double row all the way around. Pull our threads out, and then we’re going to scoot this over to the center, and because we have our nice finger press on there we can start at the fold on the top, follow this finger press line down. You just make sure that it’s up all the way. You can pin on this if you want. I backstitch right here because that gets a lot of strain from your hands being in and out of those pockets.

Then we’re going to sew that down, and then we’ve got our pocket with our center on there. Isn’t that darling? We’ll clip these threads and we’ll go work on our straps. Now for the straps, this is a tedious part, but it’s necessary. We’re going to fold this bottom in right here and we’re going to fold it in half to get a center crease. The reason we want a center crease is because as we come back we’re going to fold these parts into the center crease. Like this on each side, and then we’re going to fold these over, and then you’ll re-iron that together like that, and that gives you a nice little strap, and because it’s now four layers thick it can take a lot of wear and pull. So, we’re going to do this for the whole length of the strap.
Now you can see we have this all pressed down, and we fold it over, and fold it again, and this is going to make our tie, and we are going to stitch this, top stitch this all the way down. The stitching adds to the strength and it eliminates that dreadful turning. So, we’re going to sew this all the way down this one length, and then we’re going to come back up the other side, and sew the other side. So here we go. OK, we’re going across the bottom here, turning it and going up the other side. Here we go! Whew! That was a lot of sewing right there! I’m a three-strap girl if you know what I mean, and if you’re only a two strap it won’t take you near as long.

So, to feed this through we’re going to attach a safety pin to the bottom of this strap. We’re going to kind of fold it, and we’re going to start on the bottom of the sidepiece on one side. We’ll just slide that through like that, and you push the pin with your fingers, and pull the apron and the whole thing will slide in. This is a pretty fast way to thread something through. Then we’re going to go up over the top here. See, there it comes, and we’re going to pull this out until we feel that first seam. Then we’re going to thread it back down the other side.

So, what you get with this casing is, you get these marvelous aprons that are completely adjustable! You can make the neck longer or shorter as you want. It just pulls and slides. This is really my favorite kind of apron. When my little grandchildren come over to cook with me, I can put it on them or I can put it on my husband. Well, he probably wouldn’t wear a cupcake one, but anyway just as quick as that you have a finished apron, with your little strap ties, and you’re ready to go! Now one more fun little trick, let me show you, if you take one of these towels, just like this, and you cut it in half you can actually make two little small aprons. For your little wee cooking helpers that come to cook with you, or your little kids that love to draw and paint and cook. You can make two aprons out of this one towel.

OK, so we hope you enjoyed this project, this little apron project. We’ve written this down for you to follow along on the website. It’ll be under the Tea Towel section, and so, the Tea Towels are about three dollars, so, for three dollars and a half a yard of fabric you have a great, fun, quick project that we hope you’ll really enjoy. Happy sewing, with the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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    Where are the tutorials and Jenny.  What is happening to your web sight.  Are you having problems

    • Sarah

        Jenny is here, fine and healthy.  Our site is in the middle of being updated with the rest of the tutorials.  it just takes some time to get it done.  Thanks for being patient! 

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    Great start on your new website design.  It looks great! That turkey is fun, fun, fun and I’m going to order a layer cake and hopefully get him done before the holiday.

  • I like your Tea Towel Tuorial planning on making some for Christmas gifts thank you

  • Love all your tutorials, just watched tea towel aprons will make some for Christmas I also have a Janome Memory Craft 1100 will add a embroidery pattern to top, thank you for these wonderful ideas. Pam

  • Legs

    Have now watched a couple of your tutorials. Being a novice sewer I followed your tutorial and made two pillowcases. Made a few mistakes but actually finished them. Now thinking about the tea towel aprons. Thinking I can make it happen. Thank you for sharing your expertise. You’ve empowered me ;o)

    • Sarah

      Awesome!!  Way to go! Good luck, and keep having fun!

  • glenda

    you measured out the sides of the tea towel aprons for adults, what would be the measurements for the kids. I have to play by the rules….

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      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Jan 20 @ 4:39pm (UTC):

      For the kids apron, you cut the apron in half and then you measure 3 inches out from the center and 7 inches down the side. They are so cute!
      Have a great day!


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