Beginner Quilting Tutorials

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  • Sandra_hensley

    I just watched the how to quilt tutorial. I’m speechless! I’ve purchased many quilting books  hoping to learn how to quilt, but actually seeing the technique is so much better and easier to understand. I can hardly wait to get started.

    Thank you so much for your tutorials.

  • Tinawalker2811

    Wow what a find, al these tut’s for me , who is brand new to quilting, thank you so much.

  • Sarah

    So glad you are both enjoying them so much!  Nothing is more fun than learning something new!!  🙂

  • Carol

    I absolutely love your tutorials.  I have been making quilts for 25 years (no lessons).  My daughter recommended Youtube and there you were.  Best advice ever.  THANK YOU. 

    • Sarah

      Thank you Carol! 

  • Caseyschaad

    Awhile ago you had a tutorial for a quick quilt using 10″ squares. Please forward that tut to me. Thanks

  • Creativeyarns

    I would like to know how to quilt as you go.
    I saw a baby quilt that had embroidery in the squares and plain fabric in the others.
    Could you possibly do a video on this?
    Thank you

  • Joy

    Several months you did a short tutorial with sewing charms together by sewing them on all sides, then you cut them.  You showed what you made with them.  Can you tell me where to find that tutorial.

    • Sarah

      Sure! it’s called a scrappy 4 patch! Here it is:  Have a great day!

  • Tmckinsey

    I have learned SO much from your tutorials!  I work full time outside the home and don’t have a lot of time to attend quilting classes.  I really, really appreciate all that you’re doing here!  I’d love to come visit your shop sometime in the future!

    • Sarah

      So great to hear from you!  We’d love a visit from you  also!  Good luck on your many quilting adventures!!  🙂

  • Susanec

    Hi M.S.
    I am new to quilting and because of you guys I am tackling  my fourth quilt. I love it so much.  I have to  quilt a qeen size on my sewing machine. I have it pinned and ready to go but am not sure where to start. should i start in the center?? It seems the most logical as it would probably keep it more flat with less chance of  wrinkles.
    Please let me know if I am correct or if there are some tips that I should know.
    Thanks so much!!!

    • Sarah

      I just saw your comment.  SO sorry I didn’t respond sooner!  No worries though, we have a video coming out soon, with tips and tricks!!  Hope you had success with your quilt!

  • Carol

    What is the best way to miter borders on a quilt.  Make it easy!  Please.

  • Mbailey

    Oh my heavans! I love your videos because they are entertaining and because they are so simple how toos! I am home sick from school today so I am watchng your videos to quilt when Im back on my feet please keep posting GREAT videos!!!! <3

    • Sarah

      Thanks!!  We hope you get better soon!!  

  • Patricia Davis

    Do you have a tutorial for showing the best way to handle bulky, thick seams?  I would appreciate any help more than you know.

    • Anonymous

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      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Feb 1 @ 4:39am (UTC):

      Hi Patricia, i don’t but that is a great idea! Thanks
      Have a great day!


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  • Patricia Davis

    Thank you for getting back to me, Jenny.  I will watch for a new tutorial.  Love your site!!!

  • Katrine

    Hi, I am a new member from Latvia:))
    Thank you so much for your tutorials!!!! Great job:)))

    • Sarah

      Awesome!  SO glad you found us!

  • mona

    I would like the tutorial for the baby quilt wit mitered corners

    • Anonymous

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      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Mar 18 @ 4:43pm (UTC):

      Hi Mona…We only have a tutorial at the moment….You may be able to find a written pattern on line somewhere.
      Have a great day!


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  • Mitoy221

    I’m totally new to this. I learned by watching your tutorials,. It has opened a whole new world for me. As I am a self taught photographer as well. And I do a lot of stitching, by hand, cross stitch, a little embroidery, and needle point etc. I Love Love Love your videos. I have so much to do and so many ideas. Thank You for all the tutorials…

    • Sarah

      Welcome to the amazing world of quilting!  🙂  Please ask questions about anything.  We are happy to help!

  • Loydbillie

    I know I saw you demonstrating how to square up your quilt (or table runner), but I can’t find it.  I made a table runner using the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern.  I would also like advice on how to quilt it – hand quilting?  Outline or stitch in the ditch?

    • Anonymous

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      ## Jenny Doan replied, on May 13 @ 4:36am (UTC):

      On the quilting…I like to outline rather than stitch in the ditch and I believe The class on squaring up the quilt is in my Craftsy Quilting Quickly 1.
      Have a great day!
      Jenny Doan

      (888) 571-1122

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  • Billie

    This is a P.S. to my first post.  I LOVE your tutorials!  Thank you so much for all your work.  You make things so clear, and fun, too!  Billie

    • Sarah

      Thank you Billie!!

  • Sherry Scantland

    How many of those Jelly Bean Rolls would you need to do a quilt for a single bed? 
    I looking into buying and make one. 

    • Sarah

      One Jelly roll would make a small twin!  Add borders and it will be perfect!

  • Gillingsmkg

    What type of fabric for the base and outer edging? Sorry, I am confused.

    • Natalie

      We use quilters cotton (100% cotton) fabric for the borders, backing and binding. 

  • Ojgiroux

    I recently watched a demo of sewing strips-about 1600 inches and then you took the two ends and starting making seams and kept repeating, but it didn’t make a lot of sense to me-at end, do you have that pattern-would like to see again. or purchase instructions.

    • Sarah
      • Mary Jean

        I don’t understand what your cutting at the end of each row that you sew.

        • Jackie MSQC

          Hi Mary Jean- Jenny cuts the corners of the strips, after she makes the diagonal stitch- hope that helps!

          • Mary Jean

            I’m sorry I was not specific enough. After Jenny starts sewing the rows together she say’s “at the end of each row you cut the fold”. This is what I’m not sure of. Thank you for getting back to me so fast. Have a great day!

  • Denisecolli

    just found your tutorials loving them new to quilting and really looking forward to doing more thanks

  • I LOVE your tutorials, your tutorials have taught me how to quilt which I have been doing for 3 years now and cant thank you enough. In a way you have beeen able to take the place of my mom who would always be my source for sewing tips but not living near her any more these tutorials have been a blessing! I do have a question though too…

    I dont know why but I have the hardest time squaring up a block, in particular the D9P. I have tried to make the quilt and had the hardst time squaring them and the quilt was so wacky looking!              Do you have any advice or tips on how to square up a D9P block?

  • Ningram40

    Is there a tutorial on how to get the most use of your fabric while cutting? or beginner cutting?

    • Natalie

       No we don’t have a tutorial on that. That is a great idea and we will put that in the plans for the future. 

  • Marie-France

    would love to see a tutorial on stitching in the ditch i am new to quilting

  • Mary Jean

    On the Jelly Roll Race, I don’t understand what your cutting at the end of each row.

  • Rhonda

    I watched your video on the Christmas layer cake and was amazed how easy it looked. I am a new quilter and am starting a charm and cake quilt, I am confused by the instructions, it says to cut the layer cake in half crosswise, I am not sure what that means. can you help me on that?

  • Donna

    How do you put the squares (t-shirt quit) together with a sashing?

  • Robin

    How do you know which batting to use?

    • JenM

      It’s really a personal choice depending on how thick you want your quilt or how much quilting you will be adding. Look for durability and low shrinkage. The Heirloom Premium 80/20 cotton blend in our shop is one of our most popular battings because it offers more loft and less weight than traditional cotton battings.

  • Carla j white

    Your tutorials are just sensational and give me such enthusiasm!

  • Cer

    Love the tutorials. Have my favorites of course.. Been looking at some of the early tutorials and found one I can hardly wait to try.

  • Smitty

    Hi, hugs to Jenny. Love her ! Great tutorials, but after I watch there is no way back to main site. Keep your site like we are best friends—because we are.
    Thanks for all the free tutorials, have used so many. You are my go-to site.

  • Pauline

    Looking for the tutorial for the double friendship stars quilt.

  • cathy f

    You mention the pressing pad tutorial in ” how to machine bind” – i have searched and it doesnt come up. Wish there was a list of all tutorials

  • connie graf

    your site is having loading issues , I don’t care what the president is doing lol, looking for baby blanket keep getting president

  • ChristyLG

    st watched the tutorial of Easy Self Binding Baby Blanket with Shannon Cuddle
    I wanted to try it on a smaller scale so I cut a 5″ X 5″ and the larger 11″ X 11″ figuring 3″ border. I tried 2 times and it sis not work. Is there something special I need to do with the formula for smaller, (like mug rug size)?