The Bias Ruler – A Must-Have Quilting Tool


Hi, It’s Jenny from, the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and Susan Brown has done it again. She’s the maker of the Binding Tool, which we love! Now she has come out with a new ruler, “A Simple Ease Bias Ruler.” This is for cutting Bias tape. It makes it so easy. Let’s take a closer look at this ruler.

First, it’s hinged so that you can carry it with you, so that you don’t have a long ruler, which is really nice. This ruler will help you cut. You can see it has 1” and 2” marks on it but it is marked off at every ¼”. So you can cut binding from ¼” to 2 ½” wide. I like the 2 ½” and if you take a half a yard of
fabric you can get approximately 250” on it, and if it’s smaller you can get more of that.

It has the blunt cut end on the point. So that when you cut that off it helps you perfectly line up your binding strips with the next strip. You don’t have to wonder if that little ¼” is sticking off the end or not. It just lines it up perfectly.

So lets make a few cuts and see how this is done. You’re going to take one half yard of fabric. Cut exactly at one half and you’re going to open it out, and then we’re going to lay our ruler down so that our ends match up. So you look for these to match right along the edges of your half yard of
fabric, and then you’re going to make that cut, and you’re going to come along and you’re going to cut it and then you just scoot the ruler over and you cut the next one.

Make sure you trim your little points at the ends and then you’ll be able to match up your bias exactly. I have a couple of strips cut here and let me show you how that works.

This one as you can see has the little points cut, so that we’re able to cut them and put them together. And when you do that – when you lay the next strip on your going to lay it on like this – and you line up those little cut points, see, you don’t have to wonder if that ¼” is sticking over or if it’s too much or not. So, it’ll come out perfectly when you sew it together because it lined up with the points.

OK, so you’re just going to keep cutting bias and cutting bias until you get to the end, and what you’re left with when you get to the end are these end pieces like this. So you have this little triangle like this, and you’ll just
turn that over and you’ll just keep lining up, you’ll line up just one end of it, and just keep cutting. So, you’ll have smaller pieces but you just keep going along there, and it just ends up so that it fit’s together perfectly.

So, we just love this “Simple Ease Bias Ruler” and any tool that can turn a half a yard of fabric into 250” of bias binding is a must have for any quilter. Thanks for watching, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • Randy

    Hi – I purchased the Bias Binder Cutting tool and the first time I used it the binding was not lining up after sewing together. I watched the video a few times to be sure I was following the instructions and I am. Am I doing something wrong? I did exactly as Jenny did in the tutorial. Help!

    • Dai

      The ends before pressing should come together at a 90 degree angle with right sides together. I also press the yardage before i cut as it makes for straighter cuts in my opinion.

  • Doris Root

    o man i need one of these babies lol

  • Chris

    I have searched for this ruler!! Everywhere, including Missouri Star Quilt says it is not available! Help?