The Big Star Quilt – Quilting Made Easy!


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  • disqus_6hRDgFd44v

    Where do I find out how much of each fabric I need to make this quilt?

    • JenM

      30 assorted light 10″ squares, 30 assorted dark 10″ squares, 24 ecru 10″ squares + 2.5 yards ecru , 7/8 yard brown for inner border, 3 yards red for outer border and binding, 10 7/8 yard backing. The fabrics used in this one are from the Orchard House collection and are available in the shop. Enjoy!

  • Jam10

    How much fabric do I need ( in yardage) to make this beautiful quilt?

    • JenM

      We give amounts in layer cakes and yardage for borders in our Quilting Quickly tutorial. But, I figure if you can get 12 10″ blocks from a yard, then I’d convert the layer cake measurements to the following yardage: 2.5 yards assorted light, 2.5 yards assorted dark, 4.5 yards ecru, 7/8 yard brown for inner border, 3 yards red for outer border and binding, 10 7/8 yard backing

  • I finished mine yesterday. I did it a little differently but isn’t that the best part quilting. 🙂 Happy Quilting.

    • JenM

      Glad you were inspired to try a big star, and to do it as best as you see fit. That is the best part of quilting!

  • JJ

    Hi Jen, The yardages given below, are they for a single bed? What would I need for a queen size? Does “ecru” mean background ?

    • JenM

      Hi JJ…this would be for 94″ x 121″ And yes the ecru is the background color

  • Wonderful video!!! Thank you.

    • JenM

      Thanks, Christina. Hope you’ll try it!

  • Wanda

    If you use charm pack say one white and a Christmas is that enough to make a small one.

    • JenM

      We included a pattern in our Spring 2013 Quilting Quickly to make a small quilt laying out 3 stars across by 3 stars down using 18 green charms, 18 red charms, 1 fat quarter of tan for the small triangle corners, 1 1/4 yards cream for blocks and sashing, and additional yardage for borders, binding and backing.

  • Clara

    Is there a way that I could print the directions for the tutorials? Love the tutorials, they are wonderful….always like to have printed patterns for anything I make. In the process of making red white and blue Big Star. Really pretty!!!

    • JenM

      We are starting to share patterns in our Quilting Quickly magazine and then offering those patterns as well in our shop. Some of our tutorials will have a link under the transcript for PDF’s that can be downloaded as well. Enjoy!

  • Nannie

    Help, I ordered the Large Simple Wedge but do not remember/can not find the pattern that uses it.

  • Love all your tutorials,Jen. Just finished my first quilt ever and watching your video’s has me itching to try them
    You make everything seem so doable. Thank You!

    • JenM

      Even trying them all is doable! Hope you’ll give it a good try. Enjoy!

  • Valerie

    Good Morning,
    I was wondering if there was a printable version of this tutorial?

    • JenM

      Hi, here is a link to the printed pattern for this quilt, called, “Dashing Stars” It appeared in our Spring 2013 Quilting Quickly Magazine. We are now offering printed copies of quilts that are featured in Quilting Quickly under our “Quilt Patterns” category in our shop. Enjoy!

  • glenice

    If you are to make smaller stars. What size squares would you recomend

    • JenM

      We did another version of this pattern following the same steps, but using a charm pack (5″ squares) rather than a layer cake. Here is the pattern in our shop…

      • Liz

        lol – I am half way through making this (using a charm pack I bought from you folks called Catalina) and, now I find out there is a pattern for it 😀 oh well, my only trouble is seam directions. Here is one of the six stars. The block is coming out about 10″. I LOVE YOUR TUTORIALS!

  • Wendy Latham Reyes

    I am intrigued with is quilt, but I am concerned about all the half square triangles being on the bias. Has anyone had issues with this?

    • Cindy Dreiling

      This is only the second quilt I have made and the first with this pattern. It is really easy and it seems to match up with not much trouble.

  • Cindy Dreiling

    I followed your tutorial exactly and WOW what a beautiful quilt. I made it for my granddaughters graduation gift. Her colors were pink and black. Thank you for sharing

    • what an awesome quilt . the colors ,omgeeeee.

  • Cynthia Toland Newton

    I just finished 2 blocks using 2 & 1/2″ mini charms. The blocks came out about 4&1/2 unfinished size. They are adorable and will make a cute little doll quilt for my grand daughter. Tutorial was wonderful!

  • irena mangone

    Which fabric did you use for this project it’s lovely?

  • Lori Herrin

    I looked to see about getting the Dashing Stars Pattern, but it says it is unavailable. How do I go about getting this. Someone had done this quilt at a retreat that I was at recently and it was beautiful!!

  • Stephanie

    How do you keep from losing the points when adding the sashing?

  • Beverly Randolph Corpus Christ

    This is the first time I’ve ever shown off a quilt on a site other than my Facebook page, but the Big Star Quilt is a great pattern and look at the FABULOUS Quilt of Valor quilt it made! I loved putting this quilt together and I love the result! It was presented to an American Hero in San Antonio in early February. Quilt of Valor is a wonderful project to be involved in, and anyone can sign up! Thank you for these wonderful videos!

  • Dee Wilson

    I’m working on the big star quilt .Omg ,is such an easy way to do star,i love it .Thanks JENNY for the tuts..Here is 3 of my blocks…

  • janet

    I love this pattern when is saw it. The pic below is of the one i made.I am donating to the I Believe in Izaiah foundation he is my 6 yr old nephew who has A.L.L and will be raffled off on aug 2 to help raise money for medical bills
    I just wanted to say thank you for the tutorial’s

    • JenniferMSQC

      Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us, Janet! We’re sending so much love to you and your nephew!

  • j’ai aussi adoré

    • big star

      • JenniferMSQC

        You’re on fire, @disqus_URbNlDQ1K7:disqus! You’ve been sharing so many beauties!

    • Carolyn pruitt

      Beautiful I love it I’m gonna start mine tommorrow

  • How would I be able to alter the sashing widths to make this a California King size quilt? I cut out the fabric for the stars with the 10 inch squares, as in the video tutorial, and then realized it wasn’t going to be the right size.

  • Jackie king

    How manny layer cake did it take to make a queen size quilt? And can I get the one in video I love this?

  • Tamara Bohnert

    Has anyone tried tjis as a quilt ad you go project

  • michele gustine

    I have a question: I assume the inner boarder is 2.5 inches, but what size is the outer boarder. Im making one for my dad in ohio state colors. I tried to look through the messages but didnt see the answer.

    Also on the smaller quilt with the 5 inch charm packs, how big were those stars after they were created…