The Charm Pack Quilt – Beginner Block


Welcome to the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s beginner block series. We have a fun quilt for you to try today. We love the diversity of the charm packs. They are so easy. With pre-cut five-inch squares that blend with each other we can match any person’s taste and it’s so easy.

So what we thought we’d show you is this fun quilt that takes about five charm backs. Generally, a charm pack is about seven or eight dollars, so for about forty bucks or so you have your top and we wanted to show you what you’d get.

This quilt is made with five charm packs. It’s a pretty decent size for just forty bucks, but the fun part is that all your fabrics are cut for you. You can just sit down and sew. They blend nicely together because it’s all from one line. So let’s take a look at how we put that together.

So what you can see here is we have just taken squares and sewn them together. When you’re doing little patchwork like this – which is a really fun and easy look with the charm packs – you just need to make sure that you match the corners, so we’re going to show you how to do that.

We have some charm pack squares here and we’re going to seam them together using a quarter-inch seam. We’ll run a quarter inch right along that way. So let’s go over to the sewing machine.

OK, so now we’re going to sew a quarter-inch seam right along the side of these squares. And we won’t take those out; we’ll just leave them in there and we’re going to chain-piece some more, because what we’re going to do here is sew blocks of two together, then blocks of twos together to make blocks of four, and you just keep extending and extending them until you have a size that you like. But for this demonstration we’re going to sew these two together and show you how to nest these seams. I know I’ve shown you how to do this before in another thing, but it is such a good tip. So let’s head over to the ironing board.

Again, when you want to press you’ll just press down and set that seam, then lift up the top piece and slide that iron over. It makes a nice seam. We’ll do the same thing with this one, and lift up and press that over.

OK, here we have our two squares that we’re showing together to show how to nest seams. And we’re just going to lay them on top of each other, right sides together. And you see how you just nest them together? You can see the seams going in the other direction. You put a pin right in there. If you do that, then your little corners are always going to match up.

SO there we go. Then we’re going to sew this a quarter of an inch. It’s always good to hold onto those threads so they don’t suck into the machine. And you can put these together in four patches or sew them together however you like. The point is when you put all of the charm squares together from one line they just blend so nicely. See that nice matching there? They blend so nicely and it saves you all the time of choosing fabric and having to spend all that time looking for that one piece because it’s all together in one line. So you just put them together and it makes this darling little quilt.

So let me show you this quilt again so you can get a better look at it.

We have twelve squares sewn together all the way across and sixteen squares down. It makes a lovely little quilt about twin size. We took a 2½-inch strip to box it in for the borders and we took at 5½-inch strip to make an outer border. It just makes a darling, easy little quilt where all the squares go together because you’ve used a charm pack all from the same line. Five charm packs makes this size of a quilt and makes a fun little project.

From Missouri Star Quilt Company, happy quilting!

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  • Laura

    The pressing and seam nesting…..a very important detail.  Live and learn.  Thank you Jenny for helping me learn.   It is all about the details

  • Christopehrobin2

    What do I do if I have a charm pack and some of the squares just don’t match up. Do I cut them to fit they are not off by much but they are not off.

    • Anonymous

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      ## Jenny Doan replied, on May 13 @ 4:23am (UTC):

      I would do my best to make then match up. You can put the larger one on the bottom and when you sew them the feed dogs will help take up the fabric and they should be fine. Also remember you can make up the difference in the size of the seam. I hope this help!
      Have a great day!
      Jenny Doan

      (888) 571-1122

      ## Conversation started by Disqus, on May 3 @ 4:04pm (UTC):


      Christopehrobin2 (unregistered)

  • Christopehrobin2

    What do I do if I have a charm pack and some of the squares just don’t match up. Do I cut them to fit they are not off by much but they are not off.

  • roxanne smith

    How many charm packs for full size.

  • cats135

    What is the pattern of the quilt hanging in the background?