Charm Packs – Brand New to Quilting Series


Hi I’m Sarah from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, welcome to the series Brand New to Quilting!

Today I’m going to talk about Charm Packs.  I don’t know if you know anything about these because they are new to me too.  

These are awesome, these are five inch squares, and again like I talked to you about the layer cakes and the jelly rolls, this is a piece of fabric from the entire line.  So it all coordinates, it all goes together. 

What I love about it, is it is totally versatile, you can do so many things with it.  You can take one Charm Pack  and you can make a table runner, you can make a skirt.  I’ll show you those projects in a minute; we have made a ton of things with them. 

This I want to show you first off, it’s not finished, it’s kind of in the process, but this is really cool to me, because this is not cut, I just bought the charm pack, I went home and I laid them all out, started sewing them together.

You just buy it and sew, you can just start, this is actually five charm packs, I don’t know if you can see how big it is, but really that is a great lap size quilt, and all I have to do now is get some border fabric, and I’m going to have a quilt finished. I didn’t have to cut anything; I just took these Charm Packs, opened them up, laid them out and started sewing.

 We’ve done several different projects, you can just buy one of these and do a table runner, we did this for Christmas, this is really cool, we just kind of laid them out and started sewing them this way and put them together.

 I love it because it’s a variety and it makes people think you are really good at picking fabric, because it all coordinates and goes together. 

Come over here, I want to show you a really cute skirt and a really cute stocking too, first of all this is one we did for Christmas, this is really cool, you just take those five inch Charm Packs, cut them into fourths, and then sew them altogether so it makes a big piece of fabric, and then you cut out your stocking pattern. 

This one is really cute too, both of these stockings were made with only one charm pack because we divided both the blues and the reds and the greens and made that, which I thought was really cute. 

This is a little skirt we made out of Lila Tueller’s Woodland Blooms, you take this charm pack, kind of the same thing, you open it up lay it out, sew it together, and it’s amazing, you can make a little skirt, so cute.

 I love Lila Tueller, she has really cute stuff, and if you’re interested, I know you are, so I don’t know why I asked, click on the shop, check out what we have, charm packs are a cheep easy way to get going into quilting,  so come check it out, click on over, we’ll see you there.

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  • Ceil

    looking for the pattern to make charm pack table runner that Sarah is showing in this tutorial.
    Thank you

  • Sheryl Doiron

    First let me just say I love these tutorials, so many great ideas. In this tutorial there is a wall hanging in the background with the bird on a branch, where could I find the pattern for this

  • Debbie

    looking for the skirt pattern

  • Patricia Cruz-Merz

    Hello, may I please ask you how do I make the bird quilt you have in the background on this video? Please let me know. Thank you.