How to make a Chevron Quilt using 10″ Fabric Squares


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  • Carolyn

    How much fabric for the binding and the backing for the quilt in the tutorial?

    • JenM

      1 5/8 yards border, 7/8 yard binding, 7 7/8 yards backing. Hope you’ll make one and share a picture!

  • Liz

    Thank you for posting this tutorial. I love the half square triangle technique you show.

    • JenM

      It’s a good stand-by for lots of designs. Hope you’ll give this quilt a try!

  • Julie

    I am looking forward to making this quilt for my daughters full size bed. How do I need to adjust pattern size/number of blocks to do this. Can you give me border and backing measurements for a full size bed also?


    • JenM

      Hi Julie, We included a printed pattern in our first Quilting Quickly magazine. I just referred to that pattern for a quilt that finishes at 86″ x 98.5″ (a generous full size.) This called for 42 color 10″ squares and 42 white 10″ squares. Plus 1 5/8 yards border, 7/8 yard binding, 7 7/8 yards backing. Hope you’ll make one and share a picture!

      • JanR

        I’m also interested in making this quilt as a birthday gift for my grandson and would like to get this pattern. How do I get a copy of your first Quilting Quickly Magazine? Thanks, Jan

  • Donna Babylon

    I have to make a graduation gift in a hurry and the primary colored/white chevron quilt caught my eye. But I can’t find the layer cake pack you used. Please help! I am in a panic. THANKS!!!!

    • JenM

      First, Donna…breathe…. :) We have that fabric in a Jelly Roll right now. It’s called Half Moon Modern for Moda. Have you seen our tutorial on the Amazing Jelly Roll pattern by 3Dudes or some of the other Jelly Roll ideas Jenny has shared? You could even use the following technique and create a chevron effect:

  • Donna Babylon

    BTW, love your videos!

  • Donna Babylon

    Thanks for getting back to me! The 3Dudes quilt is a fun technique. but the results are a little too quilty for the girl I am making this for. She loves very graphic things. I had already developed a plan B with another way to make a chevron and the jelly roll would be perfect. I will order some. But I still want the layer cake pack. Do you know when it will come in? If I add it to my order, will you automatically send it when it comes in? Thanks. I have calmed down now :).

  • pc

    one of my favorite quilts and now I need to go get the material

    • JenM

      We know a great place to find material :)

  • LeeAnn

    Is it possible to still use a layer cake and get a row of zig zag of all the same fabric?

  • Lisa Barnes

    What was the name of the layer cake hanging in the background of the tutorial?

  • Adele

    how large are the blocks after you cut the 10 inch squares into 4 half square triangles?

    • babyfickas

      The square ends up being 6.72 in.

  • pcrow

    Love the video of the Chevorn Can’t wait to make one.

    • JenM

      Have fun with it! Do you know what fabric you’ll use?

  • Sue in Iowa

    can I make smaller blocks for a baby quilt? crib size? how much of each of the two fabrics would I need?

    • babyfickas

      Use a charm pack (5in squares). That will make it a more appropriate baby quilt size.

  • Colleen

    I will doing this for my very first quilt to make for my future grandbaby (still waiting to hear if it is a boy or girl). Will this be good for a baby crib quilt or are the chevrons too big? Is it possible to get information on how many 10″ squares I would need to make a small quilt? And if I buy my own material, how do you determine how many 10″ squares you can get from a yard or even a half yard of fabric? Hope I am not asking dumb questions, but I am really a beginner. Thank you so so much for any help!!

  • Karen

    I love this quilt but the layer cake is unavailable. Will you be getting this in stock again? Thank you for the great tutorial.

  • A Girl Called Pete

    Do you have any tips for sewing the square seam? Whenever I get to the last edge, I have extra material at the final corner!!

  • A Girl Called Pete

    Do you have any tips for sewing the square seam? When I sew the last edge, I end up with a pucker of extra material at the final corner.

  • shermatt21

    I would like to make this in a king size quilt measuring 106 w x 94 L. Can you give me the number of squares needed using two colors? Thanks

  • Norv

    Do you press all the blocks toward the dark color?

  • Mommatails

    Can this be done with jelly rolls? I’m working on a summer in the park quilt and I have extra strips that I would like to use to make a pillow with.

  • Eileen Killoran

    Hi, I will be making this chevron quilt with Lagoon Layer Cake and White solid Layer cake. Is there special backing fabric for this or should I use some of the Lagoon yardage. If so, how much would I need for a) just the backing and b) the backing plus a 4 inch border around the quilt?
    Many thanks for the great tutorials. I am addicted to them. Just love them. Also for the excellent range of fabrics and ideas. Many thanks,

  • crhfish

    How many rows across and down? I’ve been trying to count behind Jenni and not having much luck!

  • Lisa Lerner

    I would like to know how the yellow and green chevron quilt was quilted. If it a pantograph or pattern, I would love to have the name so I could quilt mine the same way. Beautiful quilts!