Make a Christmas Table Runner Using the Half-Hex Ruler


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  • Jrmartens

    Where do I get the star pattern that you used for this Christmas Tree table runner?
    I love this.  I’ve put together 4 but need the star to finish.
    Thank you,

  • Maryann

    I also need the star pattern.

  • Althea

    No matter what I do , I can’t access the free star pattern for this runner. Looks like I’m not alone.

  • Maryann

    Click on the title of the tutorial at the top of the video.  It will take you to the same video on Facebook.  Click on show more, underneath the video, & you will see a list of links & one of them is for the star pattern.  Hope this helps.

    Mary Ann

    • Sarah

      Thank you Maryann!  You took the words right out of my mouth!!  I was going to say exactly that!!  🙂  Have a wonderful day!  

  • Sewingmoney

    Love it!  Thank you!

  • Rebecca Smith

    I love this, and I can’t wait to make it!  I am new to applique, if you sew the star on by hand, how do you make sure there aren’t any raw edges that fray when it’s washed? 

    • Sarah

      You could fuse it, then blanket stitch over the edge, or you could needle turn applique it.  Hope this helps.

  • Petra C Ramirez54

    Hi.  I love this project and I too can’t wait to make it.  But I’ve been trying to purchase your half hexy ruler, but you show that you are out of stock.  When will you have a supply?

    • Sarah

      Hi Petra,

      They are back in stock now.  I hope this helps and you are able to get yours and start making your quilt.

    • Anonymous

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      ## Sarah Galbraith replied, on Jan 28 @ 5:16pm (UTC):

      They are in stock now. We just got the shipment in and have updated the site. Thanks for the email.
      Have a great day!


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      Petra C Ramirez54

  • Glenda1305

    How can i get written instruction for the half heg table runner? It may be months before i get to it.

    • Sarah

      The tutorial will be available forever.  We are in process of having them all put into patterns, so it might be a bit.  

  • Imanewfi

    What size is the half hexagon ruler, the large size was mentioned in the video, but what size is it.

    • Sarah

      the large one is a 10 inch one and the smaller is a 5 inch.

  • Rhoadarmer

    When will the patterns be available?  I love this project!  You are a good teacher

    • Sarah

      Soon, I hope!!  🙂  

  • Sue-mitchell

    I am so loving your tutorials!! Some look to be as fast to make as the time you spend giving the lesson.  And I love using up my scraps which a lot of your patterns will adapt to. Looking forward to seeing a list of  materials and sizes from each type of pre cuts; charm, layer cake or jelly roll. You look like you are having such fun sharing with us.

  • Shirley Noltemeyer

    Would it be possible to make a block that looks like a spool of thread using the half hex ruler?

    • Natalie

      Yes! In fact, I have a couple of patterns in mind that go right along with that idea! 

  • Barb

    I love this table runner. It is just adorable. You said that the star you sew on the runner is available for a free download. Where would I find that? Thank you for all your wonderful tutorials. I love them all. You are a great teacher.

  • Kay

    I love this table runner, where can I buy this large half Hex ruler?

  • Jazzybagsbyjz

    You said the star would be available for a free download where do I find it

  • Violet

    Jenny, I bought the 10 in. hexy, but  I want to make a queen size quilt from your table runner pattern, how would go about scarttering the stars though the quilt.

    • Anonymous

      — Please reply above this line —

      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Mar 18 @ 4:42pm (UTC):

      Wow…that will be interesting!  I haven’t thought of making a quilt using that pattern.  You will just have to lay it out and decide how it looks best.  You might alternate the number of hexes so that
      it staggers the stars around….Oh I can’t wait to see pictures!
      Have a great day!


      ## Conversation started by Disqus, on Mar 14 @ 9:57pm (UTC):


  • Bonniejean340

    I want to make the Christmas table runner using the half hexi ruler, but where do I find the star to download?

    • Bonniejean340

      Thanks Maryann, I found the star down load just like you said….  Now I am ready to go…

  • Rowenat

    I just want to say THANK YOU  for all the tutorials that you have on here.    I just love to watch them now I know what to do with all my fabric that I have.  Again a big Thank You.

    • Sarah

      You are so very welcome!!  We are happy that you enjoy them!!

  • Mrs. Vet

    I am new here and am lost.  Where do I find the star that say we can print out?

  • Shirley Page

    Where do I find the pattern for star.  


  • Tdorrance

    Love this tutorial.  I’m thinking it would make a great wall hanging if I do half of it.  Want to make some for family and friends for Christmas this year.

    • Sarah

      Great idea!!  Your family and friends will love it!

  • Alicepaterson

    I would like to buy a i/2 hex ruler/rulers
    Alice Paterson

    • Natalie

      Hi Alice,
      I am sending you an email with the information you need!

  • sue mayes

    love my ruler and love Jenny’s classes!!!!

    • Sarah

      Yay!!  Thanks for letting us know!!

  • Ang Pol

    hola como estas e se camino de mesa es muy lindo pero a qui en Colombia  no venden esos materiales me parecen muy prácticos  me gusta e sa regla para cortar el árbol  

  • Ang Pol

    muy lindo e se camino de mesa hermoso muy hermoso felicidades 

    • Sarah

      Thank you!  I am glad you like it!

  • Ang Pol

    hola como estas quisiera tener todas esas reglas por favor  a ayudarme  

  • Ang Pol

    hola e res espectacular 

  • Pebnh

    Your tutorials are outstanding, thanks so much for sharing.

    • Sarah

      You are very welcome!

  • Ruth Wildermuth

    I just love this tutorial for the X-Mas Table Runner.  Question–Do you use batting in your table runners? 

    • Sarah

      Yes we do!  We like them to have weight and hold shape.

  • Ginbart1954

    I’m just waiting  for my Half-Hex Ruler coming from MSQC and them I’m going to be making one of these.  I’m going to use the smaller Half-Hex Ruler to make place mates to match.   I can’t wait.  

    • Sarah

      Ooh!!  Awesome!!  Good luck!

  • Dixie

    I love this tutorial.  I’ve just made the table runner and it looks great!  Thanks so much!

    • Sarah

      That is great to hear Dixie!!  

  • Djdesignso

    Do you have directions which could be printed?

  • Rom1367

    I wish we had all these lovely facility, I will certainly make this, but hv to get my half hex with my geometry knowledge and transfer making it. Next project on my list of to do 🙂

  • bonbon

    OMG, I made this yesterday, what fun, the template made it so easy, Thank You MSQC so very, very much.

    love your tutorials,

  • Iris

    When is the 10″ half  hexogan going to be availabe.  I have been checking everday & it is always out of stock. I am anxious to start my star table runner.

    • Natalie

      Good news Iris! Its available now! 

  • Bill and Marilyn Berry

    Can you give an approximate finished size?  also  the size of the batting?

    • Natalie

      I would guess this table runner is 18-20″ X 34-36″ So batting and backing need to be just a bit bigger a 3/4 yard piece of fabric will do nicely for the back and batting just needs to be about 24 X 40″. I hope this helps!

    • Bill and Marilyn Berry

      That was really helpful.  Thanks

  • Bill and Marilyn Berry

    Do you have  printed instructions?

    • Natalie

      Hi Marilyn, We are working on getting our videos transcribed into something that can be printed off. Unfortunately this one has not been done yet. Its in the works though!

  • dianlee

    Just got my 1/2 hex ruller and am working on the runner. Just wanted to know what the ruller was really designed for.

    • Sarah

      It was designed to make hexagons easily, without the Y seams.  It is a great ruler!  Hope you enjoy it!

  • Azberg77

    Hi, I love this runner!  And, as always, I love Jenny!  I have a very important request for your website.  I am hoping for some sort of chart that will help find which quilt projects you have to go with layer cakes, jelly rolls or charm packs and such, and perhaps how many of each is needed.  That way, when the daily deal pops up, I can already have an idea of which quilts I could possibly make with them and how many I should get.  Does that make sense at all???

    Your quilting tutorials are great and I have learned so much. 


    • Natalie

      That is a great idea! I will pass this on to our tech team so we can build it into our website. Thanks!

    • Lindagie

      I love this idea; hope you do this; it would be so helpful!

  • Maria-Elena

    Where can I get the star from? Please advise.

  • Norma

    Where can I order the small half-hexi?

  • bon

    already made one, it was so much fun, and easy.

    planning on making more as gifts this christmas, Thanks Jenny, and all your staff, love this site

  • Karla

    Looking for the star and turkey face downloads? Can you provide a link? Thank you!

  • Azberg77

    Hi, can you tell me which fabrics are repeated (or which are not, whatever is easier) in the layer cake for Jovial?  I am wondering if there would be enough of each design to create a table runner, or other project.  This line is really hard to find, especially if you are looking for a specific fabric. 

  • Lorraine

    Thank you for telling me where to find the star pattern. I was stressing about how to get one the right size. This is great.

  • Susie

    Hello….absolutely love the table runner! I found a five pointed star on the website indicated below & I notice that the star being used has six points. Where can I find the six pointed star? Thank you.

  • BeckyMSQC

    Check this link…this should be what you need.

  • Peg

    Love the table runner, but also the beautiful snowflake quilt in the background. Can you tell me what the pattern is? Also, is there a tutorial? Thanks!

  • Julie

    When will half hex be back in stock?

  • MSQC shop

    The 10″ half hexagon will be back in stock within a few day…thanks for your patience!

  • MSQC shop

    The beautiful quilt in the background is called the “Snow Sparkle” quilt. GORGEOUS!

  • Carol

    I love this table runner but where do I get the half hex ruler. Your website seems to be out of stock. When do you expect to have more?

  • Sheila

    I came across a tutorial that involved cutting circles from old Christmas cards and putting the circles together to form ornaments. My kids were given ornaments like these 35 years ago! Now, I would like to make them for my grandchildren. And of course, I can not find that tutorial. Thank you!

  • Marjorie M

    Where can we purchase the half hex templates?

  • Elizabeth Browder

    Where can I purchase the Half-Hex Ruler? The local fabric stores do not stock them in Sacramento Ca or Birmingham Al. Can it be purchase through your company?

  • Beth

    are there printable directions for this table topper? would love to have them.

  • eileen horan

    Jenny – you are amazing. You make me feel like I can do anything! I’m going to make this into a wall hanging but I’m too busy with spring projects right now. Is there a way to save or flag this tutorial so I don’t have to search next fall? It would be so helpful. Thanks so much!

    • JenM

      You can use our search bar on the top right of this page and search for “table runner” when you’re ready to tackle this in the fall. Have fun with your Spring projects!

  • gillian521

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great tutorial. I can’t wait to make this super cute project…after I start and finish the 4th of July projects that are lined up!

    • JenM

      Spoken like a true quilter – thinking of next project before current one is done 😉 Have fun!

  • Gloria in New Hamburg

    I started this project today however i do not have the large wedge tool. I thought I could use a 30″ triangle but I think my triangles are smaller than yours. The size for the tree trunk pieces had to be decreased by 1″ to 5 1/2 to match up the trunks under the trees. Also could you tell me what the final dimensions are of your runner. I count 14 trees and I am just wondering what size your is. It seems a better fit than mine. I have 16 triangles to make a 60″ runner.

  • Gale J

    I’m a newbee machine quilter & your videos have been a godsend! I am going to make this table runner for my very first project. Just waiting for my half hex ruler to arrive from your store. Jenny, you are a great teacher & so is your daughter Hillary!

  • JDing

    Can you tell me what fabrics you used for this project?

  • Adele

    In the video she says to use 10 inches of fabric for the trunk, 10 inches for the binding and 10 inches for the background fabric. That can’t possibly be correct. How much fabric do I need for this project?

  • Mary Kretschmar

    Is there a kit with this video?

  • Aradien

    Is there a kit available with this video? I would be interested in purchasing it. I already downloaded the star.