The Churn Dash Quilt Block – Easy Quilting


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  • Daubie Johnson

    I love this tutorial. You make the churn dash look so simple. Can you tell me what size quilt this makes?

    • Karen Patterson

      I think hers makes a queen size. Neat looking quilt isn’t it?

      • Daubie Johnson

        Thank you. That’s a big help.

  • Debra Revay

    Love the tutorial but I was wondering what size square did you use to snowball the corners. Really like the effect it makes.

  • Abigail

    I just love your tutorials! Makes me excited about quilting!

  • love2quilt

    Love this quilt. Ok, I have created all of my squares but have not added the green on the edges for the snowball effect. Please, Please, add a comment about what size you made the green triangles to complete! Thanks.

    • SarahMSQC

      Hi There! The green squares are 2.5 inches. Hope this helps!

  • Karen Patterson

    I’m so happy to receive the instructions on how to make this quilt! We received one as a gift from a dear friend and I love it. It has 2 1/2 inch navy sashing with blue 2 1/2 inch squares joining the sashing on the corners of each Block and is very neat looking. You made this look so easy and now I need to make a king size! How much fabric will it take? I think it would be pretty with the scalloped edges. You are such a good teacher! I have always been self taught and you make everything seem not only easy… but so fun!

  • Grace Boughner

    I would also like to know about the snowball effect. What size square did you use

  • Grace Boughner

    Looked down and saw the answer 2.5″ square

  • Grace Boughner

    Do you have an easy tutorial for a wedding ring quilt

  • Christine

    Your tutorials are fabulous! Your passion for quilting is evident and it makes me excited to sit down and create. You really do have a most amazing gift! 🙂

  • AJ

    How do you add the “snowball” effect? It doesn’t appear that there is a triangle opposite the triangle from the churn dash square nearby.