Covered Buttons DIY Tutorial


Hi, I’m Natalie from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and today we’re going to show you how to make covered buttons.

Here in the shop we carry these button cover kits and they come with a little rubber thing, and a pusher, and you can buy refills. They come in a variety of sizes, we have all kinds of sizes and there’s lots of fun things you can do with these.

First I’m just going to show you on the back of this kit there’s a guide line. So, you fold this cardboard piece in half and you cut your circle out. Which, we’ve done, and then you cut your fabric to fit. This is your template, so you cut your fabric to fit your circle. Then you take your button and it comes in these two pieces. You put your fabric around your button, and then you stick this whole thing inside here. Press it down nice and tight, and then you set this piece on top of it with the little knobby thing out. That’s what you’ll use for your button back and sew on to your project. You stick that in there you push your pusher down, and it pops right in. And then when you pull this out you have a covered button and they’re perfect every time! Really easy it’s a fun thing to do we use these for the closures on our charm pack purses.

Now, I’m gonna show you another idea that we use. I like to use these for clippies for my girls. You can see how I’ve made them in different sizes. You can do little ones or big ones. You can stick them to pony tails or snap clips. We do all kinds of fun things with these. One of the things that I do, is I take the little metal piece that’s right here. I take that out because I find that it’s difficult. OK, so I have a pair of needle nose pliers here. Usually if you just squeeze it they’ll pop right out. So, you just pull that out and throw that away. Then because my kids have fine hair, I actually like to use a piece of pipe cleaner, because it has this soft thing on it. It’s got that fuzz and it doesn’t grab the kids hair and rip it out when you take their clippies out. So, I just cut a little piece. Usually a couple of inches long and these holes are actually not quite big enough to put the pipe cleaner through. So, I take my little cutting board, and a hammer, and a nail, and enlarge the hole. So that I can stick the pipe cleaner through it. Just kind of wiggle that around a little bit. Just a little, helps out quite a bit actually! So, then what I do is you put it up through the bottom, and then you attach your little pony tail holder. Then you loop that around and you stick it back through. You want to make sure that you have the concave side up because that’s going to be the back of your pony tail. You pull that nice and tight and you twist it around. Then cut off the excess pieces of your pipe cleaner. So that it can lay flat inside the button. I’ve got my piece of fabric here and I’m gonna do the same thing with the top of it. Set it down in there nice and tight. Because pony tail clips take a beating when they’re in and out of kids hair I’m just going to stick a dab of glue in. This is model glue but you can use jewelry glue or anything that’s nice and secure. So that they don’t come apart while your kids are pulling them in and out and doing there pony tails everyday. You want these to last a nice long time. Then you stick the back of your clip into your button. Oh, you use your pusher that works a lot better! Push it down nice and tight and then when you pull it out you have and adorable little pony tail holder that looks adorable in kids hair, and grown ups I think! If you’re young and immature like me! So, there you have it another fun project and a tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Have a good day!

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  • Nanasrcool

    Excellent tutorial Natalie!!!  I will get some of those on my next purchase!  The pony tail holder thing is awesome.  I plan to make some for my grand daughter.  I may even make a flower/yo yo  and have the button as the middle.