Cute & Easy Valentines from Fabric Scraps


Hi, I’m Natalie, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and today we have a cute craft for you. We’re going to take cardstock and appliqué scraps, and make some fun Valentines cards!

When I do an appliqué project with fusible webbing I just take my little leftover pieces and through them in a bag or a box, and then I have these ready-made supplies for fun craft ideas. So, what we’re going to do is, what are we going to do? We’re going to take these scraps and we’re going to cut them into heart shapes. So, you just fold it in half just like in Elementary School. Just cut out a little heart, and there you’ve got a little heart, and then we’ll place them on our cards in all different ways. I’m going to cut out a whole bunch more.

OK, so sometimes when I’m making an appliqué project I have these little scraps leftover. Now, if you don’t have scraps of fabric ironed on to Pellon, you can just take your normal fabric, iron it on, and then we’ll cut out our
shapes. I’m going to cut out a whole bunch of different hearts, and try and be creative. Think about different designs that you want to do. We’ve done a whole bunch of hearts in a group, little birds, hearts that look like flowers, the LOVE, the X’s and O’s. There’s all kinds of things. You just fold them in half and keep cutting out hearts, and I’m doing all different sizes, little ones and big ones. As many as I can pull out of each piece of fabric, and then we will throw them down on the paper, and make a fun design.

So, we’ve cut out a bunch of hearts and other shapes, and we’re going to take this normal cardstock that we just got at Walmart, you take it out, and you fold it in half, press a nice flat seam, and then we’re going to start making some designs. The first one I’m going to do is this tree. I think the tree is really cute, we did one of these for the blog. You just fill the top with little hearts for the leaves, and load it up, put them anywhere you want, any
colors designs. When you’re all done, then you’re going to start taking the paper backing off of your little hearts, so that you can iron this straight on to the card. There’s no glue, there’s no mess, its very fun and easy. To get paper off the back without fraying your edges you just score a little cut, right in the middle, and then peel it right off. It comes off very easily. Just like that.

So, I’m going to take all the paper off, and then we’ll go over to the ironing board, and press it down. OK, so we have all our pieces cut out, and what I
did for this one is I cut out just some random strips of green, they don’t have to be perfect. They’re actually cut on a curve, and so I just made the bottom straight, and then covered up that piece with the heart so that they look like a cute line of flowers, and then this is just random hearts, and so now that we have everything put together, oh and, I wanted to tell you too, on if you decide to do letters you’ll want to make sure that you reverse them on the paper side, so that when you flip them over and iron them on, they’re
coming out the right direction.

So, we’re going to take these over to the ironing board and just press them flat. OK, so now that we’re over here at the ironing board, I wanted to remind you that we have taken all the paper off so every single heart is ready to be pressed down, and they stay pretty well in place because they have that stickiness on the back they’re not going to slide around too much.

So, what I do is I just pick up my iron, and I just set it straight down on top of it, and I don’t rub it back and forth. I just move it slowly from side to side, and press it nice and firm. You can have steam or not, it doesn’t really matter. I’ve found that it doesn’t affect it too much. If your paper starts to curl just flip your card over, and press it the opposite direction, and it’ll be nice and flat again, just like that.

So, we can do the other two. You can have lots of fun with this. We’ll write
some words on it later, or you can have your kids draw some pictures. Put some messages on the inside. You can cut out other shapes. We did some birds, or some circles. I think a flower would be cute. Really anything that you’re creative mind can come up with would be wonderful.

OK, so to finish up our cards I’m just going to add some words, and you can have your kids write them, you can write whatever you want. I just freehand it, I think it’s really fun, you just write “love” or over here maybe, “I love you!” “Happy Valentines Day” How about that one? You can draw on some hearts, you can have your kids color it in.

On this one here I used a colored marker from my kids crayola set, and I think it actually looks really nice. So, anything you want to do, be creative! Have fun with it. On this particular card, I went over and free motion stitched around the hearts, it looks kind of messy and free hand, but I think it looks really cute, and another fun idea, you can do that on any of these. Just drop your feed dogs and use your free motion foot.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed our fun little tutorial, and that you’ll go home with your kids and make some valentines cards! Happy Valentines Day from the Missouri Star Quilt Company!

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