Make Cute Holiday Fabric Plates Using Mod Podge!


Hi It’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  That season of giving is upon us again, and it’s almost Christmas time, and we need some quick, fun, fast gifts.  Well I have something really fun to show you, really a great idea.  This is a little plate that we picked up at Walmart, these clear glass plates like this, and we Mod Podged the fabric on the back of them to make a darling cookie plate.  This is Kate Spain’s Fa La La Fabric.  It’s just adorable.  They make such quick fun gifts, and we’re going to show you just how to do that.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is protect your area because mod podge can be a little messy, so we’ve got a little piece of paper here.  We’ve got a bottle of mod podge, you can get this anywhere, your local craft stores or hobby lobby stores.  Actually, you can get these clear plates at any of those too.  So check for the clear plates and the mod podge, and we’ve got one sponge brush that we’re going to use, and I’m going to show you how easily this is done.  If you’re going to do a few of these, you might want to pour this into a bowl, or if it gets too low down, but I’m just going to reach into the jar and do this.

The other thing is, when you choose your fabric, if you choose a nice, all over pattern, you can see I have a couple here to show you, you know it really doesn’t matter where you place the fabric on there, but we’re going to use on this plate we’re going to use this nice little Nancy Hoberson fabric that has a Santa in it, and we’re going to kind of want to center him up in the middle there, and so we’re just going to lay him on there and see how that looks and see if that’s the way we like it, and then what we’re going to do it we’re going to turn our plate over, hold our hand underneath, and we’re just going to start mod podging this, so we’re just going to brush this on here like this.  Just cover the whole thing with a good layer; make sure you get the edges well, not on the other side but just on the top side here.  Just cover this whole thing.  It’s so cute.  You know you always need a plate of cookies for somebody, and when you can make it fit their personality like this, you could do anything on this from cute argyle fabric, there’s just all kinds of fabric.

Now, we’re going to lay this on here and we’re going to center this over the middle of this plate.  Then we’re just going to begin to rub on it and really rub it and make sure that there are no bubbles or anything in it.  We’re going to rub it down and stick it to that glue really good.  Then we’re going to press it around the edge so that it just sticks on there.  There we go.  We just want to make sure that that’s really smooth.  Then we’re going to flip it over, and we’re going to take a look at it.

Now, you can see where there are some little white places on here where the glue is, you just want to rub those in so those just kind of melt away.  Make sure that your edges…see, we have a little extra glue up on here, we just want to wipe that off a little bit because we don’t want it up on the front, we just want it around the edge.  And then you’re going to look and see if there’s any place on here that really is hanging off the edge, and if you’re ok, here’s a little bit, so we’re gonna just take this brush and we’re just gonna tuck it in right here, put a little bit of glue in there, because you want the fabric to come clear out to the edge, and then we’re just going to let it sit probably for about a minute or so, not very long.  Let the glue kind of get set on there.  There we go.  And then we’re going to take our scissors after it’s set up pretty good and we’re just going to trim along this edge.  I like to tilt my scissors just a hair so that we trim right at the bottom of the plate, right underneath the lip of that edge, we’re just trying to trim.  There we go.  And you can see how this is going to look.  Who wouldn’t want to get cookies on this for Christmastime?

Now you’re just going to want to flip this over, make sure everything is nice and smooth, and then we’re going to put one more coat of mod podge on there.  Just really glue that baby down there.  You want to make sure if you use your good scissors on this that you rinse them off after you’re done.  There we go.  And then you’re just going to lay them on your paper and let this dry for a few hours and it really will be ready before you know it.  We’ve also done one here with birthday fabric.  How fun would that be.  You have to remember with these plates is that you cannot wash them in the dishwasher, they’re not washable, but you can wash off the top, the top is just the glass part, you can wash and clean that, you just don’t want to immerse it or put it in.

One more thing I wanted to show you that’s really fun to showcase a line of fabric.  You know it’s really fun to have that cute plate on your shelf that has the fabric that you love, and so I wanted to show you how to do that, and right now monograms are really big, so what I’ve done is I’ve traced the letter E on here for my little granddaughter Ella, and see it’s got this iron on here.  You always iron the bumpy side, you’ll see the bumpy side on the bottom.  You iron that down and you trace your letter backwards, so that when you put it on the fabric, you iron it on, it’ll come out right.  So we’re going to go ahead and cut this out.  These are so popular right now, and I love that you can whatever designer you love, you could have a plate with their fabric on it, put it up on your shelf, your mantel, it would be so cute.  There we go.  We’re going to head over to the ironing board and we’re going to press this on.

Ok, so here we are at the ironing board, and we are pealing this off, and you can see this side of the letter has the iron on stuff on it, this side is good, so we place that down, and we’re going to place it kind of in the middle of our fabric because remember we want it to be in the middle of our plate.  This is that darling new bunny hill Lillian Will fabric, and we just are going to press that down, and it’ll just stick on there.  Everything’s done with the right side, and we’re going to set this E right in the center of the plate.  So let’s go put that on our plate.

So we have our E here.  It’s going to fit right in the middle of our plate, right here, and we are going to go ahead and we’re going to mod podge this plate.  You’ll have something beautiful to put on your mantel.  Some of the fabric is so gorgeous that you just kind of want to highlight it sometimes, and this is a great way to do that.  If you know somebody who’s a fan of a certain fabric line, they love this as a gift, and because it’s a show piece, you know, you don’t have to worry about it too much.  Alright, we’ve got all of our glue on there, it’s nice and smooth.  And then we’re going to put this E in the center here.  We’re going to turn it over and look at it.  See there it is, right in the middle.  Then we’re just going to smooth this out, press it toward the edges.  Here we go.  If you get a little rumple in it, just push it down, it just smooths out so nice and easily.  Then we’re going to flip this up, check our edges, make sure we are tight up on our edges.  Then we’re just going to trim this off.  Look how fun this is.  This is so cute.  There we go, we’re just going to mod podge over the back of it, let it dry, and it will be done.  But how fun would this be, to get cookies on a plate that was designed for you.  Say you have a math teacher, you could do one with numbers.  We also found these adorable square plates like this.  They are just the same thing.  It is so sinchy and so fast, we’ll just do another one real quick to show you how that works.  So we’re coming around this edge, we’re covering it with this mod podje, I mean you’re going to get excited about these, I mean even the mailman is going to get some cookies, the scoutmaster, everybody’s going to get some cookies because you can get all of the fabrics to go with whatever they do.  It’ll just be really fun for you.  Here we have this beautiful…remember now, you put your fabric on with the print side down so that it just goes right on there, and we just press it, press it.  Won’t this black be pretty, food looks so pretty on black plates, it just really sets it off.  Touch it all around the edges, smooth it. There we go, flip it over, I still have some glue spots, I’m going to want to rub those out a little better.  With the square ones, you just have to watch right around the edges here where it curves, you just want to make sure that it’s really down there nice and tight.  And again we’re going to take this, and we’re just going to trim it off.

You can do this with scraps of fabric.  We all have loads of little pieces left over.  Just make sure you find one to fit your plates.  If you don’t want to make that many cookies, you can get a smaller plate.  It’s whatever you’d like to do.  This is a great, quick Christmas gift; teachers, everybody would love to get a plate like this.  You don’t even need to put cookies on them because the plates are so beautiful.  Alright, here we go with this one.  Put our scraps over there.  We’re going to flip it over, put one more coat on.  Put another coat on here, get all the way out to the edges.  If you find you have any little sharp edges on it when you finish up, you can just trim those off.  You can also wash these little sponge brushes out.  They’ll wash out pretty quick if you want to use them again, otherwise, they’re a good throwaway.

And there you go, we’ve got 2 Christmas gifts look at this one.  2 Christmas gifts quick in one tutorial.  We hope you have a wonderful Holiday and can make some of these gifts for those people that you love, and we hope you enjoyed this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • Patrick Campbell

    This is the nicest project I have ever seen.  Hope to see more and thank you for sharing.

    • Sarah

      You are so welcome!!  

  • Alessandra .Dias

    Hello, I loved your tutorial, but I did not speak English. (unfortunately) q I would like youto tell me what you guys use glue for this job, is special glue for fabric? The finish willuse some type of varnish? Sorry so many questions, but I’m fascinated with the arts ..good night. Kisses.

    • Patrickcam

      It’s called Modge Podge which is a form of white glue.  You can buy it anywhere in any craft store or even Wal-Mart.

  • Strohfamily

    I did not catch anywhere that you stated about cleaning.  I assume you can not get the back of the plate wet, therefore no dishwasher or sink.  Do you just wipe off?  Love your tutorials!

    • Sarah

      Yes, you are right!!  Just wipe them off to keep them clean!!  Have a great day!

  • Dana

    Can this plate be washed or will the material come off?  How do you clean it?

  • Debbie

    I did this same thing to cover a clay flower pot for my office.  Our walls had been painted a milk chocolate brown and I needed something to match.  I found some beautiful fabric with tan and brown shades of flowers with a little streak of gold lines through it.  I placed the clay pot in the center of my fabric and cut from the edge of the fabric towards to pot on all four sides of the fabric.  Then cut each of those sections in half towards the pot.  Your fabric will kind of look like a pinwheel at this point.  (Works best if your fabric is really busy!)  Using the Mod Podge, glue the center part of your fabric to the bottom of the pot.  Next, glue every other section of fabric down the sides of the pot.  After you get the first four sections glued down, go back around and glue the other four sections to the pot.  Trim your fabric about 2″ above the top rim.  Glue all of this fabric to the inside.  I probably did at least 8 coats of the Mod Podge glue all over this clay pot to give it a really nice finish.  Everyone who sees it is always amazed when I tell them that it’s just a clay pot covered with fabric. 

    After the clay pot was done, I purchased some tan/brown silk flowers.  Using green floral tape, I wrapped a flower stem to 2 dozen bic pens.  The flowers make a beautiful arrangement on my desk, and also give my parents a cute pen to use when filling out their enrollment paperwork.

  • sarah

    hiya love this project!!!!!was just wondering which mod podge you use??as i have seen a matt one but also a gloss one!!thanks xx

    • Sarah MSQC

      Mom used the glossy one. 🙂 Good luck making your project! It’s so fun! Have a great day!

  • Lisa

    I am making these for all of my son’s teachers and a few to keep around for those extra gifts needed. I love these. This is something I can do year round with any fabric that inspires me.

    • JackieMSQC

      PERFECT gift for teachers!!! Handmade gifts are the best…..have fun!!

  • Annette Jones

    Oh thank you! This IS perfect for teachers,scout leaders,co-workers!! And SO fast!!! I’m going to make a bunch of these, pick up some nice cellophane to match, some curling ribbon and make a gift tag!

  • Cheryl

    My mom and I are on a mission to make these cute plates for gifts but are struggling with the air bubbles and streaks. We are using the gloss mod podge is matte better or do we need to spend more time smoothing it out? Also it seems that some other tutorials recommend lightly sanding the backs or using acrylic sealers once they have dried-were any of those used or your plates?

  • Patti

    A friend of mine told me about this project. I loved the idea. I went and brought everything, but I noticed there are different types of mod podge..I bought the kind for fabric. I then watched the video and saw your mod podge had a yellow label. Does it matter what type you use??