Drunkard’s Path II – Quilt Blocks Made Easy

Hi, I’m Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Take a look at this great quilt behind me. Isn’t this fun? The solids, the two colors, really a beautiful quilt. A few years ago I did the tutorial on the easy drunkards path and in that tutorial, which you can watch if you want to it will be in the links below, but in that tutorial I used a layer cake square and a charm pack square, but I realized that by changing the size of your circle and the kind of fabric you use that you got a whole different look. So I just wanted to show you or re-do some of that, and show you again how to do that because it is such a great look, and an easy way to make a quilt.

A drunkards path is generally made in two pieces where you sew the setting curve. But of course, we don’t do it that way, we want to do it the easiest way possible. So, to make this quilt you are going to need two layer cakes, one of solid color, and one white. And it’s going to make a quilt that is about 50 by 60 inches. Actually, if you use the whole layer cake it will make one bigger. This one is 50 by 60 and the reason I didn’t use the whole thing is because it didn’t finish out my pattern, and I wanted this to be finished out on the sides so I didn’t use the whole thing. But, I have them here to show you so that’s good.

So I realize that when I change the size of the circle it will make a completely different look. So, you can use your circle cut ruler or a plate, a cup, anything you want. You can make these circles anything you want, and remember to do this: Anytime we use the circle cut we are going to fold our fabric in half, lay it on the fold line, and then just cut the size of the circle that we want. My circle is an 8 inch circle, and I actually ironed them on to heat and bond first, remember heat and bond has a smooth side and a bumpy side. Your bumpy side is going to go on your fabric, and I basically ironed it onto the fabric before I cut out my circle so that they were ready to go.

So then you peel it off and it gets this real shiny side, I hope you can see that, and then you can just iron it on to the middle of your square. So, I took my 10 inch square right here and I centered it up, and honestly I tend to just eye-ball it and make sure that it’s about the same on either side. If you want to fold it in fourths you can do that. You know, just fold it this way and this way and push on this point so you know exactly where the middle is. You can do that on both pieces and it gives you this little folded place right there so you can know where your middle is. But, when your circle is this big it is really getting to be that you only have an inch on either side and so it’s pretty easy to tell if you’re off. So then, you’re going to bring this over to your ironing board, and we’re going to iron it on here and make sure that it sticks to the square. And you just want to hold it on there for just a few seconds. I kind of hold it and move it over. If you iron back and forth you are going to skootch your circle so just kind of press it on there, and hold it on there like this, and it will adhere itself to the square very quickly.

Then you get a circle like this, I’ve already done one of here, that’s adhered on and I used a blanket stitch to sew around the outside edge. You can use a zig-zag stitch. You can straight stitch it. You can do whatever you want, but what we’re doing is attaching this circle to the square because what we are going to do next matters. We are going to go ahead and take a ruler and we are going to cut our square in half. Now remember this is an original 10 inch sized square, so half is going to be 5 inches, so we line up our ruler on the 5 inch mark and we’re going to cut this in half right here. And then you can just turn your little mat, so you don’t ever have to move your square, and we’re going to again line it up on the 5.

And this is truly the easiest way to make a drunkards path. You know, normally it’s made with those little set in circles, or set in pieces. But we are just setting it on top and cutting it in fourths, so you see how that goes just like that. So now this pattern, if you look at it, is one you actually, you know I don’t have enough room on my walls for a design wall I have a design floor. So I lay it out on my rug on my floor and I make this and try all these different things. Now I think you should go to Google Images and look out all the different ways they’ve set out, you know just put in drunkards path on Google Images, and look at all the different ways they’ve set out their drunkards path quilts. It’s amazing, the designs are so diverse. So when ever you’re doing a drunkards path the important thing is the layout. It really helps me if I have a picture and I honestly had my Ipad sitting there while I was laying it out so that I could look at the picture and be able to lay it out.

So, I am going to attempt to show you how to lay it out. I am a little angle-ly challenged. So we are going to start this way, and just lay these out all across here. And, of course, your rows will be as long as you want, but you want to make sure that you get the medallion look in here for this one. This one shows that medallion, that pretty medallion, in the center here we got all these repeating medallions going on. So we are just laying these out row by row like this, and you can see it’s starting to happen. Go across here, and again there are so many ways to lay this out that you’re just going to have so much fun figuring out how you want yours to end up looking, because it’s like a little puzzle. It’s just a lot of fun to just lay it out. So I am going to try and get through these. See how that’s happening right there?

And I just thought the solids, it was so fun to work with solids, you know I usually work with pattern fabric, you know lights and darks. And this quilt is completely based on lights and darks. That’s what gives it its pop. And it was just really fun to work with the solids. So there you have the center medallion and how we start to lay it out. And then I just went out from there row to row to row. So have fun with this drunkards path, and we hope you enjoyed this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • fancyjam

    I was really wanting to make a drunkard’s path this year for my daughter and now I think I will. Jenny makes it looks so easy.

  • InStitches

    What about the circle’ s raw edges?

    • Brandon Milligan

      They’re covered by the zig zag stitch or blanket stitch she instructs you to do…

  • Johnny Allen-Drury

    This is just wonderful. I am so excited to try this myself now. Thank you Jenny from Australia…..

  • Barbara

    Can you tell me how much material I need for a queen size drunkards path quilt using 2 different colors?