The Easiest Tumbler Quilt You’ll Ever Make!


Hi, it’s Jenny from, the Missouri Star Quilt Company. We have something really exciting to tell you about. We joined forces with Pepper Cory in producing some of our own rulers! It’s amazing! It’s going to be really fun! My daughter Natalie came up with the idea to use the tumbler, to make a tumbler ruler that would actually fit the precuts. They’re exactly designed to fit the precuts, so when you use them you have very little waste! The tumbler is so popular right now! So, we want to show you how to make that
and how easy it’s going to be!

This first tumbler quilt, isn’t this adorable, it’s made with the Riley Blake. This Riley Blake one right here. We’ve just used two Charm Packs on this. Very little waste, and look at this! Look how cute that is! Here’s a really fun part, too. We have some gorgeous flannels in the shop right now. Look at this argyle flannel! Have you ever seen anything so cute!

Anyway, this is an awesome little quilt. We’re going to show you how to do this. It’s going to be so fun! Alright, here we’ve got a little 5”, these are our little 5” squares. We’re going to lay our tumbler pattern on there. Our
Tumbler Ruler, Signature Series, Natalie Dawn, for the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Look how little waste you have! We’re just going to cut along this side. Look at that! Look how little those pieces are. Then we’re going to flip this around. You don’t have to flip it if you’re good with cutting on the ruler on both sides. I’m not so good with that so I flip mine around. It gives you this wonderful tumbler piece, and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to lay your pieces, I have some other ones cut here, this way, and just make a few rows of them.

Let’s see, we’re going to go that way, and you’re just going to stitch these down ¼”, like this, and you’ll make a row. You’ll just make rows, then you’ll put the rows together, and it’s just going to make this darling little quilt.

What I’ve done is I’ve put one together using the Bliss Charm Pack. So, I can show you what I do with the edges. Because you guys probably have the row thing down where you can stitch that little ¼” seam, and just stitch the rows together, and that’ll work.

So, let’s look at the edge on this Bliss quilt. This one is so cute too! Don’t you just love this fabric line! Look at this fabric line! Now this is the raw top with no borders! We’re going to put some borders on it but first I want you to notice, that right along this edge right here you can see, it goes like this. Now because the girls have the scalloped edge, I’ve actually considered finishing one just like this for the boys quilt, but I didn’t want to do that on this one because we’re just introducing this new ruler, but what we’re going to
do is we’re going to trim this straight, so, that you can easily add a straight border to it, and you’ll see that even with trimming it straight it’s very little waste. It’s the same little bit of waste that’s on the other one.

So, what you’re going to do is you’re just going to make sure that your ruler, where the tumbler comes together, that your ruler points line up along the edge of that. You can just trim that little edge, and we’re going to trim that
right here, and you can just see where it’s just still such a tiny little bit of waste, and this is going to give us a straight edge for our, to put our border on. Let me move that down here a little bit. The top and the bottom will already be straight and so we don’t have to worry about that. It’s just this little part right here, and there you go, there’s our straight edge on that side and we can come around and do it on the other side, and our quilt will
be ready to border.

And these just, I’m telling you, they go together so quick. This is two charm packs and I mean, I probably put it together in probably a couple of hours, it was so quick! You’re going to love this. It makes a wonderful little gift, a wonderful little baby quilt, and it’s really as easy as a Charm Pack quilt with a little more pizzazz!

So we hope that you’ll check out these rulers made for the precuts from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and we hope you enjoyed this tutorial from us here at the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • Laurel

    how many charms/tumblers would you need for a twin sized quilt?

    • Anonymous

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      ## Natalie Earnheart replied, on Jan 19 @ 10:30pm (UTC):

      Hi Laurel, I would use around six charm packs to make a twin size tumbler quilt. I hope this helps!
      Have a great day!


      ## Conversation started by Disqus, on Jan 15 @ 1:50am (UTC):


  • Tmbmom58

    will you be sharing the transcript of this ?

    • Sarah

      We will as soon as they are done.  Thank you!

  • Gail Stirling

    have used this template to make a queen size quilt. it looks fantastic but now I am going to increase the size (didn’t have enough block fabric for edges) so I am going to border it in chocolate and then do a row using a jelly roll.

    • Amanda

      How many charm packs did you use for a queen size?


  • Amanda

    Can you give me an estimate on how many charm packs it would take to make a queen size quilt using the 5″ tumbler.  I made a crib size one and have had so many compliments on it that I have had some people wanting to know if I can make them a queen size.  Thank You!  Love your website and tutorials.  I have learned so much from you.

    • Joyboyle

      did it take the 2 packs for the twin? thanks

      • Amanda

        Yes, I used two packs that contained 32 5″X5″ blocks for  total of 64 blocks.  Some charm packs have more than 32 blocks in them as well. 

    • Natalie

      Hi Amanda, 
      I would recommend about 10 charm packs to make a queen. I hope this helps! 

      • Amanda

        Thank you!

  • Joyboyle

    do youmean 6 charm packs for a queen size?

    • Anonymous

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      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Mar 10 @ 5:56am (UTC):

      Hi Joy-5 Charm packs will make a twin.  A queen will take 8 or 9.
      Have a great day!


      ## Conversation started by Disqus, on Mar 8 @ 2:59pm (UTC):


  • Ptumlin

    So do you open all your charm packs and combine them into one before putting them together? I’m making one of the Grow with me and the colors just don’t look right to me with the pink in it.

    • Akprestidge

      What I do is get all the fabrics cut and then I arrange them so that I know I will not have two colors beside each other.  Hope this helps!


    • Sarah

      Yes, sometimes we mix them up and other times we just pick it up and sew what we get!!  (the luck of the draw!)  



  • Lisa Porche


    what size did your quilt finish using the 2 charm packs or 64  – 5″ tumblers?  I need a quilt to finish about 38×45 – I am making a quilt for a fund raising group, Quilts for Kids.


    • Anonymous

      — Please reply above this line —

      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Jul 2 @ 1:02am (UTC):

      Hi Lisa,
      I believe the is just about the size that 2 charm packs make. Good luck!
      Have a great day!
      Jenny Doan

      (888) 571-1122

      ## Conversation started by Disqus, on Jun 26 @ 11:45pm (UTC):


  • BB

    Is there a place to go to find the exact directions and materials/supplies needed for this site?

  • Julia

    When sewing the tumblers together, do you line them up perfectly, or offset them?

    • JenM

      Thanks for asking, Julia. You do nee to offset them a bit.

  • Dot E

    I discovered that when the rows are odd, the strips are “universal” but when they are even, then they are “lefties and righties” which limits the number of options when you are connecting them. However, this is addictive, and I have made several tops. I’ll will send you some pictures as soon as they are quilted.
    Love your tutorials, and your inspirational and positive attitude.

    • JenniferMSQC

      Can’t wait to see them!!!