Make a Friendship Star Using Turnovers – Turnover Week


Hi my name is Barb Adams, of Black Bird Designs, and I love the Missoura Star Quilt Company!

Hi, I’m Natalie, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and I have another fun idea for you using the turnover packs.

In each turnover pack you’ll find two coordinating triangles. So, to make the friendship star, which we thought would be really fun with turnovers, we decided to use two turnovers and a charm pack. So, we take our charm pack square and that becomes the center. We cut four 5” squares for our background corners, and we cut two 6” squares to match up with our triangles. So, when you cut your two 6” squares in half, then you end up with identical triangles to match up with your turnover triangles. So, then you take your triangles and you sew them together. Right sides, along the long side. You press them open. Then we’re going to cut them down to a 5” square so that they match up with our charm squares. And to do this we’re going to line up our fourty-five degree angle. Making sure that we have a 5” square inside, and that fourty-five degree angle stays point to point. So, that your points are good. So, we’re going to cut that, and then see, you know that your seam is straight into the corner of the 5” square. Then when you lay out your blocks you put your four white blocks in the corners, your charm pack square in the center, and your triangles go all the way around the edges. Just like that. And like that, and then you have a darling little friendship star. We took our friendship stars and our two turnover packs and our charm pack, and we made this darling quilt isn’t that cute! We did that using “The Caroler” and it was very easy, fun to put together! We hope you enjoy this trick from the Missouri Star Quilt Company!

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  • Trish

    Who sells turnovers?  I can’t find them anywhere.

    • Sarah

      We do!  Our selection has gotten low, however there are several new lines that are coming out with turnovers!!  we are very excited about them!!  Stay tuned!