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  • Kathy white

    What happened to your old tutorials?  I have asked before and no reply.  Looking for the Dresden turkey.

    • Sarah

      They are coming!  We are still working to get them added into our new site.  You can always access all of them on our Youtube page here:  Hopefully this helps you find what you are looking for!  Have a great week!

      • Magovn

        I saw them on you tube

  • Hattie Shorts

    looking for tutorial on making the trivets that were popular years ago…Hattie

  • Donna

    How do we get into the old site that has all the tutorials on it?  Looking for the pillow case tutorial.

  • Joyhenderson48

    Looking for the Christmas Plate tutorial that you  had last year.  Taking Christmas fabric and glueing onto a glass plate.  Is it still available? 

  • Chelle

    I love the turkey patterns, didnt get to make one this thanksgiving but Lord willing next time, great tutorial I could listen to you and your team for hours.

  • Penny Blair

    I am looking for the stripped pieced christmas ball with the tin foil top. How do I find the tutorial for that one?


    • Lorraine319

      I saw it on Facebook last week and am looking for it again and cannot find it on the website

      • Sarah

        Check it out here:

    • Sarah

      Here it is!!

  • Marie

    Hi Jenny, I just love your tutorials. I’m looking for the instructions for your Snowflake Sparkle quilt, Can do a 9 patch, but what do you use for the snowflake blocks, is it embroidery??Thanks so much for your help. Keep up all the wonderful things your doing, we all appreciate you. God Bless.

    • Anonymous

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      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Jun 17 @ 5:24pm (UTC):

      Hi Marie, We have the pattern for this quilt at the shop, also it is available in a kit. The snowflakes are available in fabric on the bolt. They are a beautiful batik print and I love them!!! I also love the pattern as it would be very versatile and you could use anything in the place of those blocks.
      Have a great day!
      Jenny Doan

      (888) 571-1122

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  • terry

    hi Jenny love your tutorials.  made the double slice layer cake quilt what a great way to use my fabric recommend your tutorials to all my friends terry

  • Anonymous

    i want to make the christmas tree skirt but want printable instructions, how do i get them?

  • Lin

    I am looking for a twister tutorial to make the Christmas tree. I need to be able to figure out the layout of the blocks before using the tool. Thank you.

  • Wilma Osmond

    Looking for the pattern for the Xmas present quilt.could you tell me where to get it.thank you