Honey Buns – Brand New to Quilting Series – Quilting Tutorial


Hi, I’m Sarah, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Welcome to our Brand New To Quilting Series.

Today we’re gonna talk about the Honey Bun. I’ve already talked to you guys about the Jelly Roll and that’s the 2 ½” strips, and the honey bun is an 1 and a ½” strips. It’s the same concept but they’re just smaller. So, you can do lots of different things with them.

Hang on a minute and I will open it up and show you what I mean! So, you would take it and you’d open it up. See, it’s just the same concept as the Jelly Roll. It’s just the 1 ½” strips and I believe there’s 40 to a Honey Bun. And let me show you some of the different projects we’ve done with them.

This is one little project that we did with a honey bun. We just sewed the strips together really, really simple. It goes together really fast, it’s just a notebook cover, so, we just kind of made a little flap and it goes through really easy.

And then we did this little tissue holder, and you know, it’s like the same thing with a jelly roll you just sew the strips together. You know, you can cut different patterns out. A lot of times we’ve used them just to kind of add color because it’s just little bits. I know we have some examples that I have to get to you guys another time.

You can do log cabins, so it’s a lot more scrappy but it’s just really cute, and they’re already cut so you don’t have to sit there and cut forever, and it’s really fun.

So, let me go show you one quilt we did with them. So, a Honey Bun you probably aren’t gonna make an entire quilt with just sewing into little strips. That could be tedious, you could do it but… So we’ve used it to kind of accent different things on quilts.

So we’ve used this one to do stems and it coordinates and it just adds a little bit of spice, it changes it up a little bit. And then over here we just sewed them all together and used it on this edge of a border. It just adds so much interest, and color, and I just love how everything goes together but still kind of is a scrappy look without all the work!

So, that’s like, my favorite thing about these precuts anyways. So, here’s our ideas and we’ll come up with more, and show you guys later!

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  • Kruseso

    I am looking for the video of Jenny about making a log cabin quilt from a honey bun.  Is this video on the web page? I can’t seem to find it there, but I did find it on YouTube. Also, will it be transcribed so it will be printable? I have never made a log cabin block, but this video inspired me to buy a honey bun! Do I precut the strips, and how large is each block? Can a small quilt be made from just one honey bun?? Thank you!

  • Suzokie

    I would like to see more in depth instructions. I would love to make both of the small quilts/wall hanging she shows ….but no instructions. 🙁

  • AleneK

    VERY cool, fun ideas – I can just see my GREAT Grandkids touching, rolling, putting dollies on them; or trucks rolling down the flower stems. Thank you for such FUN ideas!