Hourglass Quilting Block – Beginner Block Quilting Series


Welcome to Missouri Star Quilt Companies beginning block series.  Today we are going to be making an hourglass block, one of the more simple blocks in quilting, but very gratifying.

For this you’ll need two ten inch squares, actually they can be any size that you’d like them to be, but for our demonstration they are going to be ten inch squares.  These can be easily purchased in a layer cake that many of the fabric companies put out that has fabric in the square, from each fabric in the line.

The lines in these things is totally coordinating and they are available for purchase at MissouriQuiltCo.com.  Now this block we are going to cut diagonally from corner to corner.  And then we’re going to move our ruler and do the same thing on the other diagonal corner.

And we are going to cut it corner to corner, and then you can see as we pull this apart, we’ve got a few stragglers here.  You always want to be carful when you cut those so you don’t pull the fabric.  Then as you put them back together, you just put every other, just like every other one, see you get your square back again and you get what is called an hour glass block.  You can see hourglass figure by using it you cut the squares you get two squares for the finished product.

It can be used in many different quilts in many different ways the quilt directly behind me on the wall has the same fabrics used in them to make hour glass blocks.

Now when you sew this together, you’re going to take these pieces and again with your quarter of an inch and you’ll go right down that stitch.  Now we’re going to go to the sewing machine.

So you bring your half square triangle and we’ll go right down the side and you’re going to sew a quarter of an inch, so here we go.  And then again chain piecing as I like to do we’ll slide the next one in with the other fabric on top.  Now we’ll clip them apart and we’ll go back to the ironing board.

Now we snip our threads, we set our seams with the iron, and then we open them pressing towards the dark side.  Now the dark side in this particular block is going to be this Lady Buck fabric which is available at Missouri Star Quilt Company, online!  We also have the cake layers.

So we’ll do the same with this next, press it towards the dark and you can see what a nice hourglass square that makes.

Now to finish this off we’ll lay this over and because you pressed your seams to the dark they will just really nicely lay together, you can feel how they stick together like that.  If you like you can stick a pin in it and make sure it comes out of the seem on the other side to hold your place and then when you sew you can make sure your centers are lined up just perfectly to give you that perfect point in the center.  Alright, let’s go back to the sewing machine.

Like our last block, under the presser foot, make sure all the threads are lined up there.  And we’re just going to sew straight down a quarter of an inch, remember always a quarter of an inch, we slowly go over our pin and make sure everything is lined up perfectly down here, and finish clear to the end.  Now we go back to the ironing board to press it open for our finished product.

Now we’re going to press on the seem on the hour glass block, open it up and we have a finished hour glass that is just perfect.

So now that you’ve finished your hourglass block you can move it in many different ways.  Obviously if you choose more fabric you’ll have lots of different designs.  The quilt behind me on the wall has lots of different fabrics making our hour glass blocks.

The blocks in between then are the nine patch which we’ll be showing you a later date.  This hourglass block is a very nice block to add to your repertoire.

Thank you for joining us at Missouri Star quilting companies beginner block series, Happy Quilting!

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