Introducing “Minkee” From Benartex – Product Review


Hi everybody I’m Sarah, from Missouri Star Quilt Company, and I’m really excited. We have a new precut on the scene which is awesome! It’s actually a Minkee! So it’s that really, really soft fabric that you just want to put at your face. You can’t help it cause it’s really soft! It’s perfect for babies. We’ve gotten it in a charm pack as you can see here. It’s all these little 5″ squares and it’s that knobby, nubby, I don’t know what it’s called. It’s something like that but it’s super cute! You guys will love it and that’s in the 5″ squares and we also have these new ones that are in 11″ squares. So, this whole pack will make a really good sized quilt. We actually put this, it looks like a rag quilt, and we put that together and it was like 2 hours, at the most! Start to finish, and that was even cutting the squares for backing. It went together really fast! It’s exciting because it’s new precuts to the scene! So, we have this, it’s the Benartex line. There’s lots of different ones. We’re trying to get more and more of this stuff in. It is really soft. You guys will have to try it and we’re going to do a tutorial on this too. So, I guess you’ll see that in a few weeks. Have a good day!

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  • Latrelle

    The quilt behind you in this Minkee tutorial, love it what is the pattern?  fl

    • Sarah

      That pattern was in an older magazine.  I think from American Patchwork and Quilting!  I loved it to!  Good luck finding it!

  • Brenda

    You have not done a tutorial as of yet on the Minkee fabric….I understand it is
    not easy to work with???  Perhaps you will take away the fear in working with this

    • Anonymous

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      ## Jenny Doan replied, on May 2 @ 11:39am (UTC):

      That is a good idea….Now to get over my fear!
      Have a great day!
      Jenny Doan

      (888) 571-1122

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  • Sandra

    Hi my name is Sandra, I’m from England. I love all the tutorials, I’m a beginner to quilting so they are very helpful. I just thought I’d let you know the word ‘minkee’ is used in England as a jokey word for a ladies private area!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jackie MSQC

      OH my!!! I guess it’s a good thing we are here in the states 😉