Jelly Roll Week – Jenny gives ideas around the Tube and Jelly Roll


Hi, it’s Jenny, and welcome to Jelly Roll Week! We’ve got a fun idea for you here.

You should go over to the tutorials and check out our tube, you should go over to the tutorials and check out our tutorial on the tube sewing, it’s very fun! We’ve used an Arcadia Jelly Roll to do this and again remember that you have your tube, your two strips, with your piece of fabric. You sew together and cut it out on the fourty-five to make a square like this. When you put them together this is the Arcadia.

It’s so fun and bright and happy when you put these together. One Jelly Roll will make quite a large quilt. Anyway it’s just a really fun idea! Have fun with Jelly Roll Week and check out that tutorial

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  • Pic428

    Jenny your lessons are the best

  • Chris Williams

    neat technique

  • Sarah

    Thank you!!

  • Mspris43

    I could do this one.