Jelly Roll Week – Sarah Shows us the Coin Quilt


Hi girls, I’m Sarah from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I’m here to welcome you to Jelly Roll Week. We have awesome ideas, tips and tricks. I wanted to show you this one. First off, it’s super easy. You’ve probably heard of it – the coins quilt.

We just took a jelly roll and actually made a huge one. We’ve done it with charms packs, too. It’s the same concept. You just take 2½-inch strips and you stack them. I don’t know if you can see that very well. It makes it super, super cute.

We’ve done it also with Spooktacular, and it’s kind of a large baby quilt or table topper. And it’s just so cute. It goes together really easy. Take your jelly roll strips, put them out, but them into the length you want. We did five inches. Just stack them and it makes a huge quilt. It’s way fun!

Good luck! And we’ll see you this whole week with tips, tricks, and other fun stuff for Jelly Roll Week. We’ll see ya!

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  • Oops, I think there is a mix up here.  Wrong video with this transcription.  Just an FYI!

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      Got it Carol!!  Thanks for picking up on it!