Jelly Roll Week – Strips On a Bag


Hi, welcome to Jelly Roll Week! It’s Jenny and I have another really quick idea for you. When you get the hankering for a new purse, hankering, did you like that? Anyway, whatever yardage it calls for you can run your Jelly Roll strips sideways in pieces you can run them in long strips this way. Just makes a darling purse we love these Jelly Rolls.

One more quick thing! All the scissors that we wear here at Missouri Star are made with a strip from a Jelly Roll. We carry them around our necks so that we’re never far from our scissors to clip any hanging threads that are around! So have a fun week! Happy, happy Jelly Roll Week from Missouri Star Quilt Company!

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  • Dconroy84

     I love the idea to use a Jelly Roll strip to make the lanyard for your scissors.  I would like to make one for my Secret Pal and my quilting buddy.  What did you use to connect scissors to the srtip and what size was it?  Donna

  • Sarah

    I am looking for more of those fasteners.  I’ll let you know!

  • Ambarrows1

    I really want to make a bag like this for my Mom and my husband’s grandmother for Christmas.  Can you do a tutorial on how to make it please?  I am really new to quilting but have learned so much from your tutorials already.  Thank you.


  • Suzanne

    Do you happen to have the pattern for this purse? I’ve got the hankering for a new purse also! 🙂