Live Q&A with Jenny Doan


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  • Judy Y

    You said that you were still trying to figure out hoe to simplify the wedding ring quilt. Just a suggestion, a quilt book years ago skipped the many parts and just cut the entire arc in one piece from yardage. Shar Jorgenson may have done this also. Her videos I believe, are on Quilt tv.

    • JenM

      Thanks! Good idea. We’ll have to check it out.

  • Anne in France

    Granddaughter asked for a patchwork quilt for her 21 st—–panic because I only do wall hangings & other craft projects,mostly cathedral window & English paper piecing!
    Looked on YouTube &found your Missouri Star clips.I thought it all looked very difficult-
    but I had a try at a Missouri Star & have amazed myself-now pieced the stars & am waiting for my molleton(we live in France!) to arrive.
    So thank you,will let you know how it turns out,

    • JenM

      So glad you found us. We’re all about making amazing quilts easy and quick! Your granddaughter will love her gift! Hope you’ll share a picture with us when you’re done.

  • Norma Jean

    I love your tutorials -I ‘ve watched all of them & have encouraged my quilt quild to also utilize them(especially the new ones).Just finished 2 baby quilts(twins) &my binding is better then I’ve ever accomplished-thanks to you.Keep up the good work Yours in quilting NormaJean

  • Jenny, what sewing machine (on a budget) would work well for a beginner free motion quilting?

    • JenM

      We recommend BabyLock…Molly is a good model for beginners. Have fun!

  • Willy

    You’re the best!

  • Willy

    I found you while searching for tutorials. I have learned so much! A million thanks for being such a great teacher.

    • JenM

      So glad you found us and are enjoying the tutorials! Thanks for watching.

  • hi – don’t know how to use you live — I have 2 questions….

  • sigh – wish I knew how to converse with you — regarding the binding tool runner — would you tell me how to get good mitered corners on the ends? The usual way I do it with stopping 1/4″ from the end of the quilt and doing a miter just makes wimpy ends on things like runners —– and the second question is —– how large is the wedge ruler for making the carrots? I ordered fabric plus the binding tool so I can’t afford the wedge yet and I would love making some carrots….thanks for any input

    • JenM

      Hi Kat, We do have a video that shows how Jenny does mitered corners when binding.
      Check it out here:
      Also, the wedge is designed well for 10″ Layer cakes. It measures 7″ across by 9″ down.
      Have fun making the carrots! Yum!

  • I have never done a quilt, watching your tutorials I want to make one but don’t know what I need to start, can you please tell me. Thank you

    • JenM

      So happy you’ve been inspired to give quilting a try! You will be hooked in no time! Check out our series of tutorials on How to Make a Baby Quilt. It will walk you through each step.

  • Kathi D.

    Hi. I am not a quilter nor do I sew but I love watching your tutorials. They make me want to get out my old sewing machine and give it a go again. Keep up the great work!!

    • JenM

      Thanks! Yes, get out that machine and start some fun!

  • Diann

    how do YOU put a large quilt together so everything is even. the back the batting and the top. no matter how I measure it seems that I always end up with the top being longer than the back at least in one place. What is your secret?

    • JenM

      Start by laying the backing down with a few inches of extra fabric around all edges. Then, pin your 3 layers together and cut the backing down to match your edges. Hope that helps!

  • Mama Mary

    Where can I find the

  • Mama Mary Sews

    Where can I find the tutorial on using the 10″ paper piecing squares? I saw it once but now I cannot find it again.

  • Joanne

    What type of quilt would be a starter for someone returning to quilt making after years?

  • I cannot find the quilt you did with the Salt Air layer cake. What is confusing is that I bought extra fabric to go with it and now I am unable to locate it on your tutorials.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Jess

    Goodness gracious. Everything you do is just amazing!

  • Nonesuchldy

    Do you have a tutorial on how to make pillowcase dress

  • joan

    Hi jenny i live in england. Your tutorials are fantastic. Ive learned everything i know about quilting from you. I love your enthusiasm and down to earth approach. Thank you Joan Brennan

    • JenM

      Thank you for watching, Joan! Jenny just loves teaching and sharing and we’re glad that enthusiasm shines through. Happy Quilting!

  • Hi Jenny, this is Marina from Germany. Since a little while I´m fan of your tutorials. At Easter monday I was looking for news and found the carrotts! 5 minutes later I was searching for fabrics to make some. When my grandchildren came for lunch, they wondered where the carrotts came from. The youngest wanted to eat one–she´s just 1 year old.
    I like your charm packs and the jelly rolls, I would like to buy the today´s deal, because I want to make the quick quilt making of a jelly roll you showed in your tutorial.
    But I think it´s not easy for me to buy because I´m from Germany and I see no way how to do.
    But doesn´t matter: I like your tutorials and will do my best with fabrics I have.
    Greeting from Germany

    • JenM

      Hi Marina! I bet those carrots were a big hit with your grandchildren. So sweet! We hope you’ll feel comfortable placing an order sometime with us when you are able to possibly add more to one order and take advantage or our shipping discount for larger international orders. You can read about that here…

  • Deb Smith

    I was wondering how to make a tag for my quilts.

    • JenM

      You can use fusible interfacing and iron a square onto the back of your quilt for a label and use fabric safe markers to sign your quilt. You can carefully hand stitch a blanket stitch or blind stitch around the edges of the label. If you want to have an actual tag sticking out, you could sew it into the back of the binding as you finish your binding.

  • Joy

    Gosh, Jenny, I feel like we’re BFF’s and we’ve never met! I would travel to Missouri if I thought you or your company did a quilt retreat that was as fun as your tutorials. I seem to catch myself smiling when I watch you. We have 2 grand nieces that we’ve sort of adopted as our grandkids, and after seeing the “I Spy” tutorial, I ordered both layer cakes, and I’m anxious to get “cooking”. Thanks for your enthusiasm, you’re a delight!

    • JenM

      Our new retreat center should be ready this fall! You can bet we have fun! Would love to have you visit some day. Have fun with the “I Spy” quilt!

  • Laura

    Looks like you guys are in the closet somwhere.

    • JenM

      Too funny! I guess you could say it’s a big fabric closet!

  • Carol

    is it possible to get a PDF version of the 3 totes 1 charm tutorial,

  • carol

    How would you hand quilt the Big Star quilt

  • Donna

    Hello from Nova Scotia Canada…Love your videos…I have learned so many facinating things. You have made quilting fun for me again. Love your energy!!

    • JenM

      That’s so great to hear, Donna! Happy Quilting!

  • when I try to get to a tutorial video I’m unable
    to click on what I want. I’m looking for mitered binding thank you

  • Barbara Hughes

    when you quilt across the top of a quilt like the “will you be my neighbor” quilt, Do you change colors when you go over the houses for do you use one main color over the whole quilt?

    • JenM

      While you could change color for each house, I personally would stick to one color for the whole quilt. It’s a lot less stopping and changing and a neutral color will work for the whole quilt.

  • Stella

    Jenny, I love your tutorials. You teach us so much. Is there any chance of a virtual tour of your shop and workspace?

    • JenM

      Now there’s a fun idea!

  • Margaret Shoemaker

    Are there printed patterns that we can get for the tutorials?

  • annette

    do you have a quick way to make a road to oklahoma quilt

    • JenM

      That is a pretty quilt…looks like there would be ways to incorporate some of the same techniques used in the 4-patch and Dashing Stars tutorials.

  • Kristen

    I have a 75″ diameter table that I would like to make a round quilt for….is there a pattern or simple way of doing that?

  • Vaunda

    Do you have a tutorial for the apple core template

  • Claire Ferris

    Hi Jenny and family,
    I so enjoy watching your tutorials and although I have not started quilting yet I have started to get fabrics ready, mostly recycling items.
    I’m into crochet a lot at this time and doing sewing repairs and alterations, this work is left over from when I was a sewing machine instructor

  • Mary Ann

    Last week a couple of girls in my sewing group told me about your tutorials and I have been so excited watching them! I was having a hard time getting back in the sewing mood but Jenny you have inspired me. I have so many projects to get started on but I am almost finished the tree skirt. Thanks….you’re the best!

    • JenniferMSQC

      Aww, Mary Ann you’re too sweet. So glad the tutorials are getting you going! We’ll be sure to let Mom know!

  • Linda

    You mentioned a magazine. What is the name and subscription fees?

  • Susan

    I’m curious about your table that accommodates your machine, cutting mat and ironing board. Can you share dimensions and specs? My husband just enclosed one bay of our garage for a sewing room and my carpenter can build one but need more particulars. Thank you in advance.

  • Deborah Newman

    OMG Jenny, Im rolling laughing,” labelle lafleur”, I love watching your videos

    • JenniferMSQC

      She’s the best, isn’t she?! Thanks for watching, Deborah!

  • Angie Kiker

    Which Babylock model are you using on your You Tube tutorials? Thank you for all the wonderful videos!

  • Tonya n KY

    I just finished watching the Q&A and I just loved it!! I would love to know when the next one is. Is there a way for me to find out? Plus I’m with you my favorite quilt is the Dreshen!
    I watch your videos every night. I’m new to quilting. I’m going to do my first one soon. I’m not sure which one to try first. What is the best quilt to start me out?

  • Caroline

    Cutting the quarter square triangles what is the measurements for your squares? If you have to have a 4″ quarter square triangle what size is your square?

  • Suzanne

    Hi Jenny just watched your video about the serger babylock etc.. I am so limited for space with no way of extending anywhere. I was sewing on the kitchen table and that was a nightmare.. I invested in a horn sewing table and wow I have doubled my workspace and storage area. I really enjoy your tutorials you make things look easy, the fact that you do give yardage etc is great, but then I have to work out meters… I would love to visit your shop like a child in a sweet shop. I am a manic fabric collector . Must use more of my stash before I dare go into my local fabric shop..

    I am going to make the zipper quilt for my husband I think he will love it..
    Looking forward to digital download of your new mag looking forward to reading it..
    Thank you and your team for your hard work, it looks like the best place ever to work.
    Kind regards

    • JenniferMSQC

      Suzanne, I am passing your kind words and new sewing space update (awesome!!) along to Jenny! Thank you so much for supporting us and, yes, it’s a pretty amazing place to work!!

    • Suzanne

      Hi Jenny I have done the zipper quilt and really pleased with it, just the quilting to finish and the binding.. I used a charm pack called the rising sun… This is for my husbands 65th birthday…

  • Laura

    I couldn’t sleep one night and found you on Pinterest. I have watched so many of your tutorials my head is swimming. I want to do them all. Thanks, you are an inspiration and you are so much fun. I feel like we are friends and we just met. I will keep watching your tutorials. The other day I found a square on your tutorial that I was sure would not work, and since I had a jelly roll I decided to try it. It WORKED and was so much fun, I spent the day quilting instead of working. I felt guilty, but good at the same time. Keep doing what you are doing. Love your style!

  • alma

    Thank You Jenny you are an inspiration to me and few of us quilters here is Saugus Massachusetts and i mean few like 6 in total we are an exception and we have no one to teach us so we always turn to you. I tell everyone about you and your shop and the website i even have sticker in the back of my car that says Missouri Star Quilt Company i love you guys and i hope you received the Easter card i sent this year to you. One day we are going o come visit you guys and meat all of the people that write those kind messages on my invoices i save all of them it always makes me smile. remember the other day i had a rough day and i opened my mail box and there was a package with my charm packs and on the invoice it said “thank you Alma have fun quilting” made me smile ear to ear thank you guys all of you especially you Jenny. We truly appreciate all of your work and what you do for us….


  • Coleen

    Do you have a project large or small that can be made with the saved salvages from fabric? Some of mine have a 3/4 inch edge of fabric above the salvage and some are cut right at the salvage. They look kind of neat so there must be a bag or something out there to make, just don’t know how to sew them togeter or what to make. Please help. Thank you for all you do, you are a great teacher, so easy to follow and learn from. I have never been confused with anything you’ve done.

  • Georgina Yardley

    jenny is my ray of sunshine on dark days