Lovely Leaves Wall Hanging Tutorial


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  • rachel

    Thank you for sharing. Nicely done.

  • Pauline

    I love the leaf block but the instructions I have look soooo complicated! Bless you for making my life easier – I will be making one for each season.

  • Amy

    I just found you on YouTube yesterday and I am so excited to start quilting. Thank you!

  • Sonia Masis

    I found you from Costa Rica, Central America, it was so nice to find an easier way to make triangles with two fabrics. Thanks a lot!!

  • ry23

    Jenny, when are you going to write your Book? IT WOULD be fantastic if you could put all of your tutorials in book form.

  • Petra Ramirez

    I loved this pattern. I wanted to share my table runner with you made from one of my Mom’s old house dresses she used to wear. She went to heaven on Feb 2013. I call it “Thanksgiving With Mom”. It was sooooooo easy. Making a second one for one of my sisters.

  • Petra Ramirez

    Couldn’t send picture. Too large. I’ll send via your website. Thanks again for making quilting sooooooo much fun and soooooo easy.

  • Sandra

    I received an unsolicited email from you all this afternoon and am sooooo glad I did! I enjoyed Jenny’s binding tutorial and am really excited to learn more from MSQC. I’m signed up and looking forward to exploring the website and receiving MSQC emails. Thanks!

  • Annie B

    Hi Jenny
    I’ve love watching you quilt .so much so You’ve inspired me to join a quilting class , lets hope the tutor is as creative as yourself

    Annie / Doncaster England

  • Cindy Benton

    Every time I watch one of your tutorials, I get the itch to start yet another project. You are a joy to watch and make every project look so easy. Now I need to go and buy some more fabric. hehe

  • cindy

    I would like to know if you all would do a tutorial on how your quilt top should be when you send it in to you to be quilted.

  • Ara

    Love your instructions; Thank YOU.

  • Dee

    This is so pretty and so easy. I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for showing us this.

    • JenniferMSQC

      Hi Dee! Did you try out the Lovely Leaves? We’d love to see pics of your project!

  • Doris Payne

    Hi jenny. Doris from Canada. I really enjoy your tutorials. I have watch many different ones but find yours most interesting and it helps that you are left handed like me lol

  • Mattie A Ott

    Love this skirt from charm pack . Thanks for the idea . Love your tutorials . I have learned so much from you ,and they say you can’t teach an old lady a new thing . Wrong ! Jenni, you are the best . (I have a daughter named Jenni )