Make a Periwinkle Quilt with the Wacky Web Template!


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  • AA

    How large is the periwinkle quilt from the tutorial? If I wanted to make a queen size quilt, how many charm packs would I need?

    When will you have the wacky web paper back in stock?

    • JenM

      This quilt is 86″ x 98″. You’d need 168 assorted colors, so 4 charm packs (42 5″ squares in a pack) Please check in again at the end of the month for the papers.

  • Brenda

    Love all your tutorials. You have taken the fear out of quilting and made it simple. Thank you.

    • JenM

      Have no fear, Missouri Star Quilt Co is here! 😉 Glad you’re enjoying the tutorials, Brenda! Have fun quilting.

  • NaNa Sue

    I love your tutorials and the new magazine “Quilting Quickly.” I plan on making the Periwinkle quilt as soon as you get the template and papers back in stock. What brand of white background fabric did you use on the Periwinkle quilt? Happy Quilting!!

    • JenM

      The papers should be back in about 3 – 4 weeks. Kona White would look great! Glad you’re enjoying the videos and magazine! Thanks!

  • jo b

    How do you keep the points when you sew the blocks together? There doesn’t seem to be a seam allowance for the points on the outside edges of the block.

  • Why is the template in your book not the same as the spider web one, will it make a difference, I have your spider web one. Cheers Jeannette

    • JenM

      Thanks for asking. We made an adjustment in our Quilting Quickly pattern to be sure you get the small points that come together in the Periwinkle. We are working on a fix for our templates. In the meantime, there is a post on our blog on how to get the point using the existing template.

  • Valerie

    Is there somewhere I can purchase the instructions for the Periwinkle Quilt?

    • JenM

      Thanks for asking, Valerie. We featured the pattern for the quilt in our Summer 2013 edition of Quilting Quickly. You can get a copy of the magazine from our shop and enjoy this and many more patterns and tips!

  • Since charm packs come in different amounts, how many pieces are needed. I purchased 2 charm packs that have 50 in each pack.

    • JenM

      You’ll need 168 five inch charms for an 86″ x 98″ quilt.

  • Amelia

    I recently purchased the wacky web template to make the periwinkle quilt but after cutting and chain piecing many triangles and making my first block I was so surprised that ther was no point to come together. I love the msqc tutorials and have purchased many fabrics and items from them but this time there is a major flaw in the template. I would love to return this item for a refund, or exchange. Lots of fabric and time wasted. As a seasoned quilter I should have known better and completed a first block as soon as one was cut out. But I did not feel it would be necessary because of the great experiences I have had so far with this company.

    • JenM

      We are sorry this one did not work out. You are welcome to return your products to us. Please call us at 1-888-571-1122 if you have questions about returns. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Kay B

    I purchased the wacky web template to make the Periwinkle Quilt but understand there is trouble with the points. If you use the papers that you can get to use, do you have problems with the points. I am waiting for you to get them in.

    • JenM

      The issue with the points is coming from the current template we have in store. This blog post shows how to get points using the template, but we are working on adjusting the template as well. The papers will be back in store in a few weeks. Thanks for asking.

  • Carol

    Will you let us know when the “revised” template is available? I would love to make this quilt.

    • JenM

      Hi Carol…I’ve e-mailed you a copy of the revised template in Word format. This can be traced and will result in the points. Thank you for your patience.

  • Joanne

    I purchased the Wacky Web template and want to make the periwinkle quilt. When will you have the corrected template?

    • JenM

      Hi Joanne, Sorry for any confusion. We included an adjusted trace-able template in the Summer 2013 Quilting Quickly magazine, but the actual Wacky Web template will remain the same. To get points using the Wacky Web template, please see the following blog post.

  • Kay B

    Question – Do the Wacky Web Papers, when 4 are placed together, with points placed together, measure 12 and 1/2 inches , less the seam allowance? I am wanting to start my Periwinkle quilt and the papers have not come in, so thought I could use something else until they come in. Thank you.

    • JenM

      Good news – we have papers in stock now! They actually measure 13.5″ on the long edge and 9.25″ on the short edges.

  • Donna Shepard –

    I bought the template for the perwinkle quilt and the points do not come out right. Will you let us know when the new template comes out so we can make our perwinkle quilt come out right.? Thank you.

    • JenM

      Hi Donna, Sorry for the hassle. We included an adjusted trace-able template in the Summer 2013 Quilting Quickly magazine, but the actual Wacky Web template will remain the same. To get points using the Wacky Web template, please see the following blog post.

  • Leslie

    I have always wanted to make this quilt but am now concerned that the template you sell will not be accurate. Have you now corrected it so I can purchase it and the papers to make the quilt. This is the first tutorial of yours that I have watched and I really learned a lot. It was the comments that have me concerned about buying it.


    • JenM

      Hi Leslie, the issue with the papers has been corrected, but the actual Wacky Web template has not been changed. We have a blog post that details how you can use the Wacky Web template and papers to get nice points. You can find that here…

      There is a traceable template that differs slightly from the Wacky Web template and it results in nice points. It was included in our magazine and is included in the pattern here…

  • Kathy

    I recently bought the wacky web template and wanted to order the wacky web papers you just got back in stock. Before I place the order, I’d like to know if these newly revised papers will work with the acrylic template and will make the points in the periwinkle block.

    • JenM

      Hi Kathy…the new papers are cut correctly, but when using the Wacky Web template for the Periwinkle Quilt, you’ll still need to follow our revised instructions that can be found here on this blog post… We have included a traceable template on the printed pattern (also available in our shop) The traceable template will work with the papers using the instructions in the video.

  • JoAnnne

    the block is adorable. It looks as if there is no quarter inch on the outside for joining the blocks!! yet the quilt looks like it has those points in place also…..what am I missing? I just ordered all the supplies this morning……

  • Claudette

    Is there a possibility of purchasing a Periwinkle template in the future? I have the wacky web template and I do also have the magazine with the template pattern, but would enjoy the ease of having a sturdy template for the Periwinkle design. (Yes, I am a sucker for templates!) Thank you.

  • Marilyn Graham

    Too Bad I did not read the comments about the wacky web template. I cut and made 25 blocks and the points did not come out straight. I used the paper and noticed that it was cut off at the end but did not think that would make a difference, I did not realize that some of the paper was entirely off. I have blocks I now have to figure out how to correct. I cannot afford to waste that much material. I will be calling your offices in a couple of days.. I am so disappointed in the whole mess.

    • JenM

      I’m sorry to hear this, Marilyn. We understand your disappointment. Please call the shop to discuss the papers you received that were not cut correctly.

  • Leona

    Leona, I just received the wacky template today, and tried one block for the periwinkle quilt, turned out great. I’m so happy, all my points matched. I matched my colour point first, and sewed towards the white points to the outer side. That worked for me. I also made sure my seem was 1/4 inch.

    • JenM

      Glad you’re enjoying it, Leona!

  • Tiffanee Noack

    How big is the final block using the mini wacky web template?? Trying to estimate how many packages of 4.75″ template paper I need to order!!

  • Paula

    What size are the side rectangles of fabric to sew onto the mini wacky web template piece to make the periwinkle block?

  • Mary D

    What size is the block suppose to be? Trying to get side points to match and its not working out.

  • Deborah Keeling Young

    What charm pack did you use for the quilt hanging in the video? I love the border print. Thanks!

  • Deborah Keeling Young

    My surprise when putting the blocks together is that there is an octagon between the design pieces! What a surprise for me. I can’t tell in the tutorial that there is another design in the white portion of the quilt. Hope it’s supposed to be that way!

  • Janetta Dobler

    What was the fabric used for the quilt hanging in the background?