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  • This is beautiful I so want to make this but in a larger size, do you have the yardage I would need for the bigger size?

    • JenM

      The quilt shown is 79″ x 91.” How large of a quilt did you have in mind?

      • I would like to make a queen size quilt any ideas how much yardage it would take?

    • Sheryl Doiron

      Oops I meant smaller, I want to make it for a queen size

  • lisa

    what is the name of the grey and the borders usesd i want to place order

  • Do you have a picture of the full quilt? I think this is very pretty and would love to try it.

    • JenM

      Hi Terri, we have picture and pattern in our latest Quilting Quickly magazine, Summer 2013 edition. It measures 79″ x 91.” Hope you do try it!

      • Jenny, is there a subscription for your magazine or do you purchase by the month/edition?

        • JenM

          No subscriptions yet, purchase by edition. Thanks for asking.

  • Wendy Davis

    Is there any way to get printed instructions for your tutorials? I really want to get accurate directions as weeks later, my shorthand has made no sense and then I have to hunt for the tutorial again when I am ready to sew. Love your quilt ideas. I quilt for Quilts for Kids and I have taught myself to quilt, with your help. Thanks so much. Hope to come see your store and hopefully meet you.

    • JenM

      You’ll notice that some of our tutorials here will have a download link, or some will have transcripts of the video that you can copy. Also, we’ve started sharing patterns in our “Quilting Quickly” magazine and offering those patterns for sale as well in our shop. Enjoy!

  • Maria

    I also would like the name of the gray used in the quilt pictured. I am about to make a king size of this quilt, my latest box from MSQC arrived just the other day! Jenny, you inspire me greatly! Thank you!

    • JenM

      I think it’s Manatee by Free Spirit (but we’re currently out of stock.) We also offer the kit with the gray included for a 79″ x 91″ quilt.

  • Kelley

    would 2 jelly rolls make a queen quilt?

  • Debra Alden

    Did you sew 2 complete strips out of the jelly roll, or cut in half so you can make more different matches. Thanks!

  • Becky

    how wide is a jelly role

    • JenM

      A Jelly Roll consist of forty 2.5″ x 44″ strips.

  • Judith Autié

    This is a really great way to make some interesting sashing — that “slightly off kilter” look is so much fun. Instead of cutting the sashing in 6 1/2 strips individually, I just laid a long 1 1/2 strip down on my machine, and sewed the blocks to it. Then all I had to do was to cut the blocks apart — no time wasted measuring and cutting the strips. Worked really well.

    • JenM

      Great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  • David Fry

    Hi Jenni. Hello from England. Knowing you like to hear from guys that quilt i thought i would drop a post on here. I found this quilt tutorial only last year and decided to use it for a king size quilt for our bedroom, I sized it up, it has ended up at 104 X116 inches, and added the contrasting pin wheels. Let the quilting begin. Hope you like it. cheers form Dave.