Quilt An Adorable Christmas Tree Skirt


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  • Kath

    jenny, i just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy and have learned from you…..you take the ‘scary’ out of projects…..also, i just love the fact that you are left-handed…..i also am a ‘south paw’ and sometimes just get turned around with cutting and placement of things…..you make me feel less intimidated in this right handed world

    • Sarah

      Kath, we are so glad to hear that!!  Thanks for your sweet comment!  

  • Sydney120

    I absolutely love the simplicity of your tutoials and tools!  I watch over and over again just cause it is fun!!  Thanks for all you have given us quiilters and keep up the good work!

    • Sarah

      Thank you!!  So glad to hear you like the tutorials!!  Have a great week!

  • Bestbestgran

    Hi Jenny – thank you for wonderful tutorials.   A question please,  when using Charm Packs etc what about washing the fabric first?  I am thinking of the squares.  I have a Christmas pack with bright colors mixed in with light and am so frightened the red runs.

  • Mclemans

    Jenny – Please don’t ever stop doing tuitorials.  I love them and I have learned so much from you.  Wish we had some written instructions to go along with so I didn’t have to rerun the tuitorials.  Also – how do I get the star pattern for the Christmas Tree runner?

    • Natalie

      Here is a link to the star pattern. http://www.coloringcastle.com/pdfs/jewish/starofdavid01.pdf
      If you want a hard copy just email me your address and I will put a print out in the mail to you.  info@misssourquiltco.com Have a great day! Natalie

  • Sharon1946

    I’ m looking for your pattern to make a quilt using old blue jeans.  It used a denim circle and a square of printed fabric.  The ends of the circle were folded over the print fabric.  Sharon

    • Natalie

      Hi Sharon,
      We don’t have a written pattern for that quilt. It is a basic rag quilt though so cut all your denim into circles, and cut your fabric into squares that fit inside those circles. Fuse the fabric to the wrong side of the denim circles then join your circles using the squares as a sewing guide into rows. Join your rows together. You will then stitch the folded edge of your circles down on the top to complete the look. Its very similar to the circle magic technique. Here is a link to that tutorial. http://www.youtube.com/user/MissouriQuiltCo/videos?query=circle+magic

  • Kimmy

    Hi i was wondering what jelly roll that was in the back ground, and if it was still available i love it. thanks x

    • Sarah

      I am not sure what jelly roll you mean.  If you are talking about the Snowflake quilt, we do have fabric for that still….maybe a little more description and I can help find it!  Sorry I am not more helpful! 

  • B72sparks

    Came across your website and have to say that I have throughly enjoyed your tutorials. They are very informative and easy to understand.  It takes the SCARY out of quilting. I like that you  tell the name of the charm packs or whatever material you are using so if we like the look we can purchase it as well.  Thought your own companies templates are a very smart idea which I plan on purchasing. Please continue your tutorials, they inspire me to quilt.
    Thanks Brenda

    • Sarah

      Thank you Brenda!  

  • Jean Boyd

    Jenny, I’m going to order the half hex tomorrow! Such a cute table runner!! I have learned so much from your videos. For Christmas I made 4 of your aprons from tea towels. They made a huge hit with my daughter and daughters in law! 🙂 Jean

    • Sarah

      How wonderful Jean!  I’ll be sure to let Mom know! (Jenny)  Hope you have a great day!

  • Mona Lisa Hart

    Oh how I love your tutorials!!  I have learned so many new tricks and techniques!  I love your online shop, I am on it constantly.  I hope that when we travel to Mo. to stop in.

    • Sarah

      We’d love to meet you!  Hope you can stop in too!

  • Charlotte

    I’ve received three wedding invitations already this summer!  I just had a great idea and thought I would make the Christmas Tree Skirt for wedding gifts.  A small quilting project and very personal with a wedding wish on the back of the skirt.  Thanks for this tutorial, Jenny.  I have just starte watching you, and I’m hooked!!  Charlotte in Texas 🙂  

    • Sarah

      What a great idea, Charlotte!!  

  • Janetee08

    Your tutorials have gotten me out of a few jams when quilting.  Keep up showing your videos, they are a life saver for me and others.

    • Sarah

      Thank you!  Good to hear!

  • Donna?NC

    This was great. I cannot find a book with Christmas tree skirts and have 9 to make for gifts for 2012. It is now July and this filled the bill. I watched the tutorial and finished the top with the exception of the outer border in an afternoon. Thank you so much. I will be back for more lessons. Donna /NC

    • Sarah

      Awesome!  So glad that it will work for your projects!!  Good luck getting all your Christmas sewing done!! 

  • Pjudd

    Hi Sarah! Could you tell me the pattern name of the black and tan quilt I the background of the tree skirt video ( I think the fabric is Yuletide) ?

  • Nativecolo1969

    First of all I love your tutorials they are so step by step for beginners and myself who has been doing small quilts for a while and have just gotten into charm packs after seeing a class you did for Craftsy.  I have question though, you did not mention any type of batting, in this project is it necessary, is it just assumed you would add batting as for any quilt.  If someone else as asked this question please forgive me for not reading all the commects.

  • Jnanny2

    I would like to make the christmas tree skirt with yule time but can not find it in your charm packs, could you direct me to where i can find yuletime charm packs. thank you

  • linda

    i would like a printable copy of the tree skirt pattern, where can i get it?

  • Today, I just finished making my very own tree skirt using this wonderful pattern of yours. I even managed to quilt it myself for the first time – rather nerve racking, but I got there in the end. Thank you very much for these great tutorials.

    • JackieMSQC

      That’s terrific, Susan! It’s always a bit scary quilting for the first time. I’m sure it looks wonderful!!

  • Kris

    I’m so glad you’re left handed because I am too…I might have to make one of these for my daughter…

    • Sarah MSQC

      The lefties have to stick together!! 🙂 Your daughter would love one I am sure!! And there is so many fun Christmas lines out right now to choose from!! Best of luck to you!

  • Pattie

    Love all of your tutorials! I do have a question about this one. I want to hand quilt the skirt and I am just afraid that after a few washes, the quilting stitches would come loose. Would anyone advise maybe drawing the cut lines out and quilting around that or am I worrying for nothing? I am semi-new to quilting and want to make a couple of these for Christmas but am not sure what to do about this. Thanks in advance.

  • Kathryn

    Thank you soooo much Jenny, I have learnt so much from you and wish I could visit your shop.

    • JackieMSQC

      We would love to have you come for a visit, Kathryn!

  • mandib27

    love this cant wait to try it..

  • Pam Rowland

    I am planning on making this Christmas tree skirt and wondering two things:
    On the sample you had two borders, but on the tutorial, one. Would it be a size/design choice to use one or two borders? If using two can you tell the width of each border?
    Also, what is the fabric requirement for the backing and binding? I’m obviously a newby, and not great at figuring those out.
    Thank you so much for your assistance.