A Quilt Made for the Garden of Eden!


So, the other night in the middle of the night, I woke up and had an epiphany about two-thirty in the morning. This quilt pattern came to my mind and I just want to share it with you. It’s a really fast, fun and makes a Charm Pack go a lot further.

So, we got this darling Lila Tueller fabric in on the Eden line, and Sarah wanted me to do something with it. Well we like to make quilts, but I wasn’t sure what to do and then my middle of the night thing happened. So, here’s what I figured out. You unwrap your Jelly Roll, and we’re going to cut this and we’re going to sash all the way around these squares. One Jelly Roll strip will go all the way around the square and give you a little bit of leftover.

So, I’ll show you how I did that. First we cut off the salvage right there, and obviously this isn’t Lila Tueller fabric, but it’ll show you what we mean. Then I made a 5” cut. This will go on either side of the square, like this, and you’ll sew that right sides together, press it out. Now if you have a perfect ¼” foot, I believe it’s a 9” strip, but I’d measure that just to be sure. So, we’ll cut that off here, and then we have these pieces that go right across the end, and when these are sewn in it all matches up. That looks a little wonky, and you get blocks like this. One Jelly Roll will cover the entire Charm square.

OK, so once you get all of your squares sewn together, there are forty-two Charms in this Charm Pack and you’ll use every single one of them, and you match them up with their coordinating strip and you’ll circle around them. You’ll sew it all up, you’ll end up with forty-two of those squares. When I finished my quilt I put it together with six across, and seven down, and I’ll show you that right here, get over here where you can get a good look at it.

Isn’t this darling? It looks like an easter egg! It’s just cute and springtimey.
Anyway, this is six squares across. We just laid them out and sewed them together, and six down, and then I had the problem of the border. What to do? So, I thought I would do a white border and then I realized that I have quite a few of these strips that were left at the end of my Jelly Roll from circling my square.

So, I took those strips and I sewed them together in six or eight strip sets, and I thought I could make a patchwork border out of this, that this would make good use of the end of the fabric, and I realized that this is a 13” piece, I could get four strips of three out of there. So, we’re going to cut that. It’s
really easy to make these little patchwork borders if you have Jelly Roll strips left, and so you just trim them out.

There we go, and see, then you just, I had four stacked up here. You can pull them on. You’ll just sew them together like this and it’ll make a really fast,
quick border because you’ve sewn all your strips together. See, how quick that went, just down the side of that. So, let’s see what this is going to look like. I think I’ll frame my quilt with a white border. So, let’s hold that up here and see how that looks. Let me fold this over so we can get a better look at it, there we go.

So, I think I’ll frame this with some white, and we have this nice bolt of the floral. We have this in a pink, a couple of bolts of it. We do have some bolts of the yellow and the other and I’m thinking that maybe after the white I could run a little patchwork border like this, and then have this come up to it like that. Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking and when I get to the finished product I’ll show you, we’ll get a picture of it and we’ll let you know! So now we want
to show you the finished quilt that’s made with the Eden fabric of the Lila Tueller line and you can see here it is on the bed at home in the Missouri Star Quilt Company. The finished quilt ended up being 71”x 81”, so it easily covers a twin bed, and you can see how it hangs down.

You can see that we finished this pieced border that is in-between the two solid border,s and the whole thing just ends up with a darling look. It’s quick, it’s fast, and we hope you enjoy this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company!

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  • Laurie Hannon

    I love this qulit!!! I would like to make it for my queen size bed.  I love watching your turtials, they are very helpful. keep up the good work. laurie hannon

    • Sarah

      Thank you so much!!!