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Hi I’m Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  So I have this wonderful Swedish mother and she turned 80, actually a year ago and we made a, a whole Swedish party for her and part of that was cutting out all these dala horses.  So I had them on the fronts of table clothes and I had them on the tops of table clothes and I had then, oh I had them everywhere.  So I had a whole bunch of them.  So I decided that I would make them into quilts and so I put one of these quilts together for her to give to her birthday this year, which is, she’s really excited getting and I just had to wait to film it first.

But anyway, what I want to talk to you about is this sashing.  So today we’re not actually talking about the quilt we’re talking about the sashing, because the sashing can add anything to a block.  This block could have a heart or a flower or a sailboat or anything you wanted in it and the sashing would make it pop.

So what we’re talking about today are sashing ideas and periodically I’m going to try and give you new sashing ideas and this one is so easy.  You’re going to love this.  It adds so much to that quilt, but it’s really really easy.  So what you’re going to need to do this to make this piece of sashing, I used inch and a half strips.  Now I cut these myself and, and I’m just going to sew together two blue ones and a white one.  So they’re one and a half inches and I’m just going to lay them right sides together and sew straight down the side, iron it open, and do the same thing on the other side.  When you do that, what you’re going to get is a piece that looks like this, right here and only it’ll be the length of your strip.  

So then you’re going to have your little block here and you’re going to measure your block to find out how long your block is and your sashing is going to be cut exactly the same size as your block.  Whatever center block that is, your sashing is going to be cut exactly that size.  So I have one here that’s cut and then when you lay your quilt out, what you do is you’re going to put one of these in between, you know, all the way across the row.  So here and here and then you’re going to put it here and here in between as you add the rows together.  So let’s go ahead and let me add a piece of sashing to the side of this so you can see how that’s going to work.  I just lay them right sides together and just take it over to the sewing machine and sew it down that side.  

So here we are at the end of this, now let’s go press this open.  We just want to press it back.  I got all my stuff spread all over here.  And this, and this is what you’re getting here is like this.  Then you’ll put one on the other side and sew an additional square to that.

For the nine patch I used my little extra pieces that we’re on the end of the strip when I cut up all my strip there’s little pieces left and I’m going to cut two inch and a half strips.  Everything is in an inch and a half and the cool thing about that is that you can now get honey buns and, that the companies are cutting them again with the solids and so you know, if you don’t want to cut, you can actually just get, you know your own little honey buns that are already precut.  If they come in the colors you want, you know they didn’t have one this color and I wanted to do that.

So back to our nine patch, we’ve got our two outside pieces or our two, or actually this is just the opposite isn’t it? So here we have, we have a, we have to sew an opposite strip together to make our nine patch.  Because our nine patch here is the white blue white, white blue white on the outside with the blue white blue in the center.  So keep track of that.  I actually cut two of those and I’ll save one of those for the next block.  But what I’m going to do now is I’m going to cut two of these that are inch and a half strips.  Make sure your end is straight.  When you’re dealing with pieces this little, you know you do have to be a little more, a little careful making sure that, that your measurements are just right.

Alright, so know you see we’ll line this up like this and you see how it’s going to be a nine patch.  Let me scoot this up right here.  You’ll see how that going to be a nine patch and you also see how it’s going to match up with this and be just the opposite.  So to sew this together we’re just going to lay these little sides right side together here and take it over to the sewing machine and sew that down.  If you want, you can iron the middle part so the seams are going inward like this and then this side so the seams are going out ward and they’ll nest right up together.  You can put a pin in there if you’d like.  I’m just going to sew across here.  It’s a short little pop.  There we go and I like to press this down before I get on the other side, because we’re dealing with such small pieces we want to make sure that it’s, it’s pressed nice and flat.

So now I have these two little pieces together and we just look to make sure we’re putting it on the right side and it’s going to go over here on this side and we’re going to sew that together.  And we’ll just make sure our seams are lined up.  And then we’ll press it again.  These are so adorable these little nine patches.  With the inch and a half strips, they’re just teeny.  Isn’t that the cutest little thing you ever saw?  

So now when you get ready to put your bottom row on you will, you’re going, what you’re going to do, here let me lay this out a little for you over here.  So just a recap on this sashing idea.  You’re sashing is going to be cut the same size as your block.  You’re going to put a row together with your sashing rows in between your blocks.  Then you’re going to sew the next row where it’s just sashing cornerstone, sashing cornerstone and then you’re going to sew this together right sides together and you’re just going to sew a quarter of an inch here and then iron that open and then you’ll start on your next row like this which will already have its sashing rows.  So you want to sew your rows first with your sashing in between and then you’re going to add these sashing rows to it.  This makes a really awesome sashing that just makes your quilts pop.  And I hope you enjoyed this idea from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.


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