Sail Boat Quilt Tutorial Using the 10″ Half Hexagon!


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  • Annie

    This quilt is so cute! I love your tutorials – and how you explain things. I want to make this quilt – do you know when the fabric line will be available or can you suggest a different line?

    • Barbara

      The fabric is available now. It’s called “salt water”

    • JenM

      Yes, it’s in! Another fun fabric line would be Pirate Matey’s Layer Cake. Quilts, Ahoy!

  • Dana Gonsalves

    I can’t tell you how much I love my Hexi ruler! You keep showing us so many darling things to make using it. Your tutorials are definitely the BEST!!

    • JenM

      Awesome, Dana! Hope you’ll show us some of your quilts – use our Show and Tell link to the right. Thanks!

  • Hi, Jenny. I’m having a baby shower for my son’s girlfriend and the theme we picked is sail boats. So, I made a quilt to match the theme. How cute is that.

    • JenM

      Perfect! Have fun at the shower!

  • I’m not sure if the picture attached itself to the post but the quilt did come out very nice.

    • JenM

      I don’t see a picture, but bet it did turn out well!

  • Evelyn

    I need help with the sashing on this quilt. The boat squares are made but I am stuck on the vertical sashing in regards to cutting correctly so the birds are not upside down. Please help!

    • JenM

      I’d like to say, “don’t sweat it…” but I know the feeling of looking a the upside down birds later and thinking it’s funny. Without having the fabric in front of me, I’m not sure which way birds are facing off the bolt, but I think you could try cutting your long horizontal sashings first then turn the remaining fabric in necessary direction to cut your vertical sashings with birds facing the right way.

  • Malgosia

    I used this tutorial to mak a small pillow. Thanks.

  • Linda Morris

    Jenny, I love this quilt pattern! Will you be getting more of the sail away fabric?

  • Jerri

    You need to go into the sashing as it is harder than the whole quilt as it has white on the outside and when you go to sew it isn’t the same length or at least mine isn’t. Ive done harder quilts per friends and this one is kicking my behind.