No Sew Tie Blanket Tutorial


Hi I’m Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and I have an awesome project for you today. You will notice there is no sewing machine up here and that is because this is a no-sew project. I’m going to teach you how to make one of these awesome quilts like this one behind me. It’s all made out of fleece and you just tie the edges. It’s quick and easy.

My husband years and years ago started doing this for our grandbabies. Whenever somebody would have a new baby, he would get a couple of these pieces of fleece and he would just tie them together because it was something that he could do that didn’t involve me and he wanted to make sure that the grandchildren had a gift just from him.

So the first thing you are going to do to make this blanket, is you need two pieces of fleece that are just the same size and then you want to cut off these salvages. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to rotary cut off the salvages on this piece.

The fun thing about fleece is that it comes in all different kinds of colors and designs. It’s just like fabric only soft, and cozy and furry.

So let me go ahead and cut off these. You want to make sure that your salvages are cut off on both sides. And I’m just going to pull this back here. I have the luxury of this great big cutting mat. And I’m going to show you how to do this. The one behind me is all made with Batman fabric which is really fun. What little kid wouldn’t love that? You can cut them into a square, or you can cut them long, it doesn’t matter just as long as your pieces are the same size.

So I’m going to put this flannel down first…like this…and I’m just going to make sure this one side lines up because I know that my pieces are the same size, but they’re kind of big so I don’t want to have them spread all over. Let me just lay them right on top of each other like this. Now the trick is always for people tying these quilts, is the corners. You want to make sure—there is always so much bulk in the corners—so here’s what I do. I get my two pieces lined up together like this and I make a little template, and this is actually just a little piece of cardboard off the back of pre-cut charm pack, and I’m going to lay it in the corner here and I’m going to go ahead and cut.

Really the one key, essential thing you need to do this quilt is a great pair of scissors, so just make sure your scissors are good and sharp. And I’m just going to cut out a corner like this…there we go, just like that. So then what we are going to do—and here is where all the mystery happens—we’re just going to take and we’re going to cut strips like this and cut them up to wherever our line is that our corner makes. And we’re going to do this all the way around the whole quilt. We’re going to make this fringe. And we are cutting both pieces at the same time. So just about an inch apart and you’re going to do that…and I’m not going to do the whole thing because I think that you guys are going to get the gist of this.

These make great, fun, quick gifts and an awesome way to immediately have a blanket that is so warm; two layers of fleece just make this so warm.

So here’s what we’re going to do now: we’re going to take these two pieces of fabric and we are just going to tie them, just like you would a knot–just a regular knot. We are going to tie it around, and we’re going to tie—do it twice. So we’re going to do…there’s one knot. And we just…you just keep going. You’re just going to go around and tie and tie and you’ll see quickly how you’re just going to keep them up out of the way, and then you tie this one again. And I do it by just crossing them over and pulling them through and then crossing them over and pulling it through. You see, that took over our corner right there. Our corner has kind of disappeared. I’m going to come over here and do a few because normally these would all be cut. And then you just take your blanket and you sit down and you just start tying these up but I want to show you how this corner disappears…like that…and then we just keep tying them around. And we go all the way around the whole quilt and it’s just…we’re kind of just tying granny knots here, making it work. And it makes a darling, really warm, cozy, cozy blanket. You can throw these in the wash—they are great with the wash. And they’re…and again you can get them in all kinds of colors so they’re perfect whether you want a little girly one or you want one a little more boyish like this one with the lizards, or even this one with Batman.

So you’ll see, we go all the way around the edge, all the way around. The whole thing is just this tied fringe.

So we hope you enjoyed this quick, now sew project for making this fleece blanket from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • Shellandty

    i did this a few years ago for my kids. I stuffed them with their old toddler sleeping bags opened up, and they LOVED them. They were quite popular for family dvd night to lay on the living room floor with. Then I made matching pillows for them as well. 🙂 Great project and “no-sew easy”!

    • JenM

      That is such an awesome idea! I bet they were so soft and fluffy. Thanks for sharing.

  • My2lovies

    What do you recommend for the size of the template, 4″, 5″, 6″?
    Thank you!

  • Sue Christensen

    What would we do without you? Yesterday it was the binding tool (which binding was completed beautifully last night), and today it’s a Green Bay Packer fleece! You’re my “go to” whenever I’m in “new technique”land! Thanks again…Sue

    • JenniferMSQC

      Awww, thank you Sue. So pleased you find the tutorials useful. Happy no-sewing!