Summer in the Park with Honey Buns


Hi, it’s Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I’m always looking for fun new ways, and new things to do with these Honey Buns. They’re just great, and you know we have a tutorial that’s a little older called “Summer In The Park”, and it’s all about the tube quilting. All of a sudden I thought, why couldn’t we combine some of those Honey Bun strips with some of this black Moda Jelly Rolls and make a really fun quilt. So, what we did is the same thing we did in the other one.

We sewed two of the honey bun strips together, and then we put a black strip in between. Here’s the black one. Like this, and then we sewed two more together, and attached them all together. So, this is our bottom piece. For the top piece we did exactly the same thing. We sewed two together and a black and then you put them on the top just like this, and then you sew them together on both edges.

This is a tube now, we’ve enclosed it and we’ve made a tube and we have a couple of those here. So, then what you do to cut these is, you’re going to get any ruler a large square that has a forty-five on it, and this is the forty-five on your ruler right here. You’re going to lay that forty-five on the top edge of the stitching. And you’re going to cut this all the way across. You just need a ruler that’s a little bit longer than your strip set. Then you’ll pull it down like this and you’ll put your line on the bottom stitching and you’ll cut here, and what you get are blocks like this, and I’ll show you, we’ve got, you get quite a few blocks out of a honey bun.

I’m actually really impressed with how much we get from a honey bun. So, here’s how our blocks, this is how they’re cut when they’re, when you’re cutting them and you’re going along this is how they’re going to cut like this, into these V’s. You separate them, you open them up, and then what’s fun is because we put those big fun black strips in there, those are going to make diamonds throughout the whole quilt.

So, this is going to look really adorable, and you want to kind of mix up your fabric so you don’t end up with all the same fabrics when they come together in the middle. So, here’s this, so, then we’re just going to keep going with this every time we turn, we’ll turn it so that it makes a diamond, and see it’s going to make a diamond here, it’s going to come down and make diamonds here. How fun is that? It’s just a great idea for you to use with Honey Buns!

This is such a cute quick, quick, fun idea because it’s all straight sewing on the strips. So it’s really easy and really fun. You just cut out your blocks and you just have fun laying them, and putting them together, and you just watch that quilt grow. We hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • Anonymous

    So easy…

    • Sarah

      Thanks!!  🙂

  • Diana

    I first came across the MSQC tutorials by chance.  Now I check back all the time and love every one that I watch.  Love to purchase from you also.  Thanks for what you do!!!!

    • Sarah

      Thanks Diana, that is so nice to hear!!  Hope you have a wonderful week!

  • Luv it!

  • Susan Geisel

    What is the name of the Honey Buns you used for this quilt?

    • Sarah

      It is a very old line from Mary Engelbrieght.   I am sorry  I can’t remember the name, right off.  I’ll think about it and if I remember I’ll come back on here and tell you!  Sorry,I couldn’t be more helpful!  

  • Cathy Civis

    I love this and certainly think I have some strips which I’ll be using this pattern with.  Thanks!

  • Tyoniab

    love it love it

  • Cspelhaug

    How many squares do you get from one honey bun? I would like to know how big of a quilt 1 would make. I would love to sew this up!

    • Anonymous

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      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Jul 8 @ 2:35pm (UTC):

      It makes a lap sized quilt and I am not sure how many squares…but it is really fun!
      Have a great day!
      Jenny Doan

      (888) 571-1122

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  • Melissa

    How many honey buns did you use and how many jelly rolls? I love the way the colors just pop!!!

  • Glenda

    I had some problems with this. I used my 101/2 inch ruler. The blocks didn’t turn out. What size ruler did you use? I take it you sewed both sets of 5 strips on each side. When you cut it you had to take out the stitches on the point side am I correct?

  • Glenda

    I am wondering what the size was of each block