Make a Summer in the Park Quilt Using Jelly Rolls


Hi, I’m Natalie, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and today I have a fun new project for you. Many of you have seen the tutorials that we’ve done using tube quilting, and I thought it would be fun if we added a Moda Basic to that, and then did two strips on the other side instead of yardage. So, what we’re going to do today is we’re going to use this Design Roll from Westminster. It’s Jennifer Paginelli, Pretty Please fabric, and we’re going to add to that a Jelly Roll basic. I’m going to use this white.

So, we’ve got these ones over here that are opened up. So, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to take a white strip and we’re going to run a colored strip on either side of it. You can just mix and match. You can pick which ever ones you want, and we’re going to do one set of these and then the other set is going to have one solid down the center with two white strips on either side. So, let’s go on over to the sewing machine and we’ll sew these together. We have our two strips. We’re going to put them right sides together.
Now Moda’s are pinked and Westminster’s are not so what I do to make sure that I’ve got it right is I put the Moda strip on top because then the pinked edges are just inside the fabric. See how that lines up and you can see the colored fabric just barely on the edge. So, we’re going to go ahead and sew our ¼” seam all the way down to the end of the strip and then we’ll add another white strip on the other side. OK, so we have our strip sets done. We have the two colors with the white and then the whites with the one in the middle. We’ve pressed them flat, and so now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to set these directly on top of each other. They’ll match up so there’s no other kinds of cutting that you’ll need to do, and we’re going to take this over to the sewing machine and sew ¼” on both sides.

So, come with me. I wanted to show you how, on the edges here, because all of the fabric lines are not exactly the same, they’re not quite perfect. That doesn’t really matter. You’re going to be cutting that edge off anyways. What you want to do is make sure that your side seams are perfect, because that’s the seam that you’re going to be lining up and cutting on. So, we’re going to go ahead and do our ¼” right here, along both sides.

OK, so we finished sewing that seam. We’re going to flip it around, and I want to remind you that I’ve got my white strips along the edges of the design roll, because it’s easier for me to see how to match them up that way. The white pinked edges just show the tiniest little bit of that blue. Can you see that? So, I’m going to go ahead and finish this side and then we will take it over and I’ll show you how to cut. OK, so we have our strip sets sewn on both sides. Now we’re going to take our square ruler, and we’re going to line it up on the seam just like we did for our other tube quilting, and I’ve discovered that really you can make these as big as you want as long as you have a ruler that will fit that. So, we cut both sides, and we’re going to need four to make a block we’ll have two left over, and we’ll probably try and work those ones in around the borders, because I think that makes a fun scrappy border to go around the edge of a quilt like this.
OK, we’re going to take them over and press them open. Make sure and set our seam, and press all these blocks nice and flat. It helps them to fit together better that way. OK, so we have our blocks. They’re all ironed, and pressed, and what we’re going to do is alternate them. So, we have the double hourglass effect, but this white is going to make a really cool box.

You’ll see this is going to be a darling, darling quilt when we’re all done. We have some other ones here we’re going to join up with it, and these ones. So, see how the whites will X through and O, and then you have this little hourglass in the middle. I just think it’s the cutest thing, and let’s see if we can move this up a little bit, so, you can see a lot more of the quilt. I can’t wait to sew this whole thing together. I think it’s going to be so cute! All right, so you’ll have these white boxes in the middle, they’ll alternate. So, we’ll show you this quilt as soon as it’s all sewn together.

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  • Joy

    Love this!  It looks like you might be leaving a little bit (1/4″ maybe?) on the end of each cut….are my eyes deceiving me?  I sure would like to make this but don’t want to risk wasting a couple of blocks to find out!

    • Natalie

      Hi Joy, I am not sure what you mean? We do line the 45 degree angle along the seam line which may be the 1/4″ that you are seeing. I hope this helps. 

  • nancy

    I cant seem to get the cutting down,my borders are not the same on all sides can you please tell me what size the complete block is, maybe if I knew the measurements fom the lenght to the height from the point to the bottom, I just dont know what I am doing wrong.thank you nancy

  • Jeanhmaher

    Adorable and cleaver!  Thanks for a great video.  Now, off to find some rolls:)

  • Anonymous

    What are the dimensions for each block in the Summer in the Park tutorial?  Also, what are the dimensions of the finished quilt with no border or sashing in this tutorial?

  • Bonnieboschert

    I love the video but where can I get the complete pattern??

  • Cnnmcallister

    I just got a sewing machine and i am getting ready to make my very first quilt. I love the jelly roll videos and the instructions you put on them. Do you have any tips on backing and battings of your quilts that will be simple for someone that is just doing their first quilt.

  • Vargora

    Love this idea.  approximately how many blocks for each size quit?  also, is there a video on this quilt and finishing it?

  • Jeanne Anderson

    What size would the quilt be with 2 jelly rolls?  Also, what size is the finished block?

    • Anonymous

      — Please reply above this line —

      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Feb 7 @ 10:45pm (UTC):

      Hi Jeanne-The quilt made with 2 jelly rolls comes out to be about 6 Have a great day!


      ## Conversation started by Disqus, on Feb 5 @ 3:50pm (UTC):


      Jeanne Anderson (unregistered)

    • Anonymous

      — Please reply above this line —

      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Feb 7 @ 10:48pm (UTC):

      Hi Jeanne-Sorry about that, 2 jelly rolls makes a quilt about 65 x 80 and that includes a 5 inch border. The finished block is 8 inches. Have a great day!


      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Feb 7 @ 10:45pm (UTC):

      Hi Jeanne-The quilt made with 2 jelly rolls comes out to be about 6 Have a great day!


      ## Conversation started by Disqus, on Feb 5 @ 3:50pm (UTC):


      Jeanne Anderson (unregistered)

    • MK Chavez

      Jenny, I don’t remember anything about a border and having just made this would be interested to learn how you worked that in? If it is all sew strips/tubes – did you use the same blocks for a border or ??? Thanks!

  • Jansprout

    Great Job, very pretty quilt Natalie, will be trying this one soon!

  • Sabine Kingston

    G’day Ladies from Koonya, Australia. Just wanted to know what sort of ruler you used to cut your finished squares? Love your tutorials. They are so inspirational and I love your accents too !! I’m getting my new sewing machine next week and can’t wait to try this quilt. Thanks again for your wonderful help and tuition. Cheerio from “Down Under” 🙂

  • Rosalie

    Loved this tutorial, seems easy but looks involved.  How big is the block and how many jellyrolls were used?

    • Natalie

      Hi Rosalie, 
      Its not as complex as it looks! We used two jelly rolls for this quilt and the blocks measure approximately 8 1/4 inches square. I hope this helps!

  • Do you have a picture of the finished quilt or top? Would love to see it!

    • Sarah

      I am trying to find it.  I have a few pictures of the same quilt in different fabric.  My computer died and I lost all the pictures, so I am trying to recover them!!  I hope to have it soon!

      • Thanks Sarah, just wondering how many blocks did you make? And what the final setting was (example 5 blocks x 6 blocks). Great tutorial just need a few more details. Thanks again.

        • Natalie

          We put the quilt together in a layout of 8 blocks x 9 blocks, with a 2.5 inch inner border and a 5 inch outer border. Hope this helps!

  • Jgbernier13

    I saw this and am making a quilt but was wondering what you did with all the scraps!!!
    Thanks so much!

    • Sarah

      You are very welcome!

  • Erikka

    I love this quick and easy pattern and have now made four Summer In The Park quilts, all in different colourways.  A fifth one is about to be started, for myself this time.  I enjoy all your tutorials.

    • Sarah

      Awesome! We’d love to see them!!

  • Lorraine Johnson

    Hi have you finished the  Summer in the park Quilt would love to see  the finished Quilt as promised,I have made this quilt and would like to know how to finish it.Love your quilts.
    Lorraine Johnson

    • Sarah

      We put the quilt together in a layout of 8 blocks x 9 blocks, with a 2.5 inch inner border and a 5 inch outer border. Hope this helps!  It is also seen in another video, in the background!   🙂

    • I posted 2 “Summer in the Park” quilts on my blog if you’d like to check it out.
      I used the extra blocks around the edges.Was a fun quilt to make.

  • Helen Griener

    I have all the pieces cut out and now beginning to put them together. I am having a problem with their being cut ,on the bias. Is there a trick to keep them from stretching out of shape, when sewing them together?

    • Garveykl

      use your walking foot or pin each seam so that the fabric doesn’t stretch.

    • Natalie

      pin each seam, this will help your quilt stay square and keep your points lined up.

  • Glyncor

    Great idea!

  • Sandy

    What size ruler do you use please. And how big are the blocks when finished ?

    • Natalie

      Hi Sandy, 
      We use a 12.5 inch square ruler to cut the blocks. And my blocks measured 8.25 inches square. I hope this helps! 

      • sandy

        thank you so much

  • Lftside39

    I can’t find the samples on your site

  • Wingmomma

    I have  finished  my summer in the park top but it seems to have stretched in spots and wont lie flat.  I was thinking of trying to take in some of the seams in the centre of the block to make it lie flat but am worried that is not the right thing to do.  Any suggestions – I absolutely love the pattern and am very pleased how it looks but am worried the long arm quilter wont be able to quilt it if it isn”t flat.  Many thanks

    • Natalie

      It really depends on how much stretch you have…is it bad enough that you can fold it over more than half an inch? If not, then you don’t need to worry about it, the quilter can handle it. If it is a big area of stretch then you may consider taking a seam to even up the quilt. 
      Your quilt does not have to be perfectly flat to quilt beautifully. 

  • Sergerquilt

    Hi, wonderful pattern, I have cut all the squares and are going to sew them togheter to blocks.
    I am a beginner but what I have learnd from you is always press to the dark side and when sew this togheter the seam gott on the same place very bulky do you press it again and turn some to the withe side, I´ve seen you locked the seam allowance in opposite directions when you sew together,  hope you anderstand what I mean , I´m from Sweden and I love your shop and tuturial we don´t have anything like you/this in Sweden your tuturials make me so happy to see.

    • Natalie

       Thanks for your sweet compliments! When working on this particular quilt, I have found that it doesn’t really matter which direction the seams get pressed because you mix the blocks up so nothing is really predictable. If you have a seam that gets bulky then press them in the opposite direction. I hope this helps! 

  • Deborah

    Oh my goodness, love this quilt. So easy and so beautiful. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Natalie,
    on your tutorial for Summer in the Park using Jelly Rolls,  you mentioned that you would show us the finished quilt when sewn together.   Can you please let me know where I can see this on your website.  Many thanks Debbie

    • Karen Nolte

      Debbie, I have pictures of this quilt in 2 color ways if you’d like to take a look. Fun quilt to make just take care with the bias edges. Karen

      • Anonymous

        Loved the quilts Karen. The colours are gorgeous.
        Thanks so much

    • Natalie

      Hi Debbie, 
      This quilt sold so quickly, that I was unable to get a good pic of it. I have sent an email with the only pic I have. I hope it helps!

  • Donnabell2844

    I’m making this quilt now.  Pressing all the seams OPEN makes fitting seams together easier when sewing.  I used a  45 degree triangle ruler to cut my pieces.  Using Best Press, or spray starch is very helpful. I squared all the blocks to 8.5″ after pressing.  Be careful not to stretch the fabric while sewing on the bias.  Slow and steady…it’s going together beautifully. 

    • Sarah

      Great to hear!

  • Pam

    Could this be made into a queen sized quilt?  How many jelly rolls would you need?
    Thanks so much I love your tutorials.

    • Natalie

      Hi Pam,
      You could make this queen size by adding two more jelly rolls (one print, and one solid) You will have extra blocks with this amount of fabric, so just take out the extra blocks to make the quilt the size you need it.  

  • Melissamollick

    Natalie–you mentioned you could make this with two jelly rolls.  What size jelly rolls? Looking on the website, I find that jelly rolls come in varying sizes–some with 40 strips, some 20, some 30. Which size?

    • Natalie

      Hi Melissa, 
      The jelly rolls that we used were from Moda, the standard count is 42. I hope this helps! Have fun with your projects!

  • ann

    I love it! Great tutorial!!!!!

  • meredith kavovit

    Looking forward to trying this! I love your shop & tutorials, you gals are wonderful teachers! I was thinking of replacing the white with a solid pastel that would coordinate with my printed choices, as long as there is enough contrast do you think it will still pop & have the same effect?

    • Jackie MSQC

      I think that would look great, Meredith! If you can, send us a picture of your completed quilt…we would love to see it!!

  • Sandy Grogg

    I love this look…. I have some fat quarters and Kona White yardage…. Do you think they would work?

  • Heather1949

    Thank you so much for the Tutorial Natalie enjoyed it and now to start sewing Yipee,
    Catch you next time.

  • MK Chavez

    Just submitted photos of my finished quilt top – aka Winter in the Park – using Jovial and Snow jelly rolls. Love it. Really like the higher contrast effect of the dark prints vs snow. I made a “lap quilt” using the finished big blocks 3 wide and 4 long. Plenty left to make a matching scrappy table topper or ??? Can’t wait to move on to the next tutorial and simplified item. “A Jenny a day keeps my quilt blues away!”

  • Cathy

    Love this quilt! This is what jelly rolls live for!

  • How big will this quilt be with the 1 print and 1 solid jelly roll thinking a 40 strip roll? I need to know how many strips for,a queen before I order, thanks.

    • Opps, just read another comment and found my answer, thanks

  • Ok I want to use New Colonies by Nancy Gere and they are 27 per roll for a queen what would I need? Thank you so much.

  • barbruth

    I loved making this quilt… So quick, easy & foolproof.
    .Used up a few of my jelly rolls

    • JenM

      It really is a fun one…and it’s so great when we can use our stash!

  • Julia

    Summer in the Park….may I see the finished quilt? I’m wondering if it has matching lines….mine doesn’t seem to…

  • Carmen Garcia

    I want to make this quilt. My question is, can you use two different jelly rolls which are the same colors or close? Thank you

  • Diane Raines Boyd

    I have watched most of your tutorials and enjoy them so much. Jenny you are a great teacher but what happened to the friendship braid table runner video?

  • Diane Raines Boyd

    I would like to see something made with mitered corners and how to finish it.

  • Christine D

    I recently started my second quilt so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I started with a jelly roll but this time after sewing all my strips together, I decided to try making triangles and mixing them up. The problem I’m now having is how to sew each together and get all the seams for the horizontal jelly roll strips to match up. Your tutorial doesn’t show you matching up triangles and sewing – do you have another tutorial that you recommend that shows this? Maybe part of the problem is I have isosceles triangles (cut from rectangles instead of squares) so the sides are the same length as yours are. I am trying to sew the hypotenuse of each triangle together to re-form the rectangle, then sew all the rectangles together. When I pin them together doing my best to match up seams, the horizontal strips’ seams don’t match up once sewn and opened up.