Table Runners

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  • Pam F

    I can’t find anything on this site anymore!!

    • Suzfin

      Same here I can’t find the videos I used to find!

  • Kgraham

    I can’t find the tutorials at all.  I can only see a few of them.  PLEASE fix the site!

  • Penny

    Where are all your tutorials I enjoy. The only ones I see are the Latest.



    I’m not a fan of the new website format either….very user UNfriendly !

  • TxGirl

    Where are your tutorials ??  Don’t see anything … ?? 

  • Terrylgl59

    Not like the new website.  Way to much trouble trying to find “how to’s”.  Please put it back the way it was .  ;(

    • Sarah

      So sorry,  we are working hard to get everything back to normal.  Thanks for being patient.

  • hd

    trying to find the tutorial on quilt as you go.where is it

  • Karen

    Obviously they are working on this website & we need to be patient.  All of their tutorials are on You Tube so if you are looking for one you can find it there by using the search.  Otherwise if we are patient I’m sure they will soon be on this site as well.

  • Quiltr

    I don`t like the new site.Can`t find the tutes that I liked.

    • Sarah

      So sorry.  We are still working on it.  Please be patient, what we are doing will make things even easier than before!  (and faster, too!)  Soon it will all be done!  Thanks for your patience!  Have a great week!

  • Marylouc

    I love the new website design, and am excited to see how it all looks when you’re done. Thanks so much for all the free tutorials and fabric suggestions! Great job, and thanks. — MaryLou

  • Mary Fellows

    do you have a catolog of the thing you sale.  And can we get the patterns for some of the tutorials. Thank, Mary

  • wendy

    where is the tutorial where you use the black and whites and greens and make 4 from a dessert roll and which tutorial shows Deb STrain?

  • Carol

    Why can’t I find the tutorials that are usually on the screen when I pull up MQC?  I feel lost now.  I really enjoyed watching them.  Please bring them back.

  • Susan

    love your tutorials, had trouble first time with new site but was easy to figure out. your tutorials are fun . I love Jenny you are so down to earth. Loved my order, it made quilting so easy now what to do with all my other yardage  lol My  grandson son’s call me the material girl . Once again love you guys there and your site 

    • Sarah

      Thanks Susan!  So glad you found us!  Hope you have a great week!

  • Captmike1

    I just watched the christmas tree table runner tutorial and now I cannot find it and the seach window does not work on the tutorial page…..HELP please.   LOVE….LOVE your tutorials….thank you.

  • Cheryl

    I just watched the christmas tree tutorial using the large simple wedge template and I cannot find it…..Also the search box on the tutorial page does not work……so I am not able to search for it that way and I have looked through all 12 boxes too……Please help…….  LOVE…..LOVE your tutorials.  Many thanks. 

  • Cheryl

    Could you please tell me what the side and bottom measurements are on the 10″ simple wedge template used in the Christmas tree runner.  Many thanks, Cheryl

    • Anonymous

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      ## Natalie Earnheart replied, on Dec 30 @ 9:34pm (UTC):

      Sure Cheryl, The sides measure 9 7/8 ” and the bottom measures 7 1/2″. I hope this helps! Happy New Year!
      Have a great day!


      ## Conversation started by Disqus, on Dec 30 @ 3:00pm (UTC):


      • Cheryl

        Many thanks Natalie

  • Debbie

    I cant use the search window.  Looking for Serendipity.

  • Rbdiwan

    Jenny explains very well, but just coule of small things – if she can explain in her each video how big is charmapack or size of the layer cake, or how wide is jelly roll & what is sash? It would be great help. Thanks
    Diwan from UK

    • Sarah

      Great suggestion!!  The charm packs are always 5inches square, the jelly roll is always 2 1/2inch strips, and the layer cake is a 10 inch square.  I hope this helps you!  We will definitely think about putting that info on the videos as well!!  Have a great day!!

  • Anonymous

    I need to ask a Question.  Where would I find the pattern for the star that goes on the Christmas tree table runner. I would like to print it off.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, anybody there? I just ordered the lrg. half hexagon template so I do have time to wait…
    Do love MSQC….

  • Anonymous

    Hello, anybody there? I just ordered the lrg. half hexagon template so I do have time to wait…
    Do love MSQC….

  • Aljosscha

    I lost the spot that had a self boarder baby blanket, can you tell me where
    It Is at?  Don’t know how to do corners

  • do you have any measurements on the new utube quilt ? katie’s quilt?
    or the transcript?

  • sewingaway

    Check out youtube. they have the missouri star tutorials. Just type in what you are looking for. ex: missouri star thanksgiving dresden and it should bring it up.
    Hope this helps~~Patricia~~

  • Ydalnova

    My first ever fully finished quilt project is your ChristmasTable Runner made with the half hex ruler – just finished it tonight and it is beautiful! Thanks for your awesome tutorials. You make everything so simple and easy to understand.

    • MSQC shop

      You did a fantastic job…wow! So cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • mable

    i have enjoyed one of ur best explained triangular table runner, with 6 stripes. i would like to do it & i book marked it but i cannot trace it. would u please show that again. thanks