Two Table Topper projects from the Snow Flower Design Roll Part 1/2


Hi, it’s Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and I’ve got a couple of fun projects for you today. We have this new Jelly Roll from Westminster Lifestyle Products. It’s actually called a Design Roll, and it’s the Christmas Snow Flower collection, and it is darling!

As you can see in these quilts that I’ve done, I’ve put them together in a couple of easy projects and I’d like to show you how to do those right now. You’re going to unwrap your Jelly Roll and lay them out, because it’s mostly red, and green, and white, you are going to put your strips together. Red and greens opposing, and stitch ¼” along all the side.

Now, remember when you’re sewing long strips if you sew this one going this
way, the next set you want to sew going the opposite way. So, if you’ll go with me over to the sewing machine we’ll sew these together. Here we are at the sewing machine and we’re going to sew ¼” seam and sew these two together. The fun part about these strips is that you sew two together, then you sew four together, and then you sew eight together, and your pieces get bigger really fast. So, let’s finish up this strip.

Now, were going to iron it, and what we’ll do remember, we press it down and then fold the dark side up, and in these there’s not a lot of darks and lights. So, you just have to decide which side you want your seam to go to.

So, we’ll iron that and then we’ll attach a couple more rows together and you’ll see that piece get bigger and bigger really quick. So, now we have this whole strip set sewn together. That’s the miracles of modern filming! The
strip set is sewn together and what we’re going to do is we’re going to even up one end so that we have an end to start with.

So, we’ll take our ruler, and we’re going to put it over here. Now remember I’m left-handed, so this is going to come at a different direction for some of you. You may want to start on the other side, and I’m going to take a healthy chunk off, so that I can make sure that I get all these little salvage edges off.

So I have a straight line. So, the first thing we’re going to make with this strip set, oh, excuse me, my blade must not be very sharp. That’s alright, those things happen in the quilt shop. Here we go, so, now we have a nice straight edge, and we’re going to start with this table runner first. Now, I’m probably reinventing the wheel, and I’m sure there’s a pattern for this, but I tend to be one of those that thinks off the cuff.

So, I’ll see a little thing and I’ll think, “Oh, I can do a little table runner out of that!” So, what I did was, I decided how wide my table, I wanted my table runner to be, and this is approximately 12” wide, so I took and cut a 12” chunk. Then I took a 2 ½” strip of white and framed it, took a 4 ½” strip of a corresponding, matching color, and did the border around it, and then I quilted it, and then I did the little scalloped edge on it. You can see the scalloped edge here on the end, and it just came out really darling.

So, let’s go ahead and cut that strip. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Hillary will you come put your finger up underneath on the end there? There we go it always helps to have somebody help you. Here we go, we’re going to cut this 12” strip. Let me run that by there again. There we go, and then we’re going to slide that apart, and you can see the beginning of a really darling table runner that showcases the entire line of fabrics.

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  • Latrelle

    Love the table runner, but also love the Christmas quilt in the background.  Where can I find that pattern, do you guys have it?

    • Sarah

      The quilt in the background came from a magazine several years ago!  I hope this helps!!  Sorry I don’t have anymore information!!  🙂  Have a great week!

    • Coolchicogram

      Hi Latrelle  ,    I too love the Christmas quilt and I found the pattern @  Gracie Lous Quilt Shoppe online, it’s called Figgy Pudding by Basicgrey, I hope this helps. Enjoy    Sharon

  • Gloria

    I like the combination of colors in the Christmas Tree table runner. Is that particular Jelly or Design Roll available anywhere or do you know of a collection that is similar in coloration. Thanks

  • Joan

    Hello , watched the tut half hexagons floting grey background. Now ism ready to sew and can not find please help