Look What You Can Do With One Tiny Dessert Roll!


Hi, this is Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and I just wanted to show you a fun little tip. I needed to make a table runner for my son Josh who is getting a new house. His colors are green and black.

So, I went right away to this Authentic Dessert Roll, and see it’s not very big, but it’s just absolutely adorable. So, I took the black and green ones, and I opened them up, and because they’re 40” wide, these dessert rolls are
cut the full strip of the fabric, I could get four blocks of each one of these out of it.

So, I made one table runner, and then I saw what I had left, so, I made another table runner, and saw what I had left, and made another table runner, and saw what I had left, and finally made one more table runner. Still out of this dessert roll you can see I only used the black and green, so, I had all the beiges.

So, I took those beiges, and I coupled them with this Pink And Chocolate line that came in, and made a table topper! So out of one of these Authentic Rolls I got all this, plus a little bit. The border fabric was extra, and the border fabric on the Pink and Chocolate was extra, but I just thought it was hilarious!

I thought you’d enjoy my story! Then I got looking around the shop and think how many you could make with this! Look at the size of these things! Holy smoke! Here’s one from Wyndham, look at that baby! That’s a lot of table runners right there, (laughter) but I decided I’d better stop!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this fun story and this quick tip! I just cut those 5” strips into 10” blocks, and just stacked them together, and bordered them
twice! So, I hope you enjoy this fun tip from the Missouri Star Quilt Company! One more thing, if you like our videos and tutorials, make sure that you rate them and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Thanks!

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  • wow very cool you are terrific

    • Sarah


  • JoAnn

    i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your tutorials.  You are a great teacher and you are obviously a wonderful mom and grandma.   How blessed your family is.
    I just can’t wait to make some of the projects.  Only wish your shop was right here where I live.  We don’t have much of this.  But I know where to go if I need ANYTHING when it comes to fun with fabric !!!   Thanks SEW MUCH.

    • Sarah

      You are too kind!  Thanks so much for your comment!

  • Anonymous

    Your are such a joy to watch, thank you so much for these tutorials.  I just received a Singer Sewing machine from my sons for Christmas.  Instead of letting the dust gather on it I started looking around for small projects to do. Recently I have been reading alot about Quilting (new at this) and lucky for me I came across your site.  You have inspired me.  For now I have just cut up loads of old t-shirts and I think after watching your tutorials for days now I might be ready to tackle a project.  I just want to thank you for you are a joy to watch, and everything is explained so well.  Wish you were closer to Montreal (Quebec) Canada.  I have added you to my favorites and will continue to be a huge fan.  Please do not stop..Susie

    • Sarah

      Thank you so much Susie!!  Congratulations on your new machine!  Just starting is the hardest part….you will do great.  Remember to enjoy the process!!  Have a happy day!

  • kay

    I love your approach to quilting,you show that (with your great tips) anything is possible. Fantastic website.

    • Sarah

      Thank you so much Kay!!  

  • Isabel Brannen

    Your tutorials and web site has inspired me to start quilting. I have sewn home decor for years and just hadn’t attempted quilt projects. Now I have the tools.. thanks so much and Love your web site !!

    • Sarah

      So good to hear!  Thanks for your sweet comment!

  • CrabPatty

    I enjoy these tutorials because they get my creative juices flowing. When I feel stuck- all I have to do is tune in to Jenny! 24 hours a day, I have my own tutor! Thanks Jenny!

    • Sarah

      Thanks CrabPatty!  That is fun to hear!  Love to be your inspiration!!  🙂  Have a great weekend.

  • Ginbart

    I could listen to you all day.   You are a down to earth person.  I really enjoy your tutorials.  Thanks so much.  

  • Schulze Becky

    Jenny, your tutorials have taught me so much, I love having my own private lessons and I’m so eager to try them all. Thank you so much.

    • Sarah

      You are so very welcome!!  Glad to hear you are enjoying them!

  • patea

    Thank you for your tutorials. i really enjoy them.
    what are the sizes of the pre cuts? like dessert roll, jelly roll and etc…..

  • Joan Rosemary Pearce

    I think all the tutorials are fantastic. Jenny you are a natural teacher. The way you show and describe things is great and your sense of humour carries us through with a smile.
    Learning is fun with Jenny.

    • Sarah

      Thank you so much Joan!  Your comment has made our day!  Hope you have a wonderful week.

  • Lauren

    how exciting  might you have one for matching placemats???

    • Sarah

      Great idea Lauren!  You could just make them smaller!!  

  • Lynette Edwards

    I love your tutorials there fantastic. Keep it up

  • Sally Koviak

    I really like all your tutorials Jenny.  I think you do a fantastic job in teaching quilting.  You are fun to watch and I’ve enjoyed learning from you.  I made a table runner using the one-seam Flying Geese that was shown on one of the tutorials.  It came out super nice!  Thanks so much and keep up your good works!

    • Sarah

      Thank you!  SO glad that you have had such success with the tutorials!!  Have a great week!

  • Joan Rosemary

    Do you think that Jenny could do a tutorial for a diamond starburst quilt/wall hanging.
    I keep seeing pictures of this pattern and would love to make one in Autumnal colours.
    Fingers crossed.

    • Anonymous

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      ## Jenny Doan replied, on Apr 13 @ 4:17am (UTC):

      Hi Joan, Can you send me a picture of what you are wanting?  Do you mean the Lone Star?
      Have a great day!
      Jenny Doan

      (888) 571-1122

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      Joan Rosemary (unregistered)

      • Joan Rosemary

        Hi Jenny, Yes you are right it is a Lone star. Sorry until I searched for a Lone star and saw it I had no idea. I have since learned that they have several different names. Thanks for taking time out to reply.

  • Schulze Becky

    Jenny my quilting world expanded so much since I found you on line. Your a great teacher, you make it sound so much fun! I will always remain as a faithful student.
    Becky s.

    • Sarah

      You are too sweet Becky!!  Thank you!

  • Nielsen7458

    I love these tutorisals on quilting.  I have leanrned so much from them.  I have quilted for years, but am learning.  Thank you so much

    • Sarah

      You are so very welcome!  Glad you are enjoying them!

  • Akmngal3

    I absolutely love all of your tutorials.  You make it fun, easy and interesting.  It gets my quilting juices going.  So glad I found you on YouTube.

    • Sarah

      Me too!!  Glad you are here!

  • Socalfem08

    Love all your videos !

    • Sarah

      Thank you!!

  • Ssara7296

    I love your tutorials! Jenny you are the best 🙂
    I am looking for an Illinois star pattern, can you help?

  • Rkchristman

    Just subscribed to MSQ!  I love the tutorials and the ease of making such fun blocks!  Thanks!  KC

    • Natalie

      Hi KC, 
      We’re glad to have you! Enjoy the tutorials and if  there is anything we can do let us know. 

  • NanaReaves

    What a great idea! Wonderful gift idea.

  • Village.Quilter

    I love these videos…but I have never hear of a “Turnover.” Maybe because I hand dye almost all my fabrics. I can see it looks like a HST, but is there a standard size? You guys always have such great info, but for new folks, it would be helpful if you use a term like “charm” or “turnover” that you mention the dimensions. Some only have access to yardage and not a nice local quilt shop where they pick up the latest “thing.” How big is a “Honey Bun” vs a “Layer Cake?” It would just be nice to hear the dimensions and/or explanations. Thanks and LOVE your videos.

    • Jackie MSQC

      Thank you! If you visit our website, all of our “pre cuts”, will have the dimensions listed next to the picture of that product. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at the shop with any questions. We are always happy to help!

  • Terri L

    I enjoy all of your tutorials, just wish I had my computer and my sewing machine side by side :). My confidence level is rather low when I sew…I am sure I would be braver with your help. Care to stop by sometime?

  • Patty

    Jenny, love your tutorials, I have learned so much and enjoy quilting so much more with your great patterns and quilting attitude.

  • Donna M.

    I love your tutorials for 2 reasons… you make it look fun and somehow I get it. You explain and show the skill in ways even a beginner quilter such as myself can understand. The first one I used was the binding for my first quilt. I had been taking a class and it wasn’t coming to me as everything was so rushed and she said the first one doesn’t have to be perfect. Thanks to your tutorial it turned out great giving me the confidence to do more.

  • Joan

    Love these tutorials and your enthusiasm Jenny

  • Diana

    I love your tutorials!!!! I’m working on another project using your method of making a four patch block with a charm pack. I’m relatively new to quilting and can use all the tips/tricks I can find. Thank you and give us more!!!!

  • Marcophil

    Great job! I love her teaching techniques!