The Tumbler Flag Quilt


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  • Sheron

    Been looking for exactly this for two weeks. Superbly done! Thanks.

    • JenM

      Awesome – glad you found what you were looking for!

  • barb

    Want to buy this charm pack of american basic….cant find it on your site. Is it available

  • Judy

    How many charm packs are needed for this? Is there a picture that can be printed to show placement? I love it!

    • JenM

      If using the American Basics charm pack shown in quilt, please note the packs include equal number of red and blue squares (and some with a white background), but the project requires 26 reds and only 9 blues. Keep this in mind when buying – you will need two American Basics charm packs and one solid white charm pack to make this project. The blocks are laid out 8 across by 7 down (with the 9 blues in top corner) Layout the reds and blues to your liking. Have fun!

  • meleah’s mom

    Love it! When will you be getting the Tumbler Template back in stock???

    • JenM

      Thanks for waiting. They’re in stock now ~ 5″ and 10″ Enjoy!

  • Donna DiGregorio

    Can I download the directions?

    • JenM

      Hi Donna, Right now you can get written instructions in our Summer 2013 edition of Quilting Quickly.

  • Becky from Wisconsin

    Can I see any of the older tutorials you did? It was a quilt by 3dudes.

  • momzak

    I just made a tumbler quilt with precuts from a quilt shop in Rochester, NY. The tumblers were square at the corners and then there was no overlap needed to sew the blocks. Can you make a square cornered tumbler template?

  • Judy S,

    Where do you find the 2013 summer Quilting Quickly? Thanks, Judy

  • I thought that I could get the quilt quickly magazine fro the website but could not find it

  • Joy

    Jenny, What is the best fabric to use as backing?

    • JenM

      You can use 100% cotton fabric. Especially if using all cotton on the top, you can be sure everything may react the same when washed. Remember, you don’t have to use all one fabric for the back. Pieced backs (with very large pieces) are great! You can even use a good quality bed sheet, though some people steer away from that depending on the cotton blend or thread count.

      • Joy

        IS Muslin fabric good for backing. I see a white fabric on the backs of quilts. Joy

        • JenM

          Sure, muslin is a good option, especially for wall-hangings or table runners. It’s really a matter of personal choice. Thanks for asking.

  • Deena

    If you have a little bit peaking off of each edge when you join the tumblers, the pieces don’t really line up straight on each end. Do I just trim up each end on the rows to make the rows sgraight when I finish? Gonna try to add a picture. thanks for all your tutorials! I have learned a lot from them.

    • JenM

      Yeah…that will happen. When sewing the tumblers, do not line them up at the corners. The seam allowances should overlap 1/4″ from the edges. Cute lil’ doggies!

      • Deena

        Thanks, Jenny! I figured it out and here’s a picture of the finished product, complete with my Gabby perched on it! . I love the tumbler ruler, and I ordered the fabric to make the flag. Is there a way to print out the layout picture that pops up for a few seconds? Thanks for all your tutorials. I sure a have learned a lot!

        • JenM

          A cute quilt AND a cute dog!!! Great job with the tumblers. There is not a quick way to print the layout from the video unless you want to use your “print screen” button on keyboard. Push it right when the image is on screen. It copies the screen to your clipboard so you can paste it into an image program or word document and then you can print.

  • peachy47

    What is the finished size of this?

    • JenniferMSQC

      I believe this one was 45 x 50, @peachy47:disqus.

  • how long did it take you?

  • Barbara Snell

    Love this pattern and love the color combination used on the front of Block Magazine Summer 15. Have scoured the magazine and have not been able to locate names of fabrics used…. the soft colors are fabulous! Might you share?