The Grinch Tumbler Quilt


The Grinch Tumbler Quilt

Hi it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

I’m here with the Grinch. We have some great new fabric. The Grinch Stole Christmas Fabric. It showed up in this fat quarter bundle like this. And Natalie had an awesome idea with her Tumbler ruler to make this quilt. She loved the Kate Spain so she decided that Kate Spain could meet Dr. Seuss, and it would be a good marriage of fabrics and we would have fun with that.

So remember a fat quarter is 18”x 22”. So out of that we were able to get several of the 10” Tumbler cuts. And some of the small Tumbler cuts. We didn’t use any of the charm packs, we just used the layer cake and these fat quarters. And so out of the layer cake you can get one of the 10” Tumblers or you can get four of these. So it, you know, it was just a lot of fun matching and putting together.

So the way we did it was that we just started putting rows together. Now this is going to make a pretty big quilt because of all the fat quarters and the layer cakes. Here I want you to be able to see this really good here. Now what we did was we took and cut out layer cakes and Tumblers in the 10” size and in the 5” size. So we put two rows together of the tens and two rows of the fives (small Tumblers) and then two rows of the ten and two rows of the five. And we just continued and did that all the way down.

Now you need to know that this edge right here, the little Tumblers match up perfectly with the big Tumblers. So you don’t need to worry about any trimming, or any cutting, or any, you know, any adjusting. It just works out perfectly.

Anyway, we just thought this was such a fun, great idea. We love the combination of these two different fabrics, and I’m sure that Kate Spain would love to meet Dr. Seuss. Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed this quick Tumbler tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • on the background there is an American flag!!!! I’d like to have a tutorial on it!!!! :))))) send a link of it to this e-mail, please!!!!!!

  • Kay Veasley

    where do you find the Kate Spain fabric for the quilt layer cake

    • Jackie MSQC

      Kay, the “Grinch” fabric is made by Robert Kaufman. Is this the fabric you are looking for?

  • Aggie

    How did you finish the sides with all the different edges?

    • My2lvies

      I would like to know as well how you finish the sides. I am a beginner…did you get a reply that we cannot view?
      Thank you!

  • Jessica

    How can a border be added to make a straight edge for the binding?

  • sherri

    Can you due a tutorial of that flag hanging behind you, just ask, I love all your tutorial that you do

  • disqus_2gnel5A8zm

    Hello, that quilt is actually a kit. Here is the link for it. We are currently out of stock…sorry!

  • Judy Lee

    I love the Christmas colors and tumbling blocks but I had not thought to combine the 2 sizes. That is a fantastic idea!

  • Rebecca Schlecht

    would love to have the Americqn flag tutorial as well. can’t hang anything where a quilter can see it.

    • MSQC shop

      Hopefully soon, Rebecca!!

  • ellaruth

    I will have to get me some rulers after watching this video. So cute. Thanks.

  • Linda Payne

    Why are none of the tutorials working – here or on youtube? I just get a black screen. 🙁

  • Melanie

    How many fat quarters & layer cakes did you use in this quilt?

  • Judy gilchrist

    Could you give me the name of the fabric from the Kate Spain line that you used in this quilt? And when will this kit be available for purchase as I would like to tackle these for Christmas gifts. Thanks

    • JenM

      The fabric was from Kate Spain’s “Flurry.” Currently we do not have that layer cake in stock, but we have more great Kate Spain yardage from her Jolly Holly and Flurry lines. The kit that was mentioned in another comment was referencing the American Flag quilt hanging on the wall in this tutorial.

  • Diana Perez

    So I would love to make this, but I’m trying to figure out how much of what I need! I know the grinch bundle, and I assume ONE layer cake of 42 10″ squares , correct? And maybe cute half into 10″ tumblers and the other half in 5″ tumblers? For a tutorial, this isn’t as simple as 1,2,3.. Maybe it’s because I’m a beginner quilter, but is there anyway you can break this down material wise? Finished quilt size? How many 10″ tumblers on each row? .. How many 10″ and 5″ tumblers from the dr.Seuss bundle.. Help, I really want to make this quilt but don’t know where to start!