Make an Adorable Christmas Stocking

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Hi, it’s Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I’ve got another fun Christmas idea for you.  Today we’re going to make these little stockings.  Remember, the whole world is your pattern, so you can pattern these out of anything.  You don’t need an actual pattern.  If you have old stockings that you like but they’re worn out, you could use that, or you could just trace around a sock or shoe you like.  I have made this pattern right here.  It’s kind of taped up 3 pieces of paper, but that works because anything you can use for a pattern.  I also have some flannel here that I’ve quilted.  This is one of a cute Christmas pattern that we have quilted on this, but you can just quilt it in rows like we do on the bags on your own personal sewing machine, or you can use just plain fabric.  These don’t need to be quilted, I’m just doing it because I like to.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to fold these.  You can do it wrong sides together or right sides together, they just have to be opposite sides together.  I want to see where I’m cutting on my flannel, so I’m going to do them wrong sides together and lay this foot on here.  I’m just going to pin this pattern on to secure it to the fabric so that when I cut around it doesn’t slide.  Then I’m just going to cut around this real easy-like.

What I’m going to do when I cut this out is leave about a half inch all the way around because this is pretty much the size I want my finished stockings.  Stockings are kind of an interesting thing because if you get them too small, you can’t get anything in them, and if you get them too big, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to fill them up for those kids.  This one looks to be just about right, so we are just going to go ahead and cut it and leave about a half inch around the outside to do our seams.  That’s going to be our seam allowance.  So we’ll come right along here, and even as it curves in, I’m going to curve in a little bit, then I’m going to come out and around this heal.  Make sure your pieces are laying straight underneath.

Now we have our stocking shape cut out as you can see.  The next thing we’re going to do is cut the cuff.  This cuff is about 4 inches.  We have the most delicious flannel in the shop right now.  I’m in love with this flannel.  This is a nice snowflake flannel, and it’s going to go so cute on the top of the cuff with this little snowman flannel. I like about a 4 inch cuff, so I’m going to cut this 9 so I have room to fudge a little bit and to put my seam in the top.  (Counts 9 inches) now, I’m just going to slice that off with my rotary cutter.

Now the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to cut off these salvages which is the factory finish raw edge over here, and I’m just going to trim those off.  Then I’m going to measure the width of the top of this stocking.  It looks like it’s 38 inches….sorry, 8 inches.  Altogether, we’re going to take an inch off for the seam, so that will be 7 inches, so we’re going to cut this 14 because I’m kind of a fudger, I’m going to probably cut it 15 and take a bigger seam.  Let me just go ahead and cut this off here at 15.  Then, right here, this little piece…I’m going to cut a 2 and a half inch strip off of this to make my little tab for the top.  This is the little thing that you hang it with from the fireplace.  Alright, now let’s go to the sewing machine.

Ok, so we are going to unpin the pattern from the stocking and put that over here and then we’re going to turn these right sides together because we’re going to flip it inside out.  So we have that all lined up.  We are going to stitch it…it’s kind of a fat quarter of an inch…get that lined up.  I’m going to backstitch just a little bit because I don’t want that top to pull open when I’m putting that cuff on.  So we’re going to go right along here.  I will probably going to go back and serge this with my serger because I have one, you can always zig zag across that open seam so it doesn’t ravel.  Flannel is so forgiving and easy to work with, I just love it.  The lining of this is just normal muslin.  If you are doing a regular stocking that isn’t quilted, you don’t have to line it.  It can just be regular Christmas fabric, wrong sides together, you know, cut out your stocking and stitch it up.  These even make really cut gift bags, and they go together so quickly.  Right here while we’re filming this, this will be together.  So you can use them as a gift bag, or for a regular purpose too, I suppose.

Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to turn this right side out, so we’ll just fold this top down and kind of push this foot through here.  I’ve seen cut stockings in all shapes, you know, with a high heal and a boot and all of those kind of things.  It’s just really fun to make a pattern from something you have so that you are kind of resourceful.  It’s just fun to see what you get.  A little trial and error doesn’t hurt, but this is just great, isn’t it?

The next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to make the little tab that hangs your stocking on the fireplace.  We have this little 2 and a half inch strip.  We’re going to fold it right sides together, and we’re going sew across the top a quarter of an inch, and down the side a quarter of an inch.  So let’s go ahead and do that….and I’ll tell you why we’re doing that in just a sec.  So we come to that, now we’re going to go just straight down a quarter of an inch.  Ok now let me grab my scissors.  I’m going to trim this close so it makes it easier to turn, not too close, but close enough so it doesn’t bunch up in there…and across the top and clip my threats.

Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to kind of open this up right here just like this, and you know mostly when you turn something, you turn from the open bottom.  I’m going to show you this new way that is so fast.  So I’m just going to stick my pencil in the crease right here.  You don’t want to sharp of a pencil or it will poke through.  You can use a knitting needle, or if it’s big enough, anything that’s just long and straight.  Now we’re just going to just pull this fabric down over this pencil.  Let me see if I can get this going here, this is so cool.  It’s great for when you’re making draw strings and things.  Then you just slide this down the pencil like that.  See, there is the right side of your tube, and I use my pencil to poke out those corners, so that’s a finished edge right there.  Then I just pull this off and it’s completely turned.  Isn’t that amazing and fun?  So I am going to go and press this down at the iron and I’ll be right back.

So here we have the finished tie.  We’ve gone ahead and trimmed that off, it’s about 6 or 6 and a half inches.  You’ll want to make it however long you like it.  Now we’re going to start on the cuff, and this cuff is 4 and a half by…not sure how long that was, but remember, what we need to do is measure it to the top of your sock so that you get the right width around what you need.  What we’re going to do is I’m going to hold this on the seam right here.  I’m just going to walk this around and make sure that I have enough cuff for my sock, and it looks like I’m going to end up just about perfect once I get a seam in there.  See, I have a little room for a seam.  So I’m going to go ahead and take a seam, and how I’m going to do that is I’m going to open up this cuff like this, and I’m going to put these 2 ends together.  I want this to end up the same width as the top of my cuff, so I’m going to put these 2 ends together, and I’m going to take a seam.  Sometimes you have to play with it a little bit to make it fit.  You can measure this and be really accurate yourself, I’m kind of a fly by the seat of my pants girl.  I just love to see what I can do and what comes out of my brain.

Ok, so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to set this cuff down inside the stocking like this.  We’re going to line up those back seams and just slide this in around the top, it should fit good and snug so that we’re able to sew it around. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and sew this right here on the outside, and I’ll show you why in a sec.  It’s just like the bags, how you turn them right side out, but we’re going to go ahead and sew this along here.  So you line up your presser foot, make sure your edges are lined up, and we’re just going to stitch along here.  We’re going to do another one of those fat quarters.  Keep making sure that cuff lays up there really nice.  And then what I’m going to do right here before the end is I’m going to take this little loop right here, and I’m going to stick it straight down in here in between the cuff and the stocking, and that will give me my good loop, and I’m just going to lay that in there like that, stick a little piece out so you can see, make sure that it’s sticking out.  Then I’m going to sew across that and backstitch.  Then I’ll pull that out of there.  And then what we’re going to do is we’re going to trim this off right here, and then we’re going to flip this cuff out just like this.  And see when you fold it down over the top, it gives you that nice, finished edge on the inside where it’s just all in there so nice.  And then you’re just going to take this little loop, and you’re just going to tack it down here, and you’ll have a loop to hang your stocking with.  S

So how’s that for fast and fun?  Here’s another QUICK CHRISTMAS TIP from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • Dehighs

    Love this, what a neat way to make a Christmas stocking.

  • Sallysings52

    to make it go even faster – fold the hanger in half, tuck it inside under the cuff, and sew everything together.   When you pull the cuff out, the hanger will come with it already sewn in and you won’t have to tack it on the outside.

    • Sarah

      Great idea!!  Thank you for sharing!!

  • gmamissy

    cant wait to try this!  Thank you so much!

  • Misa

    I really would like this fabric! Do you have any more as of Sept 2012? I need to make 5 stocking this year. Thanks!

    • JackieMSQC

      Misa- I’m sorry! The fabric is no longer in stock. But I agree, it’s cute fabric!!!

  • Teri

    Hi Jenny, Just watched your tutorial on the Christmas stocking. I have been using a chopstick instead of a pencil. It works great.

    • MSQC shop

      Great tip!!

  • joan

    just a great way to make a stocking, how much fabric do you use?

  • Judee

    Tip: Use freezer paper to make your pattern and you won’t have to have all those taped pieces, and can iron it to your material so you don’t have to pin. Sallysings52 posted a tip about the hanging tab that I noticed as well. Thanks for all the tutorials!