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Hi, it’s Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. American Patchwork and Quilting is sponsoring a pillowcase challenge. They would like us to make one million pillowcases to donate to local charities and really all you have to do is make one, and take it to a local charity, and then you want to go to this all people quilt, one million pillowcases address that you can find in all your local magazines and let them know how many you’ve donated. They want to reach a million!

So we thought we’d show you a really quick, fun way to make a pillowcase. The first thing you need are three different kinds of fabric. Your main pillowcase fabric, and you’ll need 27” of this. So you’re going to want to cut 27”, and that is three quarters of a yard.

So, we’ll cut that right here. Don’t you think this butterflies is so adorable? We just love Me and My Sister! It’ll make some little girl very happy. Alright, the next piece you need is a 9” piece and this will be the cuff. So, we’ll open this one up.

This is another fun piece. This is from Henry Glass. Let’s see we’re going to do 9”, and you always want to make sure your first cut is straight. This one is just a tad wonky, so we’re going to straighten it up, and then we’ll come over here 9” and make our cut. Now the last little piece is one of those little tiny,
it’s like a piece of piping only it’ll be about 1” wide, and that’s just a little flap. It’s 2” of fabric, and so you can use, lots of these you can use scraps for! There we go we’ll cut this 2”.

Alright, and now what we’re going to do is we’re going to lay all of these on top of each other and we’re going to cut our salvages off. We want them all to be exactly the same size. So, we’re going to lay these on here. Match up our fold lines, I’m going to do it this way. It’ll be easier for me and easier for you to see. We’re going to match all of those up, and then we’re just going to take our ruler, we’re going to use our long ruler for this, and we’re going to cut off this salvage. There we go.

Alright, now what we’re going to do, is we’re going to go over to the iron, and we’re going to press this right in half, and we’re also going to press this one in half. So, we’ll go do that right now. We’ll meet you back at the cutting table. So, over at the ironing board, you can see, we took this and we just folded it right in half and pressed a crease in it, and we did the same thing with this
9” piece. We are, however, going to open up this 9” piece now, and now we’re going to show you how this is designed. The reason, it’s pretty easy to make a pillowcase, but the reason we wanted to do a tutorial on this is, this is one of those that’s going all over online, and it is a very fun, quick way to make a pillowcase and we thought you might enjoy a tutorial on it.

So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to put that piece face up, right here, and we’re going to put this piece on top of it, and we’re going to line up all
our raw edges here, and then we’re going to put our little tiny piece on top of that, just like this. Then what we do is, we’re going to reach down here to the bottom of our fabric and we’re going to roll it up and make a tube. So, we’re rolling, and we’re rolling. All this is going to go inside like this, nice little tube. Then we’re going to bring this back piece over to the top, and we’re going to pin all four, or five layers of this together, because we’re going to stitch right along this line here.

So, we want to make sure that all these get pinned. They’re lined up right smack with each other. So, I hope you got that. We rolled the tube, bring this piece around that’s been laid face over on the bottom, bring it up, you want to make sure you get them pinned in because you don’t want any surprises. Well, we love surprises but not this kind. Alright, so now what you’re going to do, once you get all this pinned together is we’re going to go over, and we’re going to sew ¼” all along this edge, and then I’ll show you what we do next. So, why don’t you follow me over to the sewing machine, and we’ll get that done.

So, here we are with our tube that’s all pinned together. All our layers are pinned together so we’ll be able to sew. Now you don’t want to sew the ends closed, just along the long side of the pillowcase, and we’re going to sew ¼”, so, here we go.

Alright, so we’re just going to sew along here, we’ve got all our layers in. What this’ll do is it will make all the seams on the inside of the pillow completely enclosed. You won’t see any seams, except for your side seam to sew your pillowcase up, all the seams will be completely enclosed. I think this is a really nice challenge to be apart of. It doesn’t require a lot of material or a lot of time, and to those people who are suffering, or foster children, or people in a nursing home, just to have something that somebody made for you is, just a really sweet gesture. So we like that we’re apart of that. OK, here we are at the end. Alright, let’s go back to the cutting table.

OK, so here we are with our tube! Now let’s let this magic begin, and you just reach inside here and you’re going to pull this tube out, and you just keep pulling and pulling. It’s going to be amazing! You’re going to love it! Alright, here we go we’re at the end, so, see there’s our piece, with our little lip, and our pillowcase. Is that not the cutest thing, and look at this! All the seams are inside! So, now all we have to do is, we fold this pillowcase over on itself, like this, and we’re going to stitch across the top and down the side, and you can do that and zig-zag it to keep it from raveling. You can serge it if you have a serger. You can even do a French Seam, which is where you would sew it to the inside and then enclose that seam and pull it out. We’re just going to do a regular seam to show you this. So, we’ll head back over to the sewing machine.

So, now when you put these together to sew your side seam, you just want to make sure that these two pieces of the bottom part match up, and your two little pink, or piping pieces match up, and then we’ll just sew this down here. It’s probably a good idea to pin that. See, how those are, you want those to line up there. So, we’ll just make sure they do. Put a little pin in there. You’re probably going to want to trim that edge off when you get it sewn down.

So, that it’s nice and straight. Then we’ll just sew up and around the edge. Here we go. Hi, we’re back here at the cutting table, and you can see, this is your pillowcase inside out finished. I went ahead and serged the edge, well, because I can. I have a serger. So, we just serged along the edge of that, and serged the top. Now we’ll turn it right side out, and these are just so fun, and quick, and vóila there you have it, an adorable little pillowcase! Isn’t that sweet? This thing folds up, you’ll want to try and press it down, but
it actually goes up.

Here’s another one I want to show you that we did in this Riley Blake line of fabric with the cars. Isn’t that adorable? Wouldn’t some boy love to have that on his bed? Little stop signs, and see we used the little thing in, and so just remember 27”, 9”, 2”, and roll them up into a tube!

We hope you enjoy this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • Toti1418

    Tus videos son excelentes, gracias por ser tan explicativa y didactica!

  • Mema

    I made some for Christmas from your tutorial, very well done and I was successful and pleased.  Thanks for all your video’s, I’d love more on tools.

    • Sarah

      Thanks for sending the pics!!  I love your idea on more tool videos!  We will definitely be doing  more of that!  

  • Mema

    Here are the cases I made, my girls loved them!

  • Mary Smith

    luv this tutorial!!!! I am making pillow cases for my great grandaughters who are 4 &6.Looking for the receiving blanket tutorial, for the new Bebe due in May 2012. Thanks again Jenny. By the way, I’m 80 yrs. young. Mary

  • Linda Stradley

    Thank you so much, Jenny. I am making quilts for all my grandchildren (5 down—2 to go) and thanks to your awesome tutorial, I have made a matching pillowcase for each one. They look fantastic!

    Once I finish the last quilt, I plan to make a dozen to donate. They are so easy!

    • Sarah

      Yay!  SO glad to hear of your success!  Good luck getting all the grand kids blankets done!

  • Mickey from Pearland Texas

    Thank you so much for the tutorial.  I am so happy to also see the receiving blanket tutorial !!  I made 5 pillowcases and 2 receiving blankets the same day.  The instructions are so easy to follow!! Thanks for everything that yall do:)

    • Sarah

      You are so very welcome!!  We love hearing your success stories also!  have a great week!

  • Cclovdahl

    What is the name of the quilt on the wall behind you?  The tan, teal, green, and bergundy.I love it, it has a star design.  I have made many pillow cases as a result of this tutoril, I love it! 

    • Sarah

      we have a tutorial for it called ‘Summer in the Park’
      Here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5WgTyqB8Pc&feature=plcp&context=C483001cVDvjVQa1PpcFMO5xMe-u_F7i9EP4xIHG0epQOkKzDhnb0=

  • angelgirl83_83

    How big does the pillow case end up being?

    • Anonymous

      — Please reply above this line —

      ## Jenny Doan replied, on May 13 @ 4:26am (UTC):

      The pillow case ends up being about…31 x 21.
      Have a great day!
      Jenny Doan

      (888) 571-1122

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  • Sue

    Again, a quick and easy project. I was waiting for a friend to pick me  up and I made this while waiting.  I watched the tutorial and then made the cuts, back to the tutorial and then ironed, back to the tutorial and made the seams. Once I get the hang of it I can see where this might take 20 minutes to make beginning to end. Shouldn’t take long to get one million of them done.  thanks Jenny, looking forwrd to more of your tutorials

    • Sarah


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      Hahahah!! I know!! It so addicting!!  Glad you are having fun with it!

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    can you give us the cutting directions to make the Travel Size Pillow? We love your tutorial! The best pillow case EVER! Thanks so much!

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    what is the size of pillow case when done

    • JenM

      Thanks for asking ~ it’s about 21.5″ x 30″.

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