Fence Rail and Nine Patch Quilt Tutorial

fence rail and nine patch

Nine Patch + Fence Rail Quilt: Easy Quilting Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. MSQC’s Jenny shows us how to make a beautiful layer cake quilt using two basic blocks: the 9 patch and the fence rail. You could also use a jelly roll and yardage to create this quilt!

Find all the details here: https://land.missouriquiltco.com/fence-rail-nine-patch

Transcript Coming Soon!

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  • Vicki

    Why did you not use jelly roll?

    • Jennifer

      I made this using 1 jelly roll and I had plenty extra. You could actually make this a bit bigger with the jelly roll 🙂

  • Linda P

    Jenny, much to my chagrin, I don’t have the luxury of a humongous studio like you have(jealous). So, after I paired all my cake layers in contrasting pairs, I turned them right sides together and chain pieced them. Now, if I get interrupted with a mending job or just have to gather everything up, all my pairs are together and I won’t have to re-match them. Next step, do all my rails, then do all the 9 patches. I rather like assembly line processes.

  • Carol

    Help please. What is the finished size of the fence rail? If I want it to fit a King, how do I add to it?

  • Enchanted

    here is my take on this great pattern

    • Wendi MSQC

      Oh Wow this looks so bright an cheerful! I love your take!

    • peaceginger

      I love your take on the pattern using the checks.

  • Maggie Drafts

    Jenny, since most of my quilting is for charity with lap quilt size, could you please give us some designs that can be adapted to that size? Thank you for another neat pattern!!!

    • Becky Tillman Petersen

      I’m not Jenny, but why don’t you just make something like this one only smaller? Is there any reason you can’t figure out to make them with fewer blocks?

  • Maggie Drafts

    Hey, Becky. Thanks for responding. Yes, some patterns are adaptable for making a smaller version of the same quilt, and even I can figure that out; however, some would look rather awkward with fewer blocks! Such as the Fence Rail and Nine Patch. I do agree that most of dear Miss Jenny’s quilts are fine for making smaller, just thought that maybe some time she give us charity quilters quilts made for “lap / throw” quilts,

  • Cheri

    I made this for one of my Granddaughters really enjoyed it.