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Fabric Scrap Dog Bed: An Easy Sewing Project Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. MSQC’s Jenny teaches us an easy and clever way to gather and use up quilt fabric scraps from all your many quilting projects.

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Video Transcript (Downloadable PDF):

Hi! It’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I’ve got a really fun project for you

today. Take a look at this darling little bed for our four­­footed friends. I got a letter and this

sample a while back from Betty from Nebraska and she says:

“Dear Jenny in Missouri Star Quilt Company,

I’ve watched almost all your tutorials and love them. I noticed in quite a few that Jenny

says, ‘I hate waste,’ as most quilters do. So I thought I would share this idea and send this

sample along with you.”

Now what’s really fun about this, I want to show you right here is, look what it is stuffed

with right here. Look at that. It’s all our scraps and the pieces that we have left over and it just

makes the perfect filling for these little beds.

Now, in a lot of the tutorials I’ll do, you’ll see me brushing stuff off the table and things

like that. And actually what I have down here is a drawer and I put the scraps in the drawer and

when the drawer gets full, I either make a dog bed myself or I donate it to a, I have, there are

several girls that make them, and I donate it to one of them and so it’s just a really cool idea.

And I just got thinking, you guys would really enjoy this. This time of year, you know, it’s fun to

give a special present to our four­­footed friends as well because they’re such a big part of our

lives. So, let me show you how she did this.

Now, what we’re going to need is, we’re going to need a half a yard of fabric and, she

used fleece and we have fleece here, and, I mean, there’s just loads, all different kinds of

fleece. I thought this dog paws one was particularly cute. So, this is a half yard and, what we’re

going to do is, we’re just going to sew the sides.

What, what I think is a, you know, for most people you don’t have a drawer down there,

so you want to make this to fit inside of a trash can or some sort of box or receptacle where it’s

convenient for you to just throw your scraps in. So that’s what we’re going to do. So, right now

what I’m going to do is, I’m going to turn this right sides together, just like this, and i’m just

gonna start from the fold. From the fold right here. I’m going to start here and I’m going to sew a

seam right down the sides. That’s gonna give me a type of pillowcase, if you will, and leave the

top open so I can stuff it in there. So, I’m going to head over to the sewing machine and just sew

this right down the sides.

Okay, so now we’re at the sewing machine and I’m just going to sew straight down the

sides on this. You know, any scrap fabric will work. It doesn’t even really have to be fleece; it

can just be anything. Because our, our little four­­footed friends appreciate anything they can

get, I think. Alright, make sure your sides are even and then go ahead and sew the other side as

well, so we’ve sewn both. We’re going to sew both sides.

Now, this is one of those projects where, when you get to the end, you really want to

backstitch because you don’t want that top to come apart. And, sometimes, it may take a while

to get it filled up with scrap, so be sure that you backstitch at the end.

So now I have this sewn up on both sides here just right along the sides and we’re going

to go ahead and we’re going to flip this right side out. Just like this. And then I have a little can

right here. Let me show you how this is going to work. We’re just going to set this bag down

inside, you know, whatever little bin you decide to use. We can pull it around the top just like

this. And then look at that. You’re just going to be able to put your scraps in. So I have some

here. And you’re just, and, you know, as you cut off, as you’re sewing and you cut off the pieces

of your project that normally you just toss away, you can just put them in here. And when this

gets all full, all you’re going to do is, you’re just going to take it out of the can like this and you’re

going to, and, of course, it will be full, and you’re going to just tuck in this end right here. And I

like to leave a little extra, you know, and that is why I didn’t cut the selvage off. So you’re just

going to tuck in this end (let me scoot that over) and sew straight across here. And you’ll have

these awesome little pet beds that you can donate to shelters or use for your own animals.

So, one more thing, when Betty put her bed together, I noticed that on one side she

actually put in a piece of batting. And that helps it be less lumpy. So, if you find you need that,

that’s just another idea you can use. So, we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a pet

bed, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Hi! it’s Jenny again. We had so much fun making these pet beds, we wanted to know if

you made one for your pet. If you did, let us know in the comments below, and send us a picture

if you can.


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  • mom of 3

    I love this and I cant wait to make one for my 4 legged baby!!

  • Lucy Schieler Colley

    Made many of these, in a large size, for our 2 Labs and our Basset Hound, we have a fleece warehouse here, and they give away their scrap fleece, and sometimes bolts that are discarded. So I make a large size pillow out of fleece and stuff it with fleece scraps, Jack our Basset Hound is the only one who won’t share his bed with the other 2 dogs.

  • Diane

    Is the batting just a strip, or is the batting on the entire side ?

  • Cathy Ward

    Several of our local quilt guild members save their scraps and the pet pillows that are made are donated to a couple of pet rescue missions in our area. A few also go to a local vet for use at the animal clinic. The recipients are most appreciative.

    • BeckyMSQC

      I love to hear stories like this! Thank you so much for passing the gifts along!

  • Barbara

    What is the name of the quilt behind Jenny in this tutorial? It’s so beautiful!!

  • Laurie Sanders

    I’m curious how these launder. Has anyone laundered them?

  • Lynn

    I just happened on this. We have a small spot in our motorhome that will be a good place for one or two kitties to hide while we travel, so thought I’d make this up to fit that cupboard.