Wonky Star Charm Pack Quilt

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Hi I’m Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Take a look at the great little behind me.  This is a charm pack quilt.  We’ve combined two blocks for this, the regular Charm Pack Quilt and the Wonky Star block and it just gives a really simple quilt a lot of pizazz when you put two blocks together.

So to make this quilt what you’re going to need is five charm packs of color.  That’s going to take care of all your squares and your stars and you’re going to need one charm pack of background fabric or about a yard and that will take care of all the background fabric right here.  I used for the is quilt this “Grant Park” and it’s just beautiful, but the fun this about a charm pack quilt is that if you want to make a Christmas quilt or a baby quilt, all you do is change the charm and the whole quilt changes and I really love that.

So the hardest part about this quilt it the Wonky Stars and we have a whole tutorial on how to make a Wonky Star quilt, but I thought I’d just walk you through that again right here.  But if you need a little more information it’ll be in the description bellow so you can go check that out as well, but we just used four of them right here and we’re just going to show you how to put that together.

So when you make a Wonky Star quilt, I mean a Wonky Star block you’re going to need one two three four five six seven eight squares of background fabric and five squares of color.  Now I’m just going to make mine out of yellow and white here.  This is just some extra fabric that I have around and I’m going to show you how to do these Wonky legs, because they’re really fun.  

So you take your basic charm pack, you’re background and you’re just going to lay your square on here and you could put it anywhere on here that you want.  Then we’re going to iron it back like this.  I’ve already sewn this one on.  We’re going to iron it back.  We’re going to flip this over and we’re just going to trim it off.  So let me go ahead and trim this edge off right here.  I’m going to turn that, just like that.  So we’re saving this other piece right here, because this is going to make our leg.

So now I’m going to use this piece right here and I’m going to put it on this side.  You have to make sure that this crosses right across here and we’re just going to sew it over here and make that wonky leg.  The reason they’re Wonky is, because they’re going to be in different places, because there’s no set way to make it.  You know I can switch it down here.  I can do all kinds of things, but I’m going to make a little short leg up here and make sure this crosses.  And so we’re going to go over to the sewing machine and do that.

This is one of those things that’s really kind of fun and freeing, because you don’t, it doesn’t have to be a certain way.  It can be any way you want it to be.  So then we’re going to come over and iron this back right here and then when I flip this over now, I just have to trim it up.  So I’m going to cut this off right here and I’m going to cut this off right here.  And that gives you these wonky legs.  See they end up in different spots and that’s what gives you the wonky look.  Now you can come through and trim off all your little edges like this if you’d like.  That’s kind of a personal preference.  There’s not that much fabric behind there.  So if you want to do that you can.  

So let me show you how to put this together.  This block goes together just like a nine patch.  So we’re going to have our, we’re going to have our nine blocks together and, and our legs are right there and they’re going to be pointing down, because they’re the tops legs right here.  So you have a solid block and your legs and a solid block and then you have your legs turned this way and this way and then your solid in the center and then you have your legs this way and your two solids right here.  So it makes a really easy quick block to put together.

So let’s go ahead and sew this together.  I’m going to just gather up this first row.  I know that my star legs are going to be right in the center.  So when I come over here I will be able to just lay them and do them right in the center.  There we are.  The very first time I made one of these wonky stars it was really hard for me, because I like, you know I like to know exactly where something going to go and this one was just like, “oh wherever you want to put it,” and it was just hard for me to get out of that box a little bit.  I’m pretty, pretty much I’ve, I like to know exactly where’s it’s supposed to go, so I, I had a little bit of a hard time with that, but once I started, oh it’s so freeing, because you can’t wait to see what the next one’s going to look like.

Now I’m going to go ahead and iron this and I’m ironing my seams so they’re out and then we’ll iron the next row together.  And this one again, I know both my legs are going to go on the outside of this block.  So I don’t really, you know you don’t really have to pick it up in any order, because it’s just going to, you know it’s going to go together.  So let me sew this one.  Just make sure that your legs are pointing the right directions.  Let’s see here.  Sometimes you catch a little thread and it gets a little rumple.  There we go.  And the other side.  And then I’m just going to grab these other three right here and sew those together as well.

So probably the very first thing I would do if I was making this quilt, is that I would choose the blocks that I wanted for my stars, because you need five of those charms to make your stars and then the rest of them, I would just have there to sew together.  So now all we’re doing is, is sewing these three rows together and it’s very easy, cause we just have this one seam to match up on either side of this block and if you iron your seams going the opposite direction, they’ll nest up really easily.  

So let’s go ahead and come on over here and I brought the whole thing over here with me so I can sew it up.  And I can feel with my fingers that that’s going to lay nice tight.  I don’t feel any room between those seams.  And then we have the, the other one to put on.  And I, I like to get that anchored a little bit and then line up my seam to make sure that it’s all straight and on there really, really exactly.  There we go.  And we are going to iron this open and our star will be done.  This is a cute little yellow star.  Obviously this isn’t the fabric that’s in the quilt, but maybe it’s the beginning of a pillow, haha, something fun.  Alright, so there’s our wonky star.

So once you finish your star then you’re ready to put your quilt together.  Now this is super easy.  The top section up here is three down and fourteen across.  Then you’re going to add your four stars and at the beginning and end of each row you’re going to add three charms that are just, you know from this background fabric.  The bottom half of the quilt is ten squares down by fourteen squares across.  So it just makes a really quick, really fun, easy quilt that you can just put together in no time at all.  So we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the “Wonky Star Charm Pack Quilt” from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.


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