Friendship Braid Quilt Idea Using Half Hex Ruler


Friendship Braid Quilt Idea Using Half Hex Ruler

Hi it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

For those of you who have the Half Hexi Ruler, we’ve got a new idea for you. It works with the big or the small. Take a look at this. This is like a braid, a friendship braid or a chevron. Whatever you want to call it. This makes just a darling quilt, and quick and easy.

So what we’re going to do here…actually Natalie was sitting one day at her desk and she’s got, she has these things laid out and all of a sudden she started playing with them and she’s like…she put them like this and she’s like, “Oh my gosh, look at this! They fit exactly perfectly.” And so then we had to get the Half Hexis and try them. So these are the little Half Hexis. Makes that kind of a friendship braid. And then this is the big one and it makes this kind of a braid.

So really, the only little seam you’re going to have to sew is when you lay this out. You’ll have a little half seam right here. See how this…this little half seam right here. So you’ll lay this over. Start at the end and you’ll finish right here in the middle. That’ll be your little half seam. And then this next one is going to fit on there perfectly. So then you’re just sewing these straight, long seams. So it makes this darling thing.

This is a new fabric line called Adornit. This is it right here. We met these guys at Market, and this was so much fun because it’s just a mom and her daughters and we just had so much fun with them because it’s just like a little family like us. And so they are just, you know, getting started. And they’re doing it, and they just have some darling fabric. We are going to carry it all of course because we loved it. And take a look at these different prints. I mean really fun. Really creative. Really great family. Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tip from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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  • Pamspash

    Jenny….thanks so much for these quick tutorials…I’m a seasoned quilter but you know it’s so helpful to have these to ‘tickle’ the memory for assembling these quilt patterns and you give some great, shortcuts.

    • Jackie MSQC

      Thank you!! I will pass the compliment on to Jenny!!

  • love the idea I would like to make a quilt for my bedroom….its one of my “to do list on my bucket lists”!

  • Carol

    Jenny when are you going to have more of the half hex 10″ rulers available

  • Andee

    wow this is gorgeous!

  • Gma3

    Here is a project I did using the small half-hex based on Jenny’s idea with this tutorial. A wedding gift for a friend who loves black & white & red.

  • Bev

    I tried to order the small and large half hex rulers, but the site has become unavailable. How can I get these rulers. I would love to use them!

  • Bev

    I tried to order the small and large half hex rulers, but the site wouldn’t accept the order and then the site just became unavailable. How can I get these rulers? I would love to make these quilts, Bev

  • Thanks for another idea using the half hex. How to you finish the quilt with the binding? How many half hex pieces to make a twin or double sized quilt? I have some cut out already. 🙂 Thank you

  • Priya Ramesh

    Hi Jenny,
    Your tutorials are brilliant and inspiring. Keep up the good. I was just wondering, For the Double Size Layer Cake Quilt Tutorial, the initial block of 10″ is cut to 3 and 1/2″ and 9 and 1/2″. Then you sew it on with 1/4″ seam and you mentioned you still get 10″ block. isn’t it 9and 1/2″? Then how would you cut 5″ equally if there’s only 9 and 1/2″. Please give me some light on this. Thank you.

  • KAM

    Where can I get the Half Hex Ruler? I can’t find it on your site.

  • kathy money

    How can I buy this ruler? It’s not on your web site.

  • Patty

    I made a coconut ballipop braid and love so much.

    • JenM

      Oh, what gorgeous fabric! I bet it’s lovely!

  • Darlene Hayes

    I bought your 5″ half hexagon template
    In Jenny’s Friendship tutorial she
    Says you can use this on 5″ charms paks. However the template
    Measures 5 1/8″. Is this going to be a problem with pattern since every piece is going to be off by this amount?

    Thanks for your reply

    Darlene Hayes